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Student Organizations at OU

Hope Bowden

Hope Bowden,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 3 February 2020

My best piece of advice for incoming students is to get involved! During my time at Ohio University, I have been involved in numerous organizations and have found my bobcat family through these orgs.

One club that has helped me greatly is the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering. During my time with this organization, I have had the opportunity to attend two regional conferences.

IISE Conference

Both of these conferences allowed me to network with ISE students from all across Ohio and Michigan. There also were speakers that talked about what they have done with their major post-graduation. Last year the conference focused on additive manufacturing and other jobs that were not necessarily following a traditional ISE path. This gave me a chance to see what is possible for me besides just manufacturing.

Student orgs also give students a chance to take a break from classes and their major and try something new. For example, I am currently learning how to be a coxswain for the Men’s Rowing Crew. This is something I did not picture myself doing during my college career, but I am so excited to try something new. With this club, I also have a group that gets me to the gym most of the week to make sure I stay in shape. I am looking forward to this new organization and I cannot wait to see my progress this season!

Society of Women Engineers Conference 2019

Lydia Seiter

Lydia Seiter,
Senior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 18 November 2019

I had the honor and privilege of attending the 2019 Society of Women Engineers National Conference in Los Angeles, California November 6-9, 2019, thanks to the generosity of Cutler Scholars, Ohio University Society of Women Engineers, Russ Vision scholarship, and corporate sponsors including Turner Construction, EASi, Aerotec, Nationwide, Cooper Tire, and Whiting Turner Construction. This was my first time ever attending a Society of Women Engineers conference.

SWE 2019

Surrounding myself with ambitious, driven, successful, brilliant, and talented women engineers during the conference was inspiring. On Thursday, the keynote speaker, Carol Malnati of Medtronic, talked about the importance of mentorship and inspiration. She spoke about how when she felt discouraged or frustrated by her struggles and obstacles in the engineering world, she felt empowered by her young daughter, who depended on her, and for whom she wanted to set a positive example. It was wonderful to hear from a successful, executive woman, especially about a time that she felt weak but became resilient.

Additionally, on Wednesday, I had the opportunity to network at the career fair with companies in various industries, including automotive, energy, oil & gas, aerospace, consumer products, and materials science. I was incredibly impressed with the career fair and how welcoming and engaging the recruiters were.

On Friday, I had the opportunity to attend the keynote speaker Rachel Hutter, from Disney. Traditionally, I had never thought about Disney as a company that engineers work for, but it was exciting and surprising to have my mind changed about that! She gave career and life lessons from the Star Wars franchise, which was interesting and unexpected.

I also had the opportunity to attend the Collegiate Women’s Luncheon, where I met other women engineers from U.S. universities. There was also a beneficial Q&A session during the lunch, where women engineers from a variety of industries spoke about their experiences in the workforce. It was so helpful to hear what they had to say about graduate school, making career moves, trying new things, balancing work and life, and finding a best fit in their career.

After the conference wrapped up, I was also able to go to the beach and to explore Downtown Disney in Anaheim with fellow Ohio University Society of Women Engineers members before heading back to Athens, Ohio.

All in all, I was so grateful to have had the opportunity to represent Ohio University at the Society of Women Engineers conference, and to learn from the perspectives and experiences of professional women in engineering. I hope to continue to attend this conference in the future, as a professional member!

Spring Events: Conference and Volleyball

Alexis Lanier

Alexis Lanier,
Junior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 22 April 2019

The past few weeks have been extremely busy as we are nearing the end of the semester. With professors squeezing in exams before finals and final homework assignments and projects, it’s easy to get caught up in the school work and find yourself not making time for anything outside of that. While I normally find myself lost in this routine, refusing to do anything else until my work is done, this semester I decided I wasn’t going to let myself drown in work and I was going to make time for other things I enjoy.

That being said, a few weeks ago I attended the AIAA Region III Student Conference at Cleveland State with several other classmates and a professor. We headed up Thursday evening, and the conference was all day Friday and Saturday.


On Friday, we got to tour NASA Glenn and see some of the student projects they are working on such as their virtual reality cave. We also listened to some guest speakers from NASA, networked with companies, and played trivia for prizes (my team tied for last place).

Then, on Saturday we listened to undergraduate and graduate students from several universities present their research for a few judges. Although the conference was still academically related, it was a great break from school work and it was nice to get away for a few days.

Another event I participated in over the past few weeks is SWE’s Engineering volleyball tournament. Last week, a few other ambassadors/engineers and I put together a team, “Beach, Please,” and competed on Tuesday and Thursday.


The tournament was held at the sand volleyball courts on South Green, and I think about 8 teams total signed up. Unfortunately, we lost in the semifinals, but the tournament was a blast, and I am hopeful they will host another next year.

Although sometimes it is hard to not stress about school work and allow myself time for other activities, it always ends up a great time and I (usually) never regret that I took a break.

Women in Aviation Conference

Sarah Bailey

Sarah Bailey,
Junior, Aviation

Athens, OH 17 September 2018

This past March I had the opportunity to attend the Women in Aviation International conference in Reno, Nevada with our university’s chapter. Over the several days that we were there I was able to not only speak with potential employers but was also able to interact with women who have created careers for themselves in the aviation industry.

I was very inspired by the stories that I heard while attending the conference. The speakers all had incredible stories about being the first female captain at their airline, flying solo flights around the world, and even working at NASA. Only five percent of the aviation industry is composed of women so being able to meet and get to know other female pilots was really exciting for me.

Women in Aviation

While we were there I was able to attend a scholarship dinner hosted by Southwest Airlines where I got to meet women my age who were also going through flight training. At the time I had just gotten my private pilot’s license and though I was very excited about my accomplishment, I was definitely intimidated being surrounded by people who are much further along in their training than I was.

However, after telling some of the other pilots about it I was met only with enthusiasm and they were all thrilled to hear about my experiences with flying thus far and were all very encouraging. It was the first time that I had ever been able to sit down at a table of all female pilots so it was a really great experience for me. Attending the conference was very inspiring and made me even more excited about my future career as a professional pilot.

Biomedical Engineering Society Conference

Quinn Mitchell

Quinn Mitchell,
Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 17 October 2017

Last Thursday, I woke up early and tossed my suitcase in my car and drove to Columbus. I was on my way to the airport to fly to Phoenix, Arizona to attend the 2017 Biomedical Engineering Society Conference. I was going to the conference to present the research I had been performing in Dr. Monica Burdick’s lab.

When I got to Phoenix, I immediately headed to the hotel to quickly unpack, change, and head to the conference. After signing in, I skimmed the program and decided to join some other members of my lab in lecture session focusing on prosthetics. This was an extremely interesting session and a great example of how biomedical research can improve people’s life.

After this session, my labmates and I visited a few more presentations before eventually heading to dinner. We spent most of that night networking with other biomedical engineering students and professors.

BMES Conference

Much like Thursday, I spent Friday listening to experts in the biomedical engineering field discuss their cutting-edge work. The best thing about the conference was that I was not just listening to these speakers, but I also had the opportunity to have conversations with them. It was a great experience to meet researchers whose work I had read about in journal articles.

Around 8:00 am on Saturday morning, it was my turn to present on my work with plasma-based cervical cancer therapies. This would be the first time that I had ever given a talk to a room full of engineering professors and students from universities around the country. The presenters that went before me had done a fantastic job, so I felt that I had a high standard to meet.

I gave my presentation, fielded a few questions, and sat back down. I was relieved that I had managed to talk at a reasonable speed throughout the whole ordeal, something that I struggle with in normal conversation.

I flew home Saturday afternoon, and except for a few flight delays, it was a great trip!