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Favorite Spots in Athens

Allie Gabbard

Allie Gabbard,
Senior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 3 November 2019

Now that I fall has finally set in full swing, I have really been able to finally enjoy my favorite part of Athens once again. The cool, fall air has set in, the bright moon shines at night, and last but not least, the leaves have changed color!

Athens is full of trees all shapes and sizes. They look beautiful all times of the year, but the best is when fall hits. The landscape changes and makes the drives to and from Athens so mesmerizing. During this time of year, there are three places on and around campus that I love to go to.

The first place many students enjoy going to is on campus. A short walk from Stocker Center, Emereti Park is the perfect place to sit and do homework. This small park just North of Ping and Walter Fieldhouse, is a beautiful area. There is a small pond, gazebos, benches and plenty of wildlife to keep you company. If you enjoy hanging around in a hammock, this is a perfect spot. In addition, a Pokestop! During the fall, the pond fills with the different color leaves as the landscapes takes its shape and prepares for winter.

My second favorite spot is a just a short walk from campus. If you leave the ARC and head north on Depot Street, just a top the hill before the stairs is a small ledge. I love to sit on the ledge and watch as the sun sets into the hills. It is a very quiet spot on campus and therefore is a perfect area to mediate or reminisce on all the memories created on campus. Since this ledge is on hill, it becomes a very popular area for pictures. I often take many pictures as the sun sets on this side of campus.

My third favorite hangout is a little hike off of campus. Across the Hocking, just off of Rock Riffle Road, there is a small trail that leads up to an opening on a hillside. This is a very rewarding view as the hike is very much of an upwards hike and can be very exhausting. Once to the top, the clearing allows you to clearly look over all of campus. This is my favorite spot on campus to hike and just absorb all of campus life in one snapshot. This view is breathtaking but truly captures all of campus. During the fall, this hike is by far the best because campus becomes a beautiful collage of oranges, yellows and browns.

In conclusion, this campus is the prettiest campus by far. Perhaps a little bias, but in my opinion, the fall season is the prettiest here in Athens. These three areas best encompass the fall beauties and brings peace to mind while the semester is in full swing!

Why OU is one of the prettiest campuses in the US

Illona Hartman

Illona Hartman,
Junior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 21 February 2019

Welcome back everyone, I hope your semester or quarter is going well so far and that you enjoy our posts on the ambassador blog. Get ready for a virtual tour through the most beautiful campus of the United States of America. You will see that there is a connection between most of the buildings and roads by the famous red brick culture. Throughout this tour, you will also understand why I believe a lot of the American culture more than the Dutch comes down to networking.

Firstly, I would like to talk about different academic buildings on campus. On West Green, the part where I lived for my freshman and sophomore year, we have a couple of halls but mainly dormitories. The bigger halls are called Stocker Center (engineering), the Academic and Research Center (engineering and health sciences), and Irvine Hall (health sciences).

As shown below, the most remarkable thing about the buildings is the similarity with the European architecture such as classicism. For example, most halls have Doric columns at the entrance or a tympanon on top—the triangular shape of a temple.

Ohio University

Ohio University

Irvine Hall (top) and Stocker Center (bottom)

Another interesting building is by no doubt Baker Center, shown on the picture below and situated at the border of West Green and College Green.

Ohio University

This building contains a lot of offices plus a theater, dining court, restaurant and coffee shop. The most remarkable about this building is the foundation and structure, since it is built along a steep hill! The picture shows the top of Baker Center, 5 floors above the base of the hill.

Furthermore, almost all academic halls have a concrete or steel structure from the inside and a brick wall from the outside. Some of them might be based on masonry bricks only, like the Dutch “schijvenbouw” (= disc construction / traditional unreinforced masonry design), since the university was founded in 1804. This makes it the oldest university in the state of Ohio.

College Green, our next stop, is the oldest part of the campus with the historical gateway shown below.
Ohio University
This gateway is located at the edge of the campus which continues in Court Street, a shopping and bar. At the beginning, Court Street made me think of those typical streets shown in Western cowboy movies, haha. Probably because of some of the facades and green parking meters.

Our tour will continue to South Green and East Green where you will mainly find on-campus housing and dining halls. Notice the arty details here and there:

Ohio University

Ohio University

Secondly, most residential buildings are constructed with timber structures on the inside (HSB in Dutch). The floor plan of my dorm was designed in a way that two rooms are separated by a massive, load-bearing wall on one side and closets and drawers on the other side. This latter wall does not have any acoustic value, so when the air conditioning is switched off, you hear every single word of what your neighbors say, haha.

Luckily, air-conditioning is turned on 24/7 since it gets hot and humid during summer, but also during winter when they switch on the heaters. On the picture below you can see West Green with the typical crossed paths in the center and my old dorm on the left. Notice that you can also see the previously described Stocker Center and Irvine Hall in the background.

Ohio University

Dining Halls
Finally, we will end the virtual tour with the dining halls. Two of them, Nelson Hall and Shively, are located on South Green, but the most delicious dining hall is definitely Boyd Hall on West Green.

Ohio University

These dining halls serve different kinds of food every single day which usually repeats every other week. Most dining halls also have a market, coffee shop, or smoothie bar to get your meal of the day bought by meals on the so called “swipes” or Bobcat ID. By the way, the Bobcat is the mascot of our school.

Most students either have a flex-14 or traditional-20 meal plan. The number stands for the meals per week and flex means that you can use your fourteen meals whenever you want (breakfast, lunch, dinner). The maximum meals a week is twenty because the dining hall does not serve breakfast on Sundays.

Hope you liked our tour and we hope to see you soon at our beautiful campus!

Studying at Jefferson Marketplace

Alvin Chaney

Alvin Chaney,
Junior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 10 February 2019

If you are looking for a great place to study or socialize, I would suggest one of the best places on campus: the Jefferson Marketplace/Jefferson Hall Lobby.

For my first two years on campus, I lived on East Green in the Read/Johnson Complex. I would usually study at Alden Library, but occasionally, I would study in the engineering buildings (Stocker or the Academic and Research Center) or somewhere else.

However, after the renovation of Jefferson Hall, I found a great place to study where I could complete my work in a serene and comfortable environment. While there, you can grab a sandwich from Brick City Deli, then grab a cup of coffee (or tea) from Steeped and Stirred, and finally, find a suitable location to study which varies from room to room. All the study spaces include whiteboards and space for group projects, whether in the individual, multipurpose or corridor areas.

Overall, from the fireplace in the lobby to the cozy seats in the corridor, Jefferson does a great job in helping you feel comfortable and cozy. And plus, if you need snacks, the market is within reach.

If you are ever on East Green, I highly recommend studying (or socializing) there, it is definitely a memorable spot!

Camp Ohio University

Cami Jones

Cami Jones,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 5 September 2017

There’s something beautiful about the Fall season in Ohio that is amplified by living in Athens in the hubbub of campus life. I know that this is an engineering student blog, but let me be sentimental here for a few lines. The first few weeks of the first semester in Athens are fun because you get to meet new friends and together explore what I affectionately deem “Camp Ohio University”.

Local wildlife spotting at Camp Ohio University while walking to a 7:30 am class

The campus has so many hidden gems to find—interesting art, local wildlife, rainbows hidden in fountain spray, surprise performances by the Marching 110, cozy coffee shops (my favorite is named after an animal) and more. Everything is new and as the weeks progress, the forest of trees that fills in campus gains a golden hue as autumn settles in.

Throwback to my first week freshman year, when we enjoyed our downtime by doing yoga in the lobby of Read Hall!

What’s even better, in my opinion, is coming back for subsequent fall semesters. As a returning student, the opening of the semester is no longer about finding your way and meeting new people. It’s about rejoining familiar friends at favorite spots and enjoying local fare together. That’s what this past week has been for me.

We all know that our classes will pick up soon—after all, engineering assignments inevitably end up looking like big puzzles and group projects. However, I have learned to take advantage of the downtime that accompanies the first week of each semester in the “calm before the storm”.

Group projects tend to be more creative and fun when working with friends. Just notice the matching galaxy cat shirts we wore for a team intro video used as a part of our final project in computer simulation!

As the second week of the semester rolls around, I’m preparing to settle into the rhythm of classes and student organization meetings. In other words, it will be back to working on group projects with my friends and planning events for our chapter of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. And while I wouldn’t venture to say that these coming weeks will be as relaxing as the first, I know that they will be rewarding in many other ways. Here’s to a final fall semester in Athens!

Quiet Campus

Rob Parker

Rob Parker,
Senior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 15 December 2016

If you were to take a walk through campus during the winter break, the place would remind you of a ghost town from a movie. The buildings are empty, the courtyards are quiet and people are able to drive around without getting held up at a crosswalk.

Less than a week ago, though, the scene on campus was far different. There were large amounts of people wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts, coffee shops couldn’t keep enough coffee brewed and people had forgotten what a bed was. Don’t fret though, every year the students make it through to see another semester and this past week was another example of this.

So what am I doing over break? For the most part I’m working on campus for the Department of Housing and Residence Life and I’m also relaxing. But the thing that I’m looking most forward to is skiing! Through my multitude of years here on campus I have picked up some new hobbies and skiing is one of them.

I was introduced to the sport my freshman year by one of my friends and I’ve loved it ever since. I’ve been to Mad River and Snow Trails multiple times but I enjoy the longer trips that we get to take to Holiday Valley, Snow Shoe and Seven Springs. Liking to ski or snowboard comes with another perk–making winter bearable, because the more snow we get, the better the skiing gets!

Spending Time at the Dog Park

Justin Lumbard

Justin Lumbard,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 24 November 2014

As busy as engineering can be, it is important to make sure to enjoy the little parts about college that really make it the experience that it should be. At the end of last year, I adopted a puppy (Cookie) because I enjoy the company and attention a canine friend gives you at the end of the long days studying.


Recently, I discovered a really nice dog park right on campus that I often take Cookie to. She is the kind of dog that never actually gets tired and can outrun almost any other dog that she has ever come across. Fortunately for me, there are almost always several other dogs at the park that will attempt to wear her out, and when there are not, Cookie and I have been trying to learn the obstacle course as a sort of game for her.


It is always good to have a nice sunny day to remind engineers what the outside world is actually like this late in the semester. Having a dog while in college can be stressful, but the company is absolutely worth it in the end.


This time at the dog park, the dogs were in prime form. I hadn’t seen them run so much in such a small amount of time. Being the engineer that I am, one of these days I will rig up a GPS to Cookie’s collar to see how far they actually run while they are there.

Recreation Opportunities at OU

Sam Williams

Sam Williams,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 8 December 2012 – Going to college can be stressful. My experiences here have made me grow up, and with increased age comes great responsibility. Taking care of an apartment, homework, chores, and friendships takes a lot of concentration.

When under this sort of pressure, I always find that exercise relieves a lot of the stress. Athens offers a lot of opportunity for exercise. There’s Ping (with its weights, machines, track, sports courts, climbing wall, martial arts, and exercise classes of all kinds), the bike path, countless hills for hiking, an aquatic center, and an ice rink. I think that covers pretty much every form of exercise known to man.

Personally, I don’t have much of a favorite when it comes to recreation. I’ve run, I’ve lifted weights, I’ve played sports, I’ve done martial arts, and I’ve gone to exercise classes. I find that, oddly, variation in exercise type helps me keep consistent overall in working out without burning out.

If someone were looking for a recreation opportunity in Athens, I would definitely recommend intramurals. It’s a lot of fun to get a group of friends and acquaintances together and go school the opposing team in your favorite sport. It can make you grow closer to friends, give your brain a break from large projects, and keep you healthy. I’ve played both indoor and outdoor soccer as well as broomball, and I can say without a doubt that those games are some of my most cherished college memories.