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Enjoying a Day Off

Mira Cooper

Mira Cooper,
Junior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 13 November 2015

It’s a rare occasion that students have a day off in the middle of the week. It’s even more rare that a day off will be adjacent to the day of a big exam. But I was lucky this semester, Veteran’s Day happened to fall on the Wednesday before my second Structural Theory exam. As a result, I woke up even earlier than I usually do for classes (no sleeping in for me!) and went to Donkey Coffee to spend the day studying.

As usual, my plans didn’t exactly…go to plan.

From 8:30 to 12, I was on fire, flying through problem after problem. Beams, trusses, and influence line diagrams flying past my head as I delved deeper and deeper into my studies.

Then, a fateful text message. “What are you doing right now? –Mom”.

I actually grew up in Athens, so whenever I receive a message like this, 99% of the time it means that I’m going to be dragged into doing something that destroys my productive flow. This time, it was lunch with my mom and sister on our days off. Free food? How could I refuse!

Long story short…A one-hour lunch turned in to a four-hour excursion, including going on a trip to Kroger, going to Petland to play with puppies, and five laps around the endless aisles of the Athens Staples. Come about 8 pm, and I hadn’t been studying for a while, but was too exhausted to continue.

Surprisingly enough, I’m not too worried about how the exam went. I guess those four hours at the beginning of the day helped a lot more than I imagined!

Family Ties

Erin Tracy

Erin Tracy,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 16 November 2014

It’s my favorite time of year again: time for the holidays and family gatherings. Every year after the first week of November, my mom’s siblings and their families get together at my Aunt Kim’s house in Parkersburg, WV for Thanksgiving. Since my Papa, my mom’s dad, passed away thirteen years ago in early November, we have made it a priority each year to get together and re-strengthen the family ties. I have been looking forward to this weekend since the end of summer, especially because this year was at our house in central Ohio.


I was able to spend time with some of my favorite people during this reunion, and it was a much needed break from the chaos of senior year. I talked to my aunts Becki and Sherii about my future plans of mission work in South Asia and coddled my four month old cousin for as long as her mom could stand to give her up. We also celebrated my older brother Josh’s recent engagement!


Family is super important to me, and this time of Thanksgiving giving way into Christmas and New Year’s is all about family. I can’t wait to be home for Thanksgiving break and hopefully have my brothers who live in southern Ohio and North Dakota home as well. Then the day after Thanksgiving, it will finally be socially acceptable to put up Christmas decorations and listen to Christmas music non-stop. The time is so near, friends!

Traveling to China

Jessica Borer

Jessica Borer,
Senior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 27 January 2013 – One thing every student loves about Ohio University is its unusually long winter break. On semesters, we have a month off for winter break, these four weeks gave me the opportunity to visit my dad. For the past seven years or so my dad has been working in China and living there for the past year and a half. We’ve always been a close family so it can be difficult to not be able to call him up whenever I want to. After Christmas this year my mom, sister, and I went to visit him in Shanghai.


Shanghai is pretty different than the US, especially compared to Athens. For starters, there is a 13 hour time difference which takes a couple days to adjust to. The trip was a ton of fun though; we went to the top of the third tallest building in the world and visited an aquarium with the longest underwater tunnel in the world.


It was also just great to spend time as a family for more than a couple days at a time. I was never able to visit my dad during the summer because I always worked so this four week break was the only time I was be able to see how my dad lives half way around the world.

Final Thoughts on College

Annye Driscoll

Annye Driscoll,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 4 June 2012 – Well, it feels like my “big girl life” is starting to be actually real. I have one more project, three more exams, and one more blog post to write, and then I will have graduated with my computer science degree. It’s taken what feels like an incredibly long time (even though it’s only been three years since I started it!), and holy cow it’s taken a lot of work, but I am proud to be almost done and I know my parents and family are, too. My cats are currently at their summer home (they’re living in my aunt’s garage until Zeke and I find a house), my house is about halfway packed up, my school binder is cleaned out, and my room at my dad’s house is clean and set up to keep the two of us (plus the puppy!) for a couple months.

The changes aren’t just in my degree and living situation. Last night my boyfriend of three-ish years, whom I met in French class here at OU and who will be finishing his masters degree in sociology this summer, proposed to me on the steps of the ARC (one of the engineering buildings). It’s funny that he chose there to do it (although I don’t think he really chose it at all–he said he was just tired of waiting!); all the hours and hours of class, homework, and coding that I’ve done in that building will be supporting our new little family (us and the pets!) as we move to Dayton, buy a house, plan a wedding, and start being adults. Scary!

I don’t really have any big lessons I’ve learned that I can give people entering college, except to just live your lives like you always have, and try not to get into too much trouble. Be nice, work hard, and have fun. College is the perfect place to make new friends and learn how to live in the real world, but it’s also really easy to get behind in schoolwork or to get into trouble for doing something stupid – so try not to do it! Other than that…college is awesome, the Russ College is awesome, and Athens is amazing. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time, just like I did!

Springtime in Athens

Leesha Blake

Leesha Blake, Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 9 April 2012 – Athens has been so beautiful these last few weeks. It is so sunny and flowers are everywhere. Last weekend I went outside and cleaned up my back patio and my balcony. I also planted a bunch of flowers and put them on my balcony. When I was done, it was really nice to sit outside in the sun and read with my boyfriend.
I really hope the weather stays nice, because I have a lot planned for my weekends this quarter. At the end of this month, there is a triathlon in Athens in which my dad and brother are both going to participate. Then the weekend after that is Moms’ weekend. My mom and I have a lot of fun stuff planned, like shopping at Easton and getting ready for graduation. My grandma is planning to visit one of these weekends too.

I’m also going to do some fun stuff with my friends. I am really hoping to get my senior ChemE class together for a cookout at Stroud’s Run as a kind of send-off before we graduate. A lot of students like to go there when the weather is nice. You can bring a grill and have a picnic, you can go swimming, and you can play volleyball with the nets they have set up along the beach.

Springtime in Athens is great, and I am really looking forward to enjoying it.

Sibs Weekend 2012

Evan Teske

Evan Teske, Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 21 February 2012 – This past weekend was Sib’s weekend here at OU. Normally I’d expect weekends like this to be a bit chaotic, with siblings of every age uniting after time apart—-if only to just show off the new pad-—but it usually ends up leading to good old times. This year was a pleasant break from the usual crowded apartments and houses I’ve lived in off campus, when occupancy suddenly doubles or triples and everyone shows their true selves with a brother or sister around. My house this year is spacious, and having only one roommate as opposed to four makes having company pretty manageable. We were even able to cook dinner Friday before going out.

It ended up being beautiful on Saturday, and I got to show them the Ridges and a little driving tour of campus in the car I bought last year for my internship. I got to show them my old houses and dorms, and some of my other favorites around Athens (Miller’s Chicken, OU Golf Course, Haffa’s, The Donkey). It was fun for me too; I don’t often have a reason to venture down to South Green or across the river. I felt like I was reminded of some of the things that drew me here in the first place.