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Speakers at the American Society of Civil Engineers

Ndem Ndobegang

Ndem Ndobegang,
Senior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 31 October 2020

One of the student organizations I am part of is the American Society of Civil Engineers. One kind of event I like to attend is presentations from guest speakers. For every bi-weekly meeting, they usually invite a working professional in a civil engineering profession to come and talk about what they do. With the broadness of civil engineering, there is so much that one can do or specialize in. So, this is a great way to be informed as to what is out there for a civil engineer.

This semester, one of the guest speakers invited was the Athens City Engineer who shared some of the projects he is involved in, including the recently finished Richland Avenue Passageway project. This was especially interesting since it was done on West Green where the Russ College is located. He talked about the challenges faced through the planning, design, and construction process as well as the successes.

During such events, the speakers are very open to any question us students may have such as why they chose to be a civil engineer and if this is what they expected to be doing once they graduated. With a lot of them being recent graduates one can easily relate to them as they have been in our shoes and they know what is like. Being part of this organization has helped me know more about the specialties in Civil Engineering and has expanded my network by meeting other civil engineering students.

Chemical Engineering Mentorship Program

Nicole Cavlovich

Nicole Cavlovich,
Junior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 15 October 2020

This past week, I have had the privilege of launching a new mentorship program within the American Institute of Engineers (AIChE). As president, I took an initiative to expand on our outreach as an organization. I felt passionately about connecting the incoming ChE freshmen to Ohio University and to their department.

I was overwhelmed by the number of AIChE members willing to participate. It has been a general consensus that existing Bobcats want to do what they can to welcome the new Bobcats and make them feel included in the Bobcat Family.

The program is set to start this coming week. The mentors and mentees will be meeting over Microsoft Teams to introduce themselves and will be partnered for the rest of the school year. Mentors can help with any questions or concerns that naturally arise from being a student, things like scheduling questions, where classes will be if in-person, and just general OU student experience questions.

If nothing else, it is at least a friendship development program. It is always beneficial to have a friendly face when you are going through a new experience, especially when that new experience is online college. I look forward to the success of this mentoring program and hope that it is something that can be continued within AIChE in school years to come.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Nicole Cavlovich

Nicole Cavlovich,
Junior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 17 September 2020

This semester, I am holding the position of President for Ohio University’s chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). In previous years, I have been a member of the organization, so I was familiar with the activities and people that participated.

I am lucky enough to have been elected into this position as a junior, and it is a leadership experience unlike any other I have had before. It is a professional organization so activities include guest speakers, resume workshops and networking opportunities.

The most beneficial part of being a member is also the social aspect that AIChE has always valued. The group always hosts game nights, pizza parties and social outings together to bring a sense of community to Chemical Engineering Undergraduates. I met a lot of my current friends through this organization, so it is extremely rewarding to provide events this semester for new members to do the same.

Being online this semester has presented new challenges to how meetings can be conducted. However, I am very proud to say that members, new and existing, have transitioned seamlessly to ZOOM meetings and events. Just this semester alone we were capable of having guest speakers and doing resume reviews thanks to the resources OU provides such as Microsoft Teams, BobcatConnect, and Qualtrics Surveys. I look forward to what the rest of the semester looks like for AIChE.

Getting Involved with ISE Activities

Lorraine Fitzgerald

Lorraine Fitzgerald,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 8 September 2020

I am really happy I joined Ohio University’s chapter of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) three years ago. This year, I am the program director for OU’s IISE chapter and I am eager to plan and schedule events to ensure that all members, and potential members, are remaining in contact with one another—despite all classes for this semester being virtual.

Because of this organization, I have been able to travel to attend IISE regional conferences, to meet other students studying ISE from different universities, and to connect with other professionals and potential employers.

For more information and news on Ohio University’s IISE chapter, friend us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

     LinkedIn: IISE Ohio University
     Instagram: @ohiouiise
     Twitter: @ohiouiise
     Facebook: @ohiouiise

Beyond IISE, I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in multiple projects. This past summer, I worked on a project for Routes and Riders, a software system created by Ohio University’s ISE department that tracks students’ pick up and drop off locations for a school system’s busses.

This semester I am working on an independent study project that focuses on human sex trafficking. This project will entail studying and analyzing data, identifying patterns, and determining a mathematical model that can be applied to identify and potentially free as many victims at once.

Activities with AIChE

Charlotte Kapral

Charlotte Kapral,
Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 5 April 2020

The first organization I became a member of at Ohio University was the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). At the end of my freshman year, I became the secretary for the organization. I held that position until the end of the junior year when I became President. As I start my last few weeks as a student, I have had to say goodbye to the student chapter. Elections have been held, and AIChE officially has a new President!

Through AIChE, I got to visit chemical plants and even the Jackie O’s brewery.

AIChE Plant Tour

Every Halloween we carved pumpkins. We had movie nights, sundae parties, bowling events, card night, and many other social events. I had the opportunity to learn more about the college when the organization sponsored university events such as the Career Fair and Ramen Fest. I got to know my professors better by planning a fall dinner at the Chemical Engineering assistant department head’s house, and a spring picnic at the department head’s house. I was able to network with alumni and professionals in industry when they would come to meetings.

My favorite aspect of being involved in a student organization was getting to know the other students within my program; they have made my time at Ohio University a fulling and memorable journey.