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Exploring Bioinformatics

David Parisi
Senior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 29 January 2012

This quarter I am in PBIO 214, which is an exploring bioinformatics course. Bioinformatics is the analysis of biological information using computer science. Sequencing the human genome has been one of the major projects undertaken by bioinformatics.

This class dives deeper into the different areas of bioinformatics such as medical applications and databases of biological information. It is a small class consisting of about 10 people. We meet once a week and have guest speakers come in and give presentations on what exactly they do and how bioinformatics has played a large role in their careers. All the speakers have been enthralling and it’s a class I look forward to every week.

I find this class very interesting because even though I chose computer engineering as my major I have always loved biology. The possibility of applying what I am learning in electrical engineering and computer science to biology is very appealing to me. I had never even thought about putting them together. Sometimes classes like this, that are not part of my major, will really change my viewpoint on my future career and what it could be. I would like to continue looking at bioinformatics and find a way to use my computer engineering degree in it, such as designing prosthetic limbs that work with the nervous system. Currently I am looking at getting my certificate of bioinformatics from the University so that I will have a much stronger background in this field.