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Engineering and Video Production

Joe Meyer

Joe Meyer,
Junior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 11 September 2016

When I was in my senior year of high school, they offered a class on video production where I was able to learn about every part that went into a news broadcast. I was able to dive into the audio, camera work and the post production. We also did smaller projects such as making a music video, and shooting news packages. After learning all of this, I realized I loved the work I was doing.

Over the summer I worked a co-op at Rovisys in Aurora Ohio, and I started to find ways I could incorporate my appreciation of video production with engineering. I was able to work with senior engineers in different industries to make short productions about what their strengths were and what technologies they used. This gave the customers an in-depth viewpoint to what Rovisys could do and how it would be done.

At Ohio University, they recently partnered with ESPN3 to have a student production crew shoot all of the Football, Basketball, and Volleyball games. When I found out about the class in the summer, I knew I had to register for it. After meeting a couple times with the class so far, its been amazing to see all of the new equipment, production trailer, and funding they have put into it.

My future aspirations are to find ways to incorporate what I’ve learned from electrical engineering here at Ohio University, and incorporate that with videography.

Co-op with Columbia Gas

Lucas Bond

Lucas Bond,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 4 September 2016

This past summer I had the privilege of working at Columbia Gas of Kentucky. The location I was working at is located in Ashland, Kentucky, which is about 10 minutes away from my hometown, Ironton, Ohio. I worked in the field-engineering department and for the most part I spent my time working on small gas line extensions, relocations, and betterment projects.

The position had some great learning opportunities. I was able to attend a course on project management in Columbus and a course in Pittsburgh, PA to learn a computer program used by pipeline companies called Synergi. Traveling for work was super fun and I took advantage of my time while I was there, especially while in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has so many fun things to do, fantastic restaurants, and the city is very beautiful.

Columbia Gas

I loved my time at Columbia; the atmosphere was always friendly and laid back. The people I worked with while I was there were great, and very diverse. I was around a lot of people who had been with the company for over 30 years. They were incredibly knowledgeable of engineering practices and the natural gas industry. I learned many lessons from them that I most certainly couldn’t gain from the classroom and I am so grateful for it.

Now I am back in Athens and I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work for Columbia part time while in school. I just try to log about 5 hours a week for work, which still leaves plenty of time for school and life. I miss being at work, but school is great and I am really enjoying my senior year so far.

Summer Co-op at Eaton Corp.

Alexa Hoynacke

Alexa Hoynacke,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 01 September 2016

As the school year begins everything seems crazy, hectic and fast paced. It is insane to me that I am entering my senior year. I have been enjoying every moment of my 4th year at OU so far.

This summer I interned with Eaton Corporation in Euclid, Ohio and had an amazing experience, so I think that is why I was so ready to hit the ground running for senior year.

With Eaton I was an industrial operations intern in the aerospace sector. I worked on a team of 10 quality engineers and I had projects that dealt with optimization and quality control. I was able to implement one of my projects by the end of my 12 weeks, saving the company money and time in the fuel pump assembly cell.

I loved everything about Eaton—the people I worked with, the company culture and the exposure/experience I was able to get in the manufacturing world. After this summer I choose to apply to do the spring co-op program with operations and technical sales. About a week ago I received a written offer to return to Eaton this upcoming spring and summer, for my 2nd and 3rd rotations. I am so happy to be returning to Eaton and it has made the start of my senior year even more memorable and exciting.

Summer Co-op at Honda

Andrew Videmsek

Andrew Videmsek,
Junior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 31 August 2016

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to co-op with Honda North America at their Marysville, Ohio campus. I worked in a subdivision of their engineering center focused on replicating manufacturing processes for training purposes and for testing new technologies.

With this being my first co-op, I was nervous not knowing if I would be able to complete the tasks they had assigned for me. Within my first few days I quickly realized I had nothing to worry about. The projects assigned to me were most definitely a challenge, and required me to learn about systems that I had never seen before, but my mentor knew that, and provided me with every resource I needed to be successful.

The majority of my projects were related to developing equipment to accurately simulate different factory environments. I was tasked with the design, construction, programming, and implementation of this equipment. While doing this I got to work with people from many different backgrounds, all who helped me grow my skill-set. Additionally, I was working with equipment and software that are normally not taught in a school environment.

Now that I am back at Ohio University, I feel very fortunate I got the opportunity that I did. I was able to take the knowledge I learned in school, and apply that to real-world problems. There wasn’t a single day I didn’t learn something new, and I feel this co-op has put me in a better position moving forward into my engineering career.

Summer in Detroit

Joshua Igwe

Joshua Igwe,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 31 August 2016

This summer I spent 10 weeks in Detroit doing a summer internship with Bridgewater Interiors. Bridgewater Interiors manufactures seats for a select number of General Motor vehicles. I interviewed with the plant manager (an OU grad) this past spring and was offered a position as an industrial engineer intern at the Detroit plant.

This internship gave me a chance to grow both personally and professionally. After taking a class on lean manufacturing in the spring, I was able to see a real-world facility that based its operating procedures off of a lean philosophy. I worked with full-time engineers to ensure that the plant was prepared to implement a new set of seats that were to be made for the first time.

Living in Detroit gave me an opportunity to explore a new city and a new culture that is very different from the one I grew up with in Columbus and the one I’ve become accustomed to in Athens. One thing that I had to get used to very quickly was the difference in the driving in Michigan. From the increased speed to the “Michigan left”, I learned quickly that Detroit is a much faster-paced city than Columbus or Athens.

Though Detroit is still suffering from the recent recession, I saw first-hand that the city is definitely making a comeback. As someone who loves cities and urban environments, I was drawn to and captivated by the love that people living in Detroit have for their city.

This summer definitely taught me a lot about myself and about the manufacturing world. I am very grateful for the opportunity to live in Detroit and work with Bridgewater.

Internship at Eastman Chemical

Joshua Greenlee

Joshua Greenlee,
Senior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 29 August 2016

This summer, I had the privilege of accepting an internship at Eastman Chemical Company in Kingsport, Tennessee. The internship was offered through the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) which gives Junior Chemical Engineers and Chemistry majors the opportunity to participate in a 10-week paid internship at a Fortune 500 chemical company of their choosing. Below is a picture of all of Eastman’s Chemical Engineering interns from this summer.

Eastman Chemical Company -- Chemical Engineering Interns Summer 2016

When applying, I thought I had relatively no chance at receiving an opportunity so prestigious, but I decided to apply anyway and see what happened. To my surprise I was accepted, so I moved down to Tennessee for the summer.

At first I was a little nervous as I was in a foreign place and knew no one in a 300-mile radius, but before I knew it, I warmed up to my new home and quickly made some great friends.

I worked in Eastman’s Corporate Innovations department, researching new applications for some of their existing products. This opportunity allowed me to present my research and pitch new application ideas to marketing teams. I even had the opportunity to lead and coordinate cross regional meetings with Eastman branches in Asia.

It was incredible to see how a plant that big operated, and how so many people could work together for a common goal. This opportunity not only helped me grow as an engineer, but more importantly as a person. I met some of my very best friends this summer at Eastman, and had an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Summer in Milwaukee



Kevin White,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 26 August 2016

This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to work for
FedEx Ground
as an Industrial Engineering Intern in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This was a life-changing experience for me because Milwaukee is 8 hours away from my home and I knew once I got up there, I wouldn’t be coming home until the end of summer.

I knew nobody in Wisconsin when arriving, so I really wanted to branch out, meet people, and have the best possible experience. This was a very similar situation to my freshman year at Ohio University because I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone and meet people.

I wanted to have the best experience in Milwaukee in and out of the workplace. Their winters are brutal up there with the snow and temperature, so in the summer, they sure know how to have fun in the outdoors. I have never seen so many beach volleyball courts in my life. My first couple games of volleyball were rough because I couldn’t even hit the ball over the net. I could tell that people were thinking, “Get this Ohio kid off my volleyball court!”

Not only did my beach volleyball skills improve, but my engineering skills also improved. I had a really great manager who got me involved in projects that applied many things learned in classes here at OU. This internship just validates my passion for Industrial Engineering and I cant wait for the future.

Finally, at the end of the summer, the Pittsburgh Pirates came to town and played the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park.

Pirates at Miller Park

Everybody who knows me knows I am a huge Pittsburgh sports fan. This was really cool to see my favorite team play at a different ballpark than I am used to in Pittsburgh. This summer was one to remember.