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Meeting with the Dean

Danielle Klein

Danielle Klein,
Junior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 22 October 2020

Yesterday, the ambassadors met with Dr. Mei Wei, Dean of the Russ College, to talk about how phase two of Fall Semester has been going for Russ college students. We discussed our experience with classes, academic support, and faculty this semester. We also shared what we think would be helpful resources and strategies in the future.

Additionally, we talked about sharing videos about our experience this semester and what we’ve been doing in and out of the classroom (be sure to check them out @OHIO_EngNTech). We also talked about the virtual Russ College career fair that happened this month. Ambassadors shared their experiences connecting to employers and finding new opportunities through employer meetings.

We also discussed the upcoming Engineering and Technology Experience Day, where ambassadors will engage with prospective Russ College students.

Meeting with the Dean was a great way for ambassadors to share students’ experiences and learn about new opportunities to collaborate with the college.

Jackbox Games Ambassador Event

Tim Napoli

Tim Napoli,
Senior, Aviation

Athens, OH 17 September 2020

Last night, many of the ambassadors participated in a game night over Microsoft Teams. Reagan Richardson was the coordinator for this event, and she had the idea of playing Jackbox games. She was able to share her screen so that everyone could sign onto their phones and play any of the many games available.

We started off by playing Quiplash where you are given a prompt and you must come up with a clever answer. At the end of the round, each answer gets pinned against another answer and is voted on to see which is the best. Points are awarded according to votes. We played many rounds of this game, even with players participating in the audience as voters.

Once we were finished with that game, we decided to play Trivia Murder Party where players are given a question, and those with the correct answer are safe. The ones who answered incorrectly are given a challenge to try to stay alive.

Both games were fun and entertaining for all, even the audience. It was a great experience being able to partake in this event due to not being able to meet in person because of the pandemic. “Get togethers” like this are what helps take your mind off what is going on around us, even if it is meeting virtually. I definitely will take part in another one of these events if one is planned again.

The Opportunities from Being an Ambassador

Allie Gabbard

Allie Gabbard,
Senior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 9 December 2019

As the semester comes to a close, I want to take a minute to reflect on the wonderful opportunity students have to become an Engineering Ambassador in the Russ College. I encourage any and all students, if presented with a nomination, to pursue this opportunity as it is truly a life changing experience. Being a student ambassador is more than wearing a green polo shirt and giving tours; these students work to recruit and network students, strive to develop professionally across many facets, and participate in community engagement in multiple areas.

Thankfully, I have had the opportunity to not only partake in this wonderful organization, but also serve as their Vice-President. I have had the opportunity to extend my professional development far more than I would have ever imagined. I have had the opportunity to work with two different deans, more than thirty different students from different majors, and lots and lots of alumni. The Bobcat nation is truly fantastic all across the board.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to travel to Bonita Springs, Florida to meet with the Russ College Board of Visitors. This team is comprised of some fantastic individuals they have set the bar high for OHIO graduates. They are truly an inspiration for all students and it was an honor to meet with them.

During the weekend, Lydia and I had the opportunity to participate in meetings related to the Russ College and business moving forward with the school. The board provides input to the Dean to help guide her down the correct path through their experience in their respective industries. I cannot express my gratitude for having the opportunity to listen and learn. I had some fantastic conversations with some of my new role models moving forward.

Thank you, Engineering Technology and Management, for nominating me for this role. Thank you to the Board of Visitors, Administration and Dean Wei for inviting Lydia and I to listen, learn and provide the perspective of current students. It was an honor to be a part of such an established team and I really look forward to speaking with everyone more in the future.

2019 Welcome Weekend for First-Year Students

Maggie Allen

Maggie Allen,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 28 August 2019

This past weekend, the Russ College welcomed the incoming freshman engineering students through presentations done by the Ambassadors followed by an ice cream social. This event is always one of my favorites during the school year because it’s so exciting to meet the new students and see their excitement to start college.

This event took place on Saturday afternoon of welcome weekend as incoming engineering students came to the ARC and filtered into classrooms based on their major. The purpose of the major-specific presentations was to get students familiar with each other and acquainted with the engineering college; most importantly, it was a great opportunity for students to ask any questions they had and get a current student’s perspective.

Following the presentations, an ice cream social took place on the front lawn of Stocker. At the ice cream social, students had the opportunity to talk to other students, ambassadors, and faculty. As this was a more informal setting, students felt more comfortable speaking with each other and asking questions they didn’t ask at the presentation. I had a few students approach me afterwards with questions regarding classes and the engineering program that sparked great conversations.

Overall, I thought the welcome weekend activities were a success; I felt like after the events on Saturday, incoming students felt more prepared and excited for the semester.

How OU has Changed Me

Ali McCormick

Ali McCormick,
Senior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 27 April 2016

With graduation only days away, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on how the last four years I’ve spent at Ohio University have affected me as a person.

Coming into Ohio University, I was very timid and soft-spoken. I had a difficult time putting myself out there because I generally kept to myself. I remember taking an introduction to ethics course and the final for the class being to present your beliefs on ethics to the class. (I actually had considered dropping the class, that’s how badly I disliked speaking in front of people.)

Back then, presenting in front of a classroom was the end of the world for me. Not only because of my anxiety of public speaking, but also due to my belief that what I had to say didn’t always seem that important.

The following years I spent at Ohio University changed my opinion on personal voice and, also my life, for the better. I went on to join Theta Tau, the professional engineering fraternity on campus. Through this, I gained friendships that I know will last me a lifetime.

I focused heavily on putting myself into situations that were out of my comfort zone, which gave me the opportunity to grow as an individual. I made sure to put everything I had into my studies, which lead me to obtain a Co-Op at L-3 Communications in Cincinnati, Ohio. I took the experience from there and brought it back to school with me, and applied it to classes.

But, the most important aspect of my college career comes from the opportunity of participating in Engineering Ambassadors. I was nominated for the position at the end of my sophomore year and performed the duties during my junior and senior years.

The position requires strong speaking skills, which as I discussed earlier weren’t as developed back then. I remember that during my interview for the position, I expressed that while my speaking skills may not be as impressive as the fellow applicants, my overall passion to better those skills was immeasurable.

The opportunity to speak with prospective students and parents strengthened my interpersonal skills in unimaginable ways and just the ability to lead students into a direction that will ensure success is extraordinary.

My voice was given purpose and pushed me to pursue opportunities that otherwise would have been unobtainable, and for that I can thank Ohio University.