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Recharging over Spring Break

Mia Wilson

Mia Wilson,
Junior, Electrical Engineeering

Athens, OH 13 March 2017

It’s about that time in the semester where I start to get tired and I feel like I need a vacation. Luckily, there is such a thing as spring break! During spring break, I take some much needed me time so I can get my head back on straight.

With engineering, there aren’t many days off, so I take full advantage of this week. Every year I get to go back home and catch up with my family, friends, and schoolwork. Plus, my mom and I usually go on a short vacation.

This year I spent most of my week hanging out with my family. I worked at my dad’s donut shop to earn a few extra bucks. I enjoyed the nice weather by picking up some milkshakes. I celebrated some birthdays. I also worked on some of my research and schoolwork so I could stay ahead of the game.

As much as I enjoyed seeing everyone back home, the highlight of my spring break was my trip to Washington D.C. While everyone was down at the beach, I got to walk around the capital. I have been before, but my mom had never been, so we made sure to visit all of the “must-sees”. We saw the White House, the Capitol building, the National Zoo, all of the main monuments like the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, and we visited some of the museums on the mall, like the Holocaust Museum and the Natural History Museum. We also took one of those touristy bike tours. (So worth it!)

During the couple days I went to D.C. I didn’t take my laptop or my book bag. I found out that it is so important to get a break from life for a little bit and just see what the world has to offer. That is what I did this spring break unlike the ones in the past. It really did make all the difference in how much I enjoyed the trip.

Sibs Weekend

Nathan Arnett

Nathan Arnett,
Junior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 7 February 2017

Sibs Weekend is always one of my favorite weekends here at Ohio University. It’s always good to see all the Bobcats’ siblings out and about, whether they are much younger or older–and many are actually alumni!

Sibs Weekend is especially important for me because I’ve been a part of it since I was a junior in high school. My older brother is two years my senior, and he came to Ohio University; visits to the Athens campus in high school undoubtedly played a huge role in my decision to come to OU.

Now, as a junior, Sibs Weekend is still important to me. This year, with my older brother graduated, it was up to me to entertain my 13-year-old brother for the weekend when he came to visit. However, that isn’t too difficult of a task given the amount of various activities that Ohio University typically has on Sibs Weekend. Activities range from catching a movie, watching a an Ohio University basketball game, and attending one of the various activities that the university puts on for siblings.

As for this most recent Sibs Weekend, my brothers and I caught up over some games of bowling at Rollerbowl, caught a men’s basketball game, and checked out the various campus book stores. I’m already looking forward to next year’s Sibs Weekend, even though it’ll sadly be my last–unless I can convince my little brother to be a Bobcat too!

Chili Cook-Off

Becca Sedlak

Becca Sedlak,
Junior, Aviation Flight

Athens, OH 11 November 2016

For three years now, every Dad’s Weekend my dad and I go to OU’s Women in Aviation annual Chili Cook-off. My Freshman and Sophomore year, my mom would make a pineapple chili and my dad would bring it down and we would enter it in the non-traditional category. This year I have my own apartment, so my dad and I made the pineapple chili. To be honest we just threw everything in the crockpot then looked at the recipe that we didn’t even follow.

Throughout the night the chili cooked and we went and entered it into the cook-off on Saturday. Since, we have made this chili for two years and never won I didn’t think that we actually would win this year too.

Chili Cook-Off Prize

When the results came back, the pineapple chili I made with my dad won first place for the non-traditional chili category. I couldn’t believe it–for the past two years, this chili was never close to winning and when we don’t follow the recipe it won. Now my dad and I hold something over my mom: the fact the year we made the chili and we won. I think that was the best the highlight of the weekend besides my dad coming down to visit.

Family Halloween Tradition

Mia Wilson

Mia Wilson,
Junior, Electrical Engineeering

Athens, OH 27 October 2016

Well, it seems like the month of October has zoomed past me and now it’s the weekend of Halloween! All of the leaves, costume parties, and cooler weather combine to make October one of my favorite months of the year. One thing I really like about the end of October is the thought that I have made it more than halfway through the semester already.

A tradition that I have with my family is our trip to Halloweekends at King’s Island. We usually go the weekend of Halloween and go through all of the scary haunted mazes and houses they have set up throughout the amusement park. This weekend we are going up on Saturday. And to add to all the fun, we are staying at Great Wolf Lodge, known for its indoor waterpark! So, when I am not riding roller coasters and having my butt scared off, I’m going to be slipping and sliding through the waterpark.

A perk about going up on a Saturday and staying through Sunday on the last weekend they are open, is that no one is there the Sunday! That means shorter lines and even more rides. So my plan is to go to all of the haunted houses Saturday night and ride the rides until they close on Sunday!

I am really excited to get to spend some quality time with my family this weekend and have a fun and safe Halloween at King’s Island!

Surgery in Paradise

Caroline wilson

Caroline Wilson,
Junior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 4 March 2016

“I’m so jealous!” the flight attendant said as she checked my bag for Phoenix, Arizona.

“Don’t be.” I frowned. “I’m going to get my wisdom teeth out.”

It was a spring break of opposites. On the one hand, I got to spend over a week in sunny Paradise Valley with my mom. On the other hand, less than twelve hours after I landed I headed to an oral surgeon who I had never met and had four wisdom teeth surgically extracted from my jaw.

I’ve never had any kind of surgery before, so when my dentist told me over winter break this year that I would need to have my wisdom teeth out, I prayed that he meant some time far in the future. No such luck. For the first few days of my break, my beach body diet consisted of apple sauce, mashed potatoes, and oxycodone.

Paradise Valley

All in all, it was actually a pretty great trip. I thought I’d spend my recovery studying for the GRE and writing papers. Honestly, I spent a lot more time watching Survivor reruns with my mom than I’d care to admit, but it was a much needed break from the stresses of school.

Once I had fully recovered from the nausea onset by my pain pills I was able to spend time at the poolside and explore local restaurants. My favorite place was called the Salty Sow, a gastropub which featured incredible small plates and craft beers. Recovering the use of my jaw turned out to be pretty crucial when it came to fully enjoying everything the Phoenix area had to offer.

Paradise Valley

Even though my GRE test date is still looming on the Thursday after I return to Athens, I’m glad that I used spring break to give myself an actual break. After weeks of exams, papers, and cold weather, I was truly grateful for the opportunity to relax with my mom in the sunshine.

Heading to DC for Spring Break

Mira Cooper

Mira Cooper,
Junior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 21 February 2016

I come from a family of workaholics. I’m pretty sure it’s genetic. My dad didn’t take a vacation day for seven years, my mom was retired for exactly one month before she got bored and got another job. Which makes it very exciting that this year, for what I think is the first time, we’re going on a family vacation for spring break.

Growing up, our idea of a vacation was taking a weekend to visit family in a little rafting town in the mountains of West Virginia. Notice, I said weekend. We were rarely gone for more than three days–my dad was convinced that the entire town of Athens would descend into chaos without him there to hold it together. So we didn’t really travel much. Needless to say, I’m really excited for spring break!

We’re going to go to Huntington, West Virginia (where my sister did her undergrad) on Thursday night to see my dad’s cousin, then Friday morning, we’re going to take the train down to Washington D.C.

First of all, I haven’t been to D.C. since my eighth grade class went, and we had to wear those hideous school shirts so that teachers could tell who was with whom. This is extremely embarrassing for a small town fashionista like me. So, I will be taking every single opportunity on this trip to dress up because HELLO IT’S A BIG CITY AND I DON’T GET TO GO TO THOSE VERY OFTEN.

I guess I should be super sappy and mention that my mom grew up in D.C. and I’ve always wanted to see the setting of all of my favorite stories of her childhood. The story about wearing five-inch platform heels in the park and stepping on a rock, causing her to fall flat on her face in front of all the lunching legislators. The story about her brother skipping school every day for an entire semester to break into their neighbor’s house and play dodgeball with their china plates. (They don’t sound so implausible when you remember that this was the seventies.)

ALSO DID I MENTION THAT WE’RE GOING BY TRAIN?!?! Because I love trains. So much. (I guess that’s the civil engineering side of me.) When I studied abroad in Scotland, I took the train whenever I could. There’s something so beautiful about being able to sit and read a book while travelling 135 mph across gorgeous countryside. Not to mention the sheer aesthetic of the whole situation. I might have to dress like a pre-WWII British schoolboy just to get the full effect of it all.

There’s really no good way to conclude this post, because I would say “There will be pictures!” but I have to submit this by midnight and we haven’t gone on the trip yet…so just imagine in your head a purple-haired girl with pink glasses dressed in Oxford style stepping onto a train with a handheld suitcase, waving goodbye to the Midwest.

Sibs Weekend 2016

Nicole Sova

Nicole Sova,
Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 11 February 2016

Every year OU holds family weekends: Parents, Moms, Dads, and&emdash;most recently&emdash;Sibs Weekend. As an out-of-state student, these weekends bring one of two things. They are either an exciting family reunion packed with as many of my favorite Athens activities as I can fit into one short weekend, or they are a chance to get to know my friends’ families while trying to push aside thoughts of missing my own family.

Sibs weekend this year was a combination of the two. My sister, Alexis, is now a freshman at OU, so even though my other sisters were not able to come down I was still able to enjoy the weekend with family.

Sibs Weekend

With all of the scheduled Sibs Weekend activities, we started out the weekend by lounging around in my apartment trying to figure out which events we wanted to attend. We decided to check out a lot of the events (like the Sibs carnival and Sibs bash), but didn’t spend much time at any Sibs weekend event. Instead, we spent the weekend together doing normal things and taking tons of pictures, treating the time together like a novelty.

Sibs Weekend

We spent Saturday afternoon goofing off at Ping Recreation Center. Because there was a Sibs weekend Zumbathon, the normally scheduled Zumba class was canceled and we were able to take over the group fitness room. We held our own Zumba session and then tried to see who could handstand the longest (Alexis won).

Sibs Weekend

After Ping, we ran some errands and stopped for a coffee at Tim Horton’s. Tim Horton’s coffee dates used to be our favorite at home, so it just seemed appropriate to spend a bit of Sibs Weekend chatting over coffee.

To end the perfect Sibs Weekend Saturday we decided to go see the Bobcats Senior night hockey game. Watching the fans run around the arena after every goal I began to get nostalgic: knowing that that was the last game I’d see as an undergrad and that many of the players I had watched since freshman year were now graduating.

Then Lex made me pose for a snapchat and I remembered what a great day we had just had.

Sibs Weekend

However, the day was far from over. After Ohio beat Illinois (by a landslide) we stayed to take our turn on the ice for an open skate.

Sibs Weekend

We skated for hours, despite not being especially good at it, because Adam, my friend (and fellow engineering ambassador) promised to give Alexis a ride on the Zamboni as he cleaned up the ice at the end of the night.

Sibs Weekend

Sibs Weekend

As Adam and Alexis drove around the ice, I slipped back into slight nostalgia. I have loved all of my experiences at OU. I’ve been incredibly lucky to be able to share these experiences and friends with my sister not only on special weekends, but all the time.