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Keeping Busy and Appreciating Athens

Reagan Richardson

Reagan Richardson,
Junior, Energy Engineering

Athens, OH 30 March 2020

Instead of focusing on all the negative or scary changes the world is going through right now, I want to talk about some personal positives. Through all of this I have found that it’s important to keep myself “busy” and outside of class I’m trying to keep my screen time down.

To fill my time, I’ve started picking back up hobbies that I used to enjoy and starting some new ones and I wanted to share what I’ve been up to.

I’ve always enjoyed puzzles so over the span of a week I spent a couple hours a day putting together and finishing a 1000-piece puzzle.


I’ve also taken walks around campus to stay active, see everything bloom, and watch the sunset.

Athens Sunset

Athens Sunset

Athens Sunset

Athens Sunset

Currently I’m painting a paint by number of an owl, but I’m just getting started on that.

These are just a couple things I’ve been doing to relax and take my mind off things. Like everyone else I am eager to return to “normal”, but until then I am finding new interests every day.

Last Semester of College

Maggie Allen

Maggie Allen,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 23 March 2020

During my first few semesters at OU, I was already counting down the days to graduation. I was homesick, ready to be done with school entirely, and really didn’t know my place in Athens. Fast forward two years later, I don’t ever want to leave. The thought of not struggling through classes with my friends, not having life chats with my professors, and not being able to go for a run through campus on a nice day is truly heartbreaking.

After I graduate, I’m moving to Phoenix, Arizona to work for Freeport-McMoRan as a Mechanical Engineer. Although I’m excited to live in Arizona and start the next chapter of my life, I’m going to miss my friends, family, and the campus I’ve got to call home these past four years.

It’s bittersweet that the last couple months I have until graduation are filled with online classes and self-quarantines, but it just makes me that much more appreciative of the time and memories I’ve made. After all the craziness settles, I’ll be able to reconnect with friends before I move out in June. But until then, all I can do is make the best of my remaining time in Athens and be thankful for all the wonderful times I’ve had here!