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Simulation for Airline Operations Course

Tim Napoli

Tim Napoli,
Junior, Aviation

Athens, OH 13 April 2020

A class project that I am a part of this semester is our Airline Operations course simulation. Throughout the whole semester, we are given a task of creating an airline on an online simulator.

We are in charge of marketing, airfare, what planes and gates to buy/lease, and what routes to fly. This all helps us as pilot to understand daily operations of an airline and why goes on behind the scenes. Since we do a lot of flying, it is awesome to see things from a different perspective. This simulation even helps me to realize why airline tickets are so volatile. It could be $100 one day and $500 the next.

This project is something I actually have enjoyed being a part of and one of my favorites by far. It allows for creativity and managerial skills. I definitely give props to those who are in charge of buying/selling aircraft and putting them on routes to make the most money. That’s a lot of hard work and I could never do that in real life. This is why I chose to fly the plane and not manage it.

As I said before, this is probably one of my most favorite projects from all of college and would definitely participate in it again if it was available. I am pleased to have a new-found knowledge in airline management and look forward to possibly using it someday in the real world.

Final Project for CAD Class

Logan Veley

Logan Veley,
Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 10 December 2019

With the semester coming to an end, engineering students have their semester-long projects coming to fruition. One engineering class that I was enrolled in this semester was CAD or computer aided design. The course teaches students the 3D solid modeling program of SolidWorks. The program allows us to create accurate models of parts and simulate how these parts function.

For our project, my team chose to model and improve the SAE baja buggy. We were able to construct all of the components of the vehicle in the modeling program and give them appearances that matched the true machine.

CAD Project

With all of the individual parts created, our team successfully assembled the parts into a final build of the complete buggy. The final model functions very similarly to the real-world vehicle. All of the wheels turn and move with independent suspension. The steering wheel activates the steering mechanism and turns the wheels.

The final assembly was rendered with different backgrounds to show the vehicle in action.

CAD Project

With the model completed, my team and I finished the report and the final presentation. With the skills gained from the CAD class, I look forward to designing and modeling parts for different projects in the future.

CE Water & Wastewater Engineering Project

Lydia Ramlo

Lydia Ramlo,
Senior, Civil Engineering (Russ College) and Environmental Studies (Honors Tutorial College)

Athens, OH 2 December 2019

This semester I am taking my final civil engineering classes, meaning I have completed the last group projects of my curriculum. In water & wastewater engineering, we learn about the treatment and design processes of both water and wastewater treatment plants.

The first half of the semester was focused on water treatment. The class was divided into groups to design a preliminary design of a water treatment plant solely based on a group member hometown’s population and given influent water quality. Each week, the material we learned in class was applied to the design of our water treatment plant.

Water Treatment Design

At the end of the project, we turned in a report explaining and justifying our design and chosen treatment processes as well as gave a presentation to the class.

Additionally, my group had the opportunity to present to Ohio University’s civil engineering board! This project allowed me to have a hands-on experience, and now, I am exploring careers in this field.

Spring PLC Project

Andrew Noll

Andrew Noll,
Senior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 18 March 2019

PLC stands for programmable logic controller, which is a type of ladder logic code that is used in industry to control robotics, and other machines, mostly for manufacturing processes such as conveyors. I am taking the PLC class currently here at Ohio University, and am very interested in the application of this technology.

While I was at Toyota, I did some PLC modifications to the assembly line machines in order to decrease the WIP (work in progress) stock on the line. Now for my PLC project I will not be working with anything quite as advanced, but I am designing and building an automated ball launcher.

My requirements were that my dog can trigger it himself so while I am working full time he can still burn off some steam, and that it is enclosed and safe to him. The device includes a spring powered arm driven by an electric motor. It will have a sensor to determine if the ball is loaded, a limit switch to shut off the motor, as well as two relays.

The mechanical aspect of the ball launcher is as follows: the free swinging “launch” arm is pulled around by the motor. Once the arm gets parallel with the base of the device, the spring will bring the it around and hit the ball sitting in home position.

I currently am scrapping most parts from other projects or random materials I find laying around, so I know I will need to revisit this project and make a more robust and hopefully more efficient ball launcher this summer!

Database Systems and Programming

Allie Gabbard

Allie Gabbard,
Junior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 18 November 2018

With the semester finally coming to an end, I am more than happy to discuss my project that I have been working on in my ETM 3310 class. This class focuses on database systems and programming. I am not the best at programming, but this class has truly showed me how much I have learned from day 1. This class mimics real world applications and encourages creativity, something I really lack at times. Given only the expectations of the program itself, this project has challenged me to not only correctly program to a database but also challenged me to think creatively when developing a user-friendly form.

I just finished the fourth lab to this project. For this project we are programming a Hot Wheels Racetrack. When there is no car on the track a red light will display, when the car is set in the track a yellow caution light will blink for three seconds then a green light will turn on, the gate will drop, and a stopwatch will time the car until it makes it to the finish line. At first, my classmates and I thought this was challenging until we were given the task of scanning the car into a database and selecting different track length to keep track of the race statistics. Next, we will be writing everything from the database to update into a website. What a challenge!

Complaining about a challenge is just showing how much we truly care about the work we do. Nothing is more rewarding than solving these problems and seeing the programs we write come to life. What seems like a simple task becomes a whirlwind of problems and code to debug. Finishing these projects and sharing them gives me the strongest sense of accomplishment and just pushes me to do my best each time. It’s classes like these that have made me the student I am and push me to look for challenges.