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Fall in Athens

Kodjo Hughes

Kodjo Hughes,
Junior, Engineering Technology &Management

Athens, OH 27 October 2020

Being from Athens has its perks. I have had some time to contemplate what my favorite season is to experience in this town—twenty years in fact. And over that twenty years my opinion has changed. But as I grow older, I have come to realize my favorite season is definitely fall.

As a kid, fall meant the start of school, and I came to hate the season as it heralds the end of summer vacation. Nowadays, the start of school brings so many opportunities and new experiences, it’s impossible not to love.

Fall in Athens

Being an Athens native, living in Athens over the summer is hard. You see your college friends leave for three months and you move back home. As fun as it is to be with your family, you start to miss college and you cannot wait until school starts again. The changing of the seasons is the sign that it’s time to be reunited with Ohio University and all the wonderful people you have met.

In my high school years, it became hard to keep hating fall as it was just so magical. The blistering heat of the summer disappears, replaced by the cool autumn breeze (and the occasional rainstorm). The hills turn from a rich green to an explosion of vibrant colors. I have always enjoyed nature, and there’s no greater benefit of living in Athens than being able to hike in the hills during Fall. The picture above is only just a small sample of what Fall in Athens provides.

Fall in Athens

I am privileged to have grown up in Athens and to be able to experience all this in the midst of this pandemic. I know it’s hard to be away from college, but I hope everyone can appreciate the beauty of fall wherever they are.

Hiking at Strouds Run

Lorraine Fitzgerald

Lorraine Fitzgerald,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 22 October 2020

This semester I started hiking with my dog, Bruin, on a regular basis. I meet my friend, Kate, and her dog, Duke, at least four times a week at either Strouds Run or the Ridges to hike 2-3 miles before our day of online classes and working remotely begins.

Hiking has helped ensure that I am remaining physically active and getting fresh air while I am stuck in my apartment all day for online classes and meeting remotely with my teams for group projects.

Hiking at Strouds Run

Through hiking I have learned to appreciate the outdoors and the beauty of nature more than I already did. Especially now that it is fall, seeing the sunrise in the beginning of our hike, all of the different colored leaves drifting away in the wind, and the sight of morning dew on the tall grass is one form of nature’s beauty that I had never fully appreciated before.

Seeing the deer, squirrels, and ground hogs, and hearing the birds’ chirp in the morning helps set my mood and positive mindset for the day. Even though the world is full of chaos and stressors right now, I always remind myself of the peacefulness and the beauty that our world has and look forward to my morning hikes with Bruin, Kate, and Duke.

Fall Outings in Athens

Griffin Braun

Griffin Braun,
Junior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 19 October 2020

Fall in Athens…is this a dream or real life? The truth—who knows but it surely is beautiful.

Fall in Athens is one of the most striking times of the year in any part of the country. The curvy country roads covered with different colored trees mixed with a sunny, sweater weather day cannot be beat.

Fall in Athens

My favorite activity draws me outside to the bike path that runs on the south side of campus, along the Hocking River. In fall, the path is covered with multicolored leaves from the trees that surround it on both sides. If the day permits, I love to ride my bike down the path and maybe get a bite to eat at Eclipse, a local barbeque joint with great brisket. The food there is tremendous and fuels me to make it back home.

Fall in Athens

If you go further down the path you go past this homestead with a great message. Sometimes I am lucky enough to see a few sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, and maybe even some front yard live music.

Other places around Athens that I enjoy seeing the fall foliage are Hocking Hills, or the hiking trails near The Ridges. For me, the fall in Athens truly displays the best of what the University and city has to offer.

Taking a Break After Midterms

Jocelyn Evert

Jocelyn Evert,
Junior, Aviation

Athens, OH 19 October 2020

Hey everyone! Wow online midterms are rough, right? It has been a long day—I just finished writing a 22-page paper for one of my midterms. However, now that it is over, I get to relax! One of my favorite things to do while I am relaxing is to watch Netflix or Hulu. Hulu is currently streaming “Bones”, which is an old favorite of mine. For those of you who don’t know, “Bones” is a T.V. series about a forensic anthropologist who fights crime with her FBI partner. I always love re-watching it!

Aside from watching TV, I also enjoy hammocking here on campus. A couple of nights ago, I went hammocking with a friend of mine. The fall colors are currently gorgeous in Athens and the temperatures in the daytime are just right to hammock. We sat and read books, and I may have taken a nap while I was reading! However, both reading and napping are great ways to relax!


The last thing I do to relax is some self-care. I take some time to listen to some of my favorite old music, give myself a manicure, or seriously stretch out my stiff muscles.

After reading this post, why don’t you do the same? Put on some music, dance around your room, stretch out your muscles, go for a walk or to hammock, go back home and take a quick nap while reading or watching TV. Then wake up and get back in the race!

Good luck on any other exams you have coming up, and don’t forget to relax a little bit in between studying and work!

Fall Hikes Around Athens

Molly Swisher

Molly Swisher,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 10 October 2020

I’ve always really enjoyed going for walks and hiking. There are a lot of places to do that in and around Athens, but in the fall when the weather cools down it is much more bearable to go for longer walks and hikes. On top of that, fall has always been my favorite season and Athens is a beautiful place to be in the fall.

A nice place for a casual walk is the bike trail that follows the river, it gives me a nice chance to enjoy Athens, OU’s campus, and the fall weather. At the Ridges there are some nice views of uptown and campus and some interesting areas to check out around the buildings, and there are also some trails to walk on.

When I go hiking I usually go to Strouds Run in Athens because it is closer, but Hocking Hills also isn’t too far of a drive for the day to do some of the trails around there. Hiking and walking are some great ways to explore the area and enjoy the colorfulness of fall. It is also something to do with friends and that can be done safely by wearing masks and social distancing.

Here’s a nice map of the trails around Strouds Run