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Spending Time at the Dog Park

Justin Lumbard

Justin Lumbard,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 24 November 2014

As busy as engineering can be, it is important to make sure to enjoy the little parts about college that really make it the experience that it should be. At the end of last year, I adopted a puppy (Cookie) because I enjoy the company and attention a canine friend gives you at the end of the long days studying.


Recently, I discovered a really nice dog park right on campus that I often take Cookie to. She is the kind of dog that never actually gets tired and can outrun almost any other dog that she has ever come across. Fortunately for me, there are almost always several other dogs at the park that will attempt to wear her out, and when there are not, Cookie and I have been trying to learn the obstacle course as a sort of game for her.


It is always good to have a nice sunny day to remind engineers what the outside world is actually like this late in the semester. Having a dog while in college can be stressful, but the company is absolutely worth it in the end.


This time at the dog park, the dogs were in prime form. I hadn’t seen them run so much in such a small amount of time. Being the engineer that I am, one of these days I will rig up a GPS to Cookie’s collar to see how far they actually run while they are there.

Recreation Opportunities at OU

Sam Williams

Sam Williams,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 8 December 2012 – Going to college can be stressful. My experiences here have made me grow up, and with increased age comes great responsibility. Taking care of an apartment, homework, chores, and friendships takes a lot of concentration.

When under this sort of pressure, I always find that exercise relieves a lot of the stress. Athens offers a lot of opportunity for exercise. There’s Ping (with its weights, machines, track, sports courts, climbing wall, martial arts, and exercise classes of all kinds), the bike path, countless hills for hiking, an aquatic center, and an ice rink. I think that covers pretty much every form of exercise known to man.

Personally, I don’t have much of a favorite when it comes to recreation. I’ve run, I’ve lifted weights, I’ve played sports, I’ve done martial arts, and I’ve gone to exercise classes. I find that, oddly, variation in exercise type helps me keep consistent overall in working out without burning out.

If someone were looking for a recreation opportunity in Athens, I would definitely recommend intramurals. It’s a lot of fun to get a group of friends and acquaintances together and go school the opposing team in your favorite sport. It can make you grow closer to friends, give your brain a break from large projects, and keep you healthy. I’ve played both indoor and outdoor soccer as well as broomball, and I can say without a doubt that those games are some of my most cherished college memories.

Autumn Comes to Athens

Evan Boso

Evan Boso,
Junior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 17 November 2012 – Despite what the warm weather this weekend may have you believe, there is no denying that autumn has arrived in Athens. And with this new season brings an almost completely new culture with it. I believe autumn is when this campus is at its best. The trees that surround this beautiful campus change color and make it appear that much more mesmerizing. Not to mention, the cooler weather finally gives me the opportunity to break out my denim jackets (don’t judge).

Of course when people think of fall semester and Athens, the image that is usually pushed to the forefront is Halloween weekend. Well, I’m here to say that although Halloween weekend is incredibly fun, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. I love to hike and the weather this time of year is great for it. I took the picture below on a hike at Stroud’s Run State Park, which is not far from campus.

Stroud's Run

I’m a huge sports fan and what better season for sports than autumn? You get the baseball playoffs, the thick of football season, as well as the start of the basketball season. And it just so happens that Ohio University has a great football team as well as an impressive basketball team. It’s a surreal sight when the stands are packed for a home football or basketball game. The entire community comes out to show their support and cheer on the Bobcats. I hope to make it to as many basketball games as possible this year.

Animation Project

Sam Williams

Sam Williams,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH dd Month 2012 – As the semester is nearing its final third, a lot of my classes are entering their final project stages. For example, in 2D Animation, we’ve been making traditional animations (using paper, pencil, and a light board) all semester. Now, we are beginning a 5-week project that will run from now until finals week. We get to animate anything we want, using what we learned from the previous projects. The finished product should be at least 30 seconds long. I am very excited to begin working on this. I have decided to take up a project idea I had in high school, but was unable to do, due to my lack of animation knowledge. Now that I know what to do, I think I can achieve that dream that I had such a long time ago. I hope it turns out well!

This semester has been going on for quite a long time. It’s almost the end of the fall quarter I’ve been used to for the past three years, so I’m afraid the coming weeks are going to be a little painful. With five classes instead of four and imbalanced workloads as professors try to figure out how semesters are going to work, I’ve been pretty stressed. Sometimes, when I feel like this, I just need to get away. When I want to get away, I go to the GRID Lab in Scott Quad. Nestled in the basement, the GRID Lab is home to the majority of the game design students’ outside-of-class game-making activity. I can go there to work on fun projects, meet with teammates and friends, or just sit alone for a few hours and play games on one of the TV stations they have set up with several of the latest consoles. It’s cool and dark and usually relatively quiet. It’s the perfect place to go and relax for a while. I’m definitely going to need that as the semester extends into the normal fall quarter’s break.

Final Thoughts on College

Annye Driscoll

Annye Driscoll,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 4 June 2012 – Well, it feels like my “big girl life” is starting to be actually real. I have one more project, three more exams, and one more blog post to write, and then I will have graduated with my computer science degree. It’s taken what feels like an incredibly long time (even though it’s only been three years since I started it!), and holy cow it’s taken a lot of work, but I am proud to be almost done and I know my parents and family are, too. My cats are currently at their summer home (they’re living in my aunt’s garage until Zeke and I find a house), my house is about halfway packed up, my school binder is cleaned out, and my room at my dad’s house is clean and set up to keep the two of us (plus the puppy!) for a couple months.

The changes aren’t just in my degree and living situation. Last night my boyfriend of three-ish years, whom I met in French class here at OU and who will be finishing his masters degree in sociology this summer, proposed to me on the steps of the ARC (one of the engineering buildings). It’s funny that he chose there to do it (although I don’t think he really chose it at all–he said he was just tired of waiting!); all the hours and hours of class, homework, and coding that I’ve done in that building will be supporting our new little family (us and the pets!) as we move to Dayton, buy a house, plan a wedding, and start being adults. Scary!

I don’t really have any big lessons I’ve learned that I can give people entering college, except to just live your lives like you always have, and try not to get into too much trouble. Be nice, work hard, and have fun. College is the perfect place to make new friends and learn how to live in the real world, but it’s also really easy to get behind in schoolwork or to get into trouble for doing something stupid – so try not to do it! Other than that…college is awesome, the Russ College is awesome, and Athens is amazing. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time, just like I did!