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Being an Engineering Ambassador

Connor Mitchell

Connor Mitchell,
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 24 September 2013 – Last spring I was nominated and then selected to become an engineering ambassador. Looking back to last spring, it would have certainly been a mistake if I had chosen not to accept the engineering ambassador position. Throughout the years, I have found myself to be a helpful person. I enjoy aiding others and the satisfaction that comes with that.

The aspect of helping others is the majority of what engineering ambassadors are all about. The organization focuses primarily on future students. If a prospective engineering student comes to visit the Russ College, an ambassador is responsible for giving the student a tour of the engineering facilities and explaining what the university has to offer. Ambassadors also aid incoming freshmen on opening weekend by explaining the basics about the university, the Russ College of Engineering and Technology, student organizations, and the life as a college student.

I enjoy talking about and helping prospective students and underclassmen about these issues. Entering college I didn’t know what to expect. I was always asking questions of upperclassmen for advice and how they reacted to certain situations that a typical student would encounter at some point in his or her college career.

From a student’s prospective, the ambassadors are the voice of the college. If there is a problem within the college, the faculty can hear it from us and then turn around quickly to resolve the issue. Community service is always important and the ambassadors feel it is important to give back to our surrounding community.

On the other hand, the engineering ambassadors do have fun as well. We participate in socials, dinners, and team building exercises. Recently, we successfully completed a high ropes course. From all of these activities comes reward. I have learned a lot about the different engineering majors and what activities they are involved in. I cannot say enough about the group of students I am with. As an ambassador, I am surrounded by some of the best students in the college. I am really glad I chose to become an engineering ambassador based on the friendships I have made with the other ambassadors.

Ambassador Corporate Trip

Lingchong Mai

Lingchong Mai, Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 30 April 2012 – During April 19-20, several of the Engineering Ambassadors had a wonderful corporate trip. The trip was to visit several manufacturing plants including Kenworth Truck, GE Lighting, and GE Aviation.
On Thursday morning we first visited Kenworth in Chillicothe. It is a large semi-truck assembly plant that assembles semi-truck to order. Now its capability is around 150 trucks per day, with more than a thousand employees working in the plant. There are more than 10 assembly groups with more than 50 assembly lines in the plant. It makes highly personalized semi-trucks according to customers’ requirements.

That afternoon, we went to GE Lighting in Circleville. That is one of the biggest GE lighting plant in the US. They make more than 30,000 of every kind of light bulbs per day. The production lines are highly automated, so the employees in the plant are mostly engineers and technicians. They work to monitor the machines and the products’ qualities, as well as some R&D stuff.

At night, we went to Cincinnati and had a wonderful dinner at Buca di Beppo.
On Friday, we had breakfast with Catherine Anbil, a very nice woman who set up her own business on system and software. She introduced her experience on her business and with her partner, and her early life.

After the enjoyable breakfast, we continued our trip to the last destination: GE Aviation. This was a long tour. We visited 4 different locations. Generally, we visited the labs that test the materials in different plane engines and we also got a chance to see how an engine was assembled, and how an engine works on a plane.

This trip was really an enjoyable trip that expands my horizon and lets me get to know more about the manufacturing in the US.