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My Summer as a Project Engineer

Haley Nau

Haley Nau,
Junior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 4 September 2018

A big stepping stone for me happened this summer with my first ever internship as a civil engineer. I was selected to work under a project engineer for Turner Construction Company in Columbus, Ohio. I was able to be a part of the team who was constructing Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s newest facility, Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion.

Upon completion this building will become Americas largest pediatric behavioral health hospital and research center. It will reach nine stories tall and have two outdoor courtyards located on the upper levels along with an outdoor play deck located on the topmost floor.

Working with Turner on this project was a one-of-a-kind experience. Being just an intern, my tasks were menial but held a big impact. My main task being to
construct a Door Schedule Matrix, while although sounding simple at first, I learned quickly that doors are one of the most intricate parts of a building. From the material to dimensions to hardware, everything must be perfect or there’s risk of loss that can easily turn into a domino effect. And with 967 doors to track, it understandably took up a large part of my work week.

From Turner I was able to get a hands-on experience along with learning the technical portions. For the second half of the summer I was tasked with being the point of contact for our patient room mock-ups. Mock-ups are a sample of the finished product that the owners come to observe and to see if changes should be made before installation of said product, this prevents any extra cost down the road.

The mock-up I was assigned was a sample of an inpatient hallway which included 3 different types of patient bedrooms with a corridor, a common space and a quiet alcove. I had the opportunity to work alongside subcontractors and to be their point of contact during the process of fixing any discrepancies in the mock-up or coordinate any changes the owner wished to make.

This summer helped apply the knowledge I have gained through classes and I’m eager to continue on working in my field.

CS Internship at Fluor BWXT

Wesley Book

Wesley Book,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 2 September 2018

Over the past summer, I held an internship position with Fluor BWXT in Piketon, Ohio. This was my third summer with them as an intern. I’ve heard that some internships are kind of boring and unproductive, but my time with Fluor BWXT has been exciting and perfect for gaining resume building experience. This summer was no different.

We developed an internal web application that the IT department utilized to track support tickets and projects. On day one, we immediately started having design meetings and within a week, we were implementing those designs.

There are some advantages with developing an internal IT application. For example, you get immediate feedback from the users and management regarding the application. This allowed me to make career connections and that is very important when looking for future jobs. Also, it’s very cool to walk around the department offices and see other employees using an application you helped build.

One of the main benefits of my internship was being able to experience the agile development methodology first hand. Agile experience is a very good skill to under your belt.

During the on campus job fairs, I’ve found that potential employers are looking for people with experience. It doesn’t have to be 10 years of experience, they just want to know that you have at least experienced a normal software development work day and that you contributed to a team development project. At Fluor BWXT, that’s exactly what we did.

Overall, my internship experiences have been great. These experiences have certainly reinforced many of the concepts we, as computer science students, learn about each day at Ohio University.

Summer Engineering Internship at Chase

Maggie Allen

Maggie Allen,
Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 1 September 2018

This summer I worked at JPMorgan Chase in Columbus, OH. When thinking about Chase as a financial institution, it was difficult to picture where an engineering intern like myself would fit in the organization. That changed dramatically when I began my internship in June. Walking into the corporate office for the first time, I was introduced to a modern work environment with ping pong tables, indoor trees, fountains and a multitude of computer screens displaying the importance of technology.

Within the first week, I met my fellow interns and we were assigned roles within an agile team and were introduced to the project that we would be working on for the duration of the summer. In a nutshell, we were tasked with creating a dashboard application used to monitor the health of various security applications within the firm. We had to build this application from the ground up while also creating documentation to ensure that this project could be picked up by future analysts.

Chase Engineering Interns

This all seemed quite jarring at first, considering I had only taken one programming class before and was very unfamiliar with coding. However, my intern group, all but one of them CS majors, taught me how to write basic programs and later assisted me with larger programs. Along with doing some moderate coding, I created documentation for the application and met with stakeholders to determine requirements.

Once the summer was over, we had created a fully functional application and completed documentation that outlined the functionality of the application. Along with that, I learned a lot about how to code, how to work in a corporate environment, and how to communicate more effectively in a professional manner.

Also, throughout the internship I grew close to the interns in my group and we had a lot of fun from our corporate New York trip, intern robot race, and going to karaoke to celebrate the last day of our summer internship. My internship at Chase was an opportunity that I truly treasure because of the things I learned and the amazing people that I met.

Summer Internship at General Mills

Veronica Ammer

Veronica Ammer,
Junior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 30 August 2018

When I imagined my summer internship, I envisioned a chemical plant complete with reactors and distillation columns. I expected pipe flow fluid dynamics or polymerization reactions. What I got was so much better. This summer, I had the opportunity to intern at the General Mills Totino’s Pizza Roll and Party Pizza plant in Wellston, OH.

When I arrived at Wellston, I was given two projects. The first was to optimize glue usage across our pizza roll packaging systems. This required working with our glue supplier to perform an audit, finding out optimal glue usage settings, and then working with the maintenance team to make the adjustments. My favorite part of the project was learning about the packing machines from the operators. It was so much fun getting to know the operators and working with them while also learning about the process from the people who know it best.

My second project was to reduce cheese scrap on our pizza roll filling system. This project was a challenge for me, which meant it was a significant growing opportunity. It took me out of my comfort zone by requiring me to be assertive to accomplish the project goals. Although stressful and uncomfortable at times, I learned valuable lessons about communication and confidence in an engineering role.

At the end of the internship, all of the interns across the General Mills plants met at headquarters in Minneapolis to better understand the company, learn about each other’s experiences, and present our projects.


Our first day in Minneapolis, we had a photo scavenger hunt competition. Despite my lack of skill with a selfie stick, my team won most creative photo. While different than I imagined, my internship with General Mills was a tremendous growing opportunity that I’m sure will help me on my first job as an engineer.

Summer Co-op at ABB

Melissa Kuchta

Melissa Kuchta,
Junior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 27 August 2018

This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to work for a fantastic company called ABB Inc. this summer, right in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. I worked as a systems engineering co-op and got to work closely on a variety of different projects with other systems engineers.

ABB is a worldwide industrial automation and power-generation company. As you can imagine, this is a very broad scope, and they work with a variety of different clients. For my co-op specifically, I worked on implementing control systems (which include human-machine interface graphics, control modules, simulators, etc) for two power plants and a wastewater treatment plant. A lot of the engineers I worked with studied electrical engineering, but there were many ties to chemical engineering when it came to how the different plants

This co-op was so perfect for me, as I went in “Undecided Engineering” my freshman year of college. As I learned about the different disciplines of engineering during my first semester in Athens, I was torn between electrical and chemical engineering. Although I ultimately chose chemical engineering as the major I would pursue, electrical engineering was still so intriguing. Working as a systems co-op at ABB allowed me to find ties between chemical and electrical engineering, allowing for a very enjoyable experience where I learned and grew immensely. As this was my first co-op experience, I feel confident now that I made the right decision in choosing my major and hope to continue my career with ABB someday.

Next summer, I will be working at ABB once again as a Proposals Engineering Co-op. I am excited to explore different aspects of the company and see what the future holds!

In Athens for the Summer

Veronica Ammer

Veronica Ammer,
Junior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 29 April 2018

This summer I am interning at General Mills in Wellston, OH. An added bonus to an already amazing opportunity is that I get to stay in Athens for the summer. Although I have lived in Athens for six semesters, there is still so much of the town and surrounding areas I have to explore.

My first two years, I was mostly limited by how far I was willing to walk on foot (not far). Even now that I have a car on campus I still don’t venture too far, mostly sticking to the necessities: Walmart, campus and the Athena Grand.

I’m excited for all the places I’ll go without homework looming over me. I definitely want to make it a priority to go to Hocking Hills State Park to check out Old Man’s Cave and Cantwell Cliffs. After seeing some photos via Google, I definitely want to see the caves, waterfalls and hemlock trees for myself.

In addition, I’m looking forward to running on the bike paths in the evenings after my internship. The path follows the Hocking River quite a ways and offers some pretty breathtaking views. I enjoy seeing the foliage in the fall, so I can’t wait to see how vibrant the greens are in the summer.

It will be interesting to see how the town atmosphere changes when most of the students are gone for the summer. I can’t imagine campus without the hustle and bustle of students milling about in-between classes. This summer is certainly going to be a new experience and I am very excited to enjoy Athens and gain engineering experience.

Why This Summer is My Most Important

Gyasi Calhoun

Gyasi Calhoun,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 16 April 2018

Over the past three years I have spent my Summers at Hyland Software working as a software developer on the healthcare team. Most would say that my most important Summer/Internship is the last Summer as an intern. However, I think the most important Summer is this up and coming one because I’ll officially be a full-time software developer. All that hard work has paid off and I finally can get a standing desk, larger monitors, a shiny metal nametag, and not to mention that full-time salary!

Since I’ve interned for so many years I’ve seen a lot of my fellow interns become full time employees as I remained an intern until May 5, 2018 finally comes!

This Summer is so important because things become more serious. There’s
no more knockout basketball twice a day every day of the week or the feeling of relief knowing my project won’t actually be launched for outside users to use.

What I’m about to experience is really similar to a college basketball player entering the NBA (obviously with a lot less on the line and a lot less pay). College was great, but how can you help our team’s production professionally? Can you write code that is efficient, maintainable at a large scale and usable to users globally? I definitely think I can and the company who hired me thinks I can as well, otherwise they wouldn’t have hired me.

Now it’s my time to showcase my skills and what positive impact I can bring to the table. This Summer is my time to make a great first impression as a full-time developer and although I’ve interned for a while it’s time to put that coat on a hanger and put on my grown-up pants.