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O.A.R. Concert

Nicole Sari

Nicole Sari, Senior, Aviation

Athens, OH 2 November 2011

I attended the O.A.R. concert last night here on the Ohio University campus. The concert was held in the Templeton Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium. Tickets for the first ten rows were only $55 a piece. The picture appears farther away than we really were, but that’s the view from the 5th row.

The tour was to support their King album, which was released in early August. Songs included were “Shattered,” “This Town,” and “That was a Crazy Game of Poker.” I was almost extremely disappointed that they didn’t play Crazy Game of Poker, but they saved it until the very end.

O.A.R. formed at O.S.U. and O.U. contributed to them making it big. When they were starting out, they played at a lot of backyard and street parties at O.U. They eventually worked their way up and recently grabbed the #3 spot on the ITunes Album Chart Day of Release and #3 on the Billboard Digital Album Chart

It was an awesome concert. After the concert we went to uptown to the PigSkin, where I got the chance to meet bass player Benj Gersham (left in photo) and guitarist Richard On (center in photo). After walking back and forth multiple times making sure it was really them, we stopped and talked to them. I was so star-struck I forgot to take a picture with them. We also thought we saw Jerry, the saxophone player. It turns out we said “good show!” and shook the hand of a random dude at the bar who very closely resembles Jerry.

The OU Performing Arts website provides a calendar of upcoming events and tickets prices. Some recent and upcoming events include O.A.R., The Miles Davis Experience, Aziz Ansari, and Young Frankenstein. These concerts and performances are generally pretty affordable and only a short walk from your dorm or house on campus, which is great because you don’t have to deal with the normal hassles of being stuck in traffic and paying for parking when attending concerts.

2012 Spring Festival

Lingchong Mai

Lingchong Mai, Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 22 January 2012
Last week the Chinese International Students had a wonderful celebration for the Spring Festival 2012. The celebration ceremony was held in Memorial Auditorium, and there were more than 400 students and 100 performers participated in the ceremony. That was one of the biggest ceremonies over the whole year.

The Spring Festival actually is the Chinese New Year. In Chinese, other than the international calendar, Chinese people have a traditional calendar. The day of the spring festival begins is the New Year’s Day in Chinese traditional calendar. The spring festival lasts for around 2 weeks starting from that day. In the ceremony, we had traditional Chinese dancing, poem writing, as well as jazz singing and modern dancing.

The ceremony enriched OU’s diversity, and served as a good chance for all students from other countries to know more about Chinese cultures. Welcome all you guys to come to the Spring Festival next year!