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Planning for Life after Undergrad

Paul Barina

Paul Barina,
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 22 January 2013 – It would appear as cliché as it sounds, that freshman year seems like just yesterday. On one hand, this statement is absolutely correct. Around 1,277 days has already nearly flown by since I started the journey. It hasn’t felt like that! Regardless of how it felt, life is going on and life after Undergraduate School is looming. There are two options waiting to be chosen in the near distant future, job seeking, or graduate school.

First and foremost, finding a great job in a great location would be terrific! I really enjoyed my time working at Toledo Molding & Die this last summer. I was able to apply real theories and lessons learned in the class room and apply them on the manufacturing floor. This is an exhilarating feeling! Making real money for all my hard knowledge was very rewarding. This is option one.

Option two will take some patience and dedication. Graduate School has its own advantages. I would get a chance to continue to study Industrial & Systems Engineering at a more intense level at a school I love. I would have the same excellent faculty and staff to learn and be advised under. I would get the opportunity to study and concentrate on areas in which concern me within the Industrial Engineering world, which would be great.


Two great options are available for the choosing. Both options carry great weight. All that is left now is to decide!