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Learning Python

Cami Jones

Cami Jones,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 21 January 2018

Would you take a class on a Saturday? What if it was just a one-time class, but it was on the first Saturday back from winter break after a week of new classes? I’m guessing it depends on what you expect to learn in the class.

Believe it or not, I spent my first Saturday afternoon back on campus in a computer lab learning the basics of computer programming in Python. Perhaps the more surprising thing is that I was joined by twenty other students and two professors from our Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) department who were all there for the same reason I was—to learn something new.

The Python workshop I attended was the first of its kind hosted by our chapter of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE). Eric May, an alumnus of our ISE department (and current machine learning researcher for J.P. Morgan Chase in Columbus, OH) volunteered his time and talents to help us better understand the applications of Python, a widely-used programming language, in the context of industrial engineering.

To me, this workshop was a testament to more than just the growing importance of understanding general programming. I saw that both students and professors in our department truly value continuing their education and working to understand how to solve problems in new ways. I also saw the great impact of an alumnus spending time back on campus to teach others about their passions to prepare them for the future.

So now would you take a class on a Saturday? If it’s hosted by an industry professional taking their time to share their knowledge, I highly encourage it!

P.S. Eric was also an Engineering Ambassador during his time at Ohio University!

Ohio Soccer Alumni Weekend

Mollie Whitacre

Mollie Whitacre,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 25 September 2017

This past weekend was Alumni Weekend for all of the Ohio Women’s Soccer Alumni. The weekend consisted of two games from the current team and they were opening up their Mid-American Conference play, as well as getting to catch up with the alumni. I consider myself an Ohio Soccer Alumna because I no longer play on the team due to exhausted eligibility, but I am yet to graduate college.

Friday was the start to the weekend and that is when the first conference game was played. They took on Eastern Michigan on their home turf. Recently for our program, it has been difficult to beat both Eastern Michigan and Central Michigan, the opponent they played on Sunday.

On Friday, there was 36 seconds left in the match with Ohio tailing 1-0, when they scored and made it 1-1! The crowd erupted because now they got a chance to win in overtime. Well, overtime did not last long due to an Ohio goal by my roommate about thirty seconds in! Once, again the crowd erupted, except this time the game was over.

Sunday’s game was where they honored the alumni, so the crowd was larger than Friday. There was a special ceremony at halftime to honor the past players and coaches who were in attendance. The team ended on a high note this weekend with dominating Central Michigan 3-0. It was a very cool weekend to experience, both as a soccer alumna and also still a part of the team.

This is also the first time in a while that the program has started off with two wins! I am very excited to keep watching their progress as the season continues.

2017 Corporate Trip, Day 2

Landon Rehmar

Landon Rehmar,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 21 September 2017

Tuesday, September 19th was the Engineering Ambassadors last day of their corporate trip to Pittsburgh. The day was packed full of meetings with Russ College Alumni with company visits to Covestro, Mascaro, and Heinz Field.

To begin the second day of the corporate trip, the Ambassadors started the day with a visit to Covestro’s North American Headquarters. Covestro is a German-based company that is the world-leading supplier of high-tech polymer materials. The tour was led by Dr. Jack Reese, an OU Chemical Engineering alumnus.


Jack is the Director of Process Research at Covestro and gave the Ambassadors a great tour of the Polyurethane Technical Center. This facility houses a variety of laboratories and processing machinery, where Ambassadors learned how Covestro turns Polyurethane into things like insulation boards, flexible foam, and insulative foam. Next, the Ambassadors visited the Coatings, Adhesives and Specialties Technical Center where they saw a demonstration of the application of Covestro’s paint and coatings.

To finish off the tour the Ambassadors received some career development advise and then ended with a presentation from Mark Christman, a Process Engineer at Covestro and Chemical Engineering OU Alumni.

The Ambassadors then traveled downtown to
Mascaro Construction Company
. After meeting OU Civil Engineering Alumnus John Mascaro, President and CEO of Mascaro Construction, at the headquarters. We
headed to Heinz field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pitt Panthers.

Mascaro Construction was the construction manager for the building of Heinz Field, and set up a once-in-a-lifetime tour for the Ambassadors. Here, we were shown everything that happens behind the scenes to make Heinz Field run.

Heinz Field

Before heading back to Athens, the Ambassadors ended their incredible corporate trip with a stop in the Steelers Locker room where they received an inspirational speech from their President.

Working with an OU Alum

Joe Meyer

Joe Meyer,
Junior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 9 January 2017

My sophomore year at Ohio University, I was able to find a co-op with a company called Rovisys, a company that specializes in automation controls. Rovisys came to the career fair, and were represented by two OU graduates. Since then I have been able to get to know many different alumni from Ohio University that work there. I believe that is what makes the Russ College great, its vast network of alumni that are involved.

I started working at Rovisys not knowing what to expect, but soon I found coworkers that were able to help me when I didn’t know what to do, and were always willing to help me out when I had questions. After working with different projects, I found myself relating with a group manager who had graduated from Ohio University in 2008.

After switching groups to the glass division, I found myself working directly with him on his projects. He was able to get me involved with projects that used cutting-edge technology to assist with the glass making and molding process. In that time I was able to learn many different technologies that allowed me to expand my knowledge on PLCs, data analytics, and general systems engineering.

Over the Winter Break, my group manager was able to throw me into a project for four weeks that got my involved in creating the HMI’s for a glass melting process. Instead of working on busy work, I was able to go into work each day knowing that I would be helping with something that excited me. With the guidance of an Ohio University Alum as my project manager, I have been able to greatly advance myself as a professional engineer.

2016 Corporate Trip, Day 2

Caroline Wilson

Caroline Wilson,
Senior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 21 October 2016

From Sunday through Tuesday of this past week, we went on our fall corporate trip to Cincinnati. Last year, I was unable to attend the trip because I had commitments for the Marching 110, but I felt extremely lucky to have been able to make it this time around. On our last day in Cincinnati, we visited two different organizations: ThyssenKrupp Bilstein and GE Aviation.

The OU alumn at Thyssenkrup Bilstein, Jason, is actually married to Shelley Heinen, who was our guide on Monday at 84.51. The two companies could not have been more different: ThyssenKrupp is a heavy-duty manufacturing plant while 84.51 is all about technology and data.

I was excited to get to see both sides because it really showed where engineering can take you. Seeing OU alumni who are so successful in their careers is really inspiring because it puts into perspective where we can go with our degrees.

ThyssenKrupp Bilstein manufactures shocks for the automotive industry, and getting to see what goes into the parts of my car was honestly fascinating.

After we were done at ThyssenKrupp, we headed over to the GE Aviation facility. We weren’t at a manufacturing site—actually, we got to see where a lot of GE’s training goes on. Even as someone who has never really put too much thought into jet engines, I thought this facility was absolutely incredible. Being able to walk around and see the evolution of the engines was inspiring, and I was amazed that one of the jet engines they had there actually isn’t in the sky yet.

Zach, the OU alum at GE, mentioned that he had worked on the heat exchanger around a specific part of the engine which he showed us. Zach said that his favorite class at OU was heat transfer: he actually brought it up in his interview which led to him being placed on a design team which focused on heat transfer.

I think that being able to apply the concepts we learn in the classroom to solve real, complex issues is something that each of us strives for after graduation. This trip was a bright spot during the busiest time of the semester and allowed me to focus again on what my engineering degree will allow me to do: find creative solutions to problems and make the world a better place.