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Quality Time with Family

Halle Harris

Halle Harris,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 31 August 2020

If your last six months looked anything like mine, they consisted of spending time outside, watching Netflix, and meeting on Zoom calls. While my last six months did not look the way I expected, they were a unique experience that I have valued.

In the spring, I was able to celebrate my younger sister’s high school graduation. While it may have looked a little different this year, as the ceremony was virtual, I was so excited for her to complete this milestone.


The months that followed also looked a little different than expected. I stayed at home with my family, which consisted of spending time outside, watching shows and movies together, and phone calls to stay in touch with others. This fall, I am completing the remainder of the semester remotely, which is something that I have never experienced. It has been a different experience physically distancing from others outside my immediate family.

I am currently a senior studying mechanical engineering. At this point in my college career, my future has been on my mind. While I am thinking about the future, I am also considering the present. With my own graduation quickly approaching, I realize that I may never get this time back again. I am unsure where my future will lead me, but I may not be able to see my family as much as I have in recent months.

While my parents worked from home during part of the last six months, they would have typically been at work. My sister and I would have been at work this summer as well. While the recent months were not what I expected, my family and I were able to spend a great deal of time together. This time is something that I will always cherish because it is something that cannot be replaced.


During these unprecedented times, I have learned to cherish what you have and that each day brings a new opportunity to grow. Stay safe, stay healthy, and go bobcats!

My Last Sibs Weekend at OU

Maggie Allen

Maggie Allen,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 10 February 2020

Ever since I was a sophomore in high school, I’ve spent Sibs Weekend at OU with my sister, Abby. Abby is three years older than me and graduated from OU with her undergrad in Chemical Engineering and her Master’s in Biomedical Engineering. Even after Abby graduated and moved to Pittsburgh, she still comes to Athens every Sibs Weekend!

This past weekend was Sibs Weekend at OU, and I had so much fun spending time with my sister! On Friday, we went to Bagel Street and 80’s night at Casa with some of my friends. We aren’t huge fans of 80’s music, but one of our favorite artists is Queen (they did play one Queen song)!

On Saturday, we went to the Athens Farmers Market (which my sister loves going to) and an OU Basketball game with my best friends, and fellow engineers and ambassadors, Brittany and Kay. On Sunday, we walked around The Ridges (one of my sister’s favorite OU spots) and got lunch with my parents who came down from Columbus.

Sibs Weekend Basketball

As I am already one-third of the way done with my last semester of college, it’s a bummer that this is the last Sibs Weekend I get to spend with my sister. Even though this was our last Sibs Weekend, I’ll cherish these memories forever and look forward to visiting OU together for Homecoming!

Winter Break with Family

Reagan Richardson

Reagan Richardson,
Junior, Energy Engineering

Athens, OH 19 January 2020

Going home for the holidays was a much needed break from the stress of classes and specifically finals. I hadn’t realized how much pressure I was putting on myself and the change of pace was welcomed.

While at home, if I wasn’t preparing for Christmas, I was spending down time with our family dog “Cinnamon” and she loved all the attention. We named her based on the color of her fur. Cinnamon herself was a present, so every Christmas is a marker for another year of her being a part of our family. (This picture is from Christmas morning.)

Christmas 2020

After the holidays were over it was time to start preparing for next semester. I returned back to campus and my family came down to visit the weekend before classes resumed to celebrate my mom’s birthday. We celebrated by getting dinner and going to an OU Hockey game (Which we won, Go Bobcats!)

OU Hockey

After my mom and sisters left to go home, it hit me that classes started in a couple days and I began to panic. I didn’t want to be back in the constantly stressed out state that I was in before. It was then that I promised myself that I was going to take more time for me. To specifically set aside time everyday to do things I enjoy and to relax and not feel guilty about the time I was “losing”.

It’s currently the start of week 2 and so far I’ve kept my promise and I hope that by putting it in writing here I will continue to keep my promise!

Dads Weekend 2019

Brittany Hesson

Brittany Hesson,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 10 November 2019

Dads weekend is one of my favorite weekends to spend in Athens. Every year my dad comes to visit, and we have such a good time together. Since the day my sister was born, it is rare that I get to spend time with just my dad so I always look forward to Dads Weekend. We use it as a time to get together and have a good time. Usually we go out to eat, watch some sports, and do something to get outside.

Dads Weekend

This year for Dads Weekend, my dad came in on Saturday and stayed until Sunday. Luckily for us, it fell on opening weekend for Ohio Basketball. My dad and I love to watch sports, so we went to watch the opening Men’s and Women’s basketball games. Both Ohio teams walked away with a win to start their season!

Dads Weekend

After the game we went to get dinner and then went back to my apartment. We had some of my friends come over with their dads and we all played cards while watching football. It was fun to introduce my dad to my friends as well as their dads.

On Sunday, we went golfing at the Ohio University Golf Course that is located on campus. It is a beautiful 9-hole courses that is always in great shape. My dad and I enjoy playing golf, and we have been playing together for years.

Dads Weekend

We made plans with another engineering ambassador and his dad to meet up and play golf on Sunday. He was excited that my friend and his dad got to join us and add in a little more competition. 9-holes later we crowned a winner who was…not me.

The course proved to be challenging because there were lots of leaves covering parts of the course. If the ball landed near the leaves it was impossible to find.

After we all played a round of golf, my dad took me out to dinner and then he went home. It is crazy to think that this was my last undergraduate Dads Weekend, but it was by far my favorite.

Celebrating Dad’s Weekend 2019

JKay Dunlevy

Kay Dunlevy,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 7 November 2019

I love Dad’s Weekend – it’s one of the few chances I get to spend time alone with my dad, who is truly one of my favorite people in the world. For some reason though, we have always spent Dad’s Weekend outside of Athens. This year, we wanted to change it up and stick around OU, especially since this is probably the last time he’ll be here before I graduate.

We packed a lot into this weekend, but a few activities really stuck out to me. For instance, we went to the women’s basketball game on Saturday. This seems like a pretty basic Dad’s Weekend activity, but it was actually really special for my dad and I.

When I was in high school, we had a tradition of watching girls basketball games together. Now, one of those girls plays for Walsh, who OU always plays during Dad’s Weekend. We’ve talked about going to watch her play since I was a freshman, and this was the year we finally got to go. It was so fun to watch someone we knew on the court and catch up with her parents in the stands, but mostly I just enjoyed getting to revive our tradition.

Larry’s Dawg House was another weekend staple. This is our favorite place to eat in Athens, mostly because their chocolate marshmallow milkshakes are spectacular. And, since my mom wasn’t there to remind us how unhealthy it was, we ate at Larry’s multiple times!

Sunday, my dad and I explored Hocking Hills. We both love the outdoors, so we had a ton of fun hiking the trails and seeing the beautiful views! Hocking Hills is definitely one of my favorite places to visit around OU, so experiencing it with my dad made it even better.

OU Dad's Weekend 2019

Spending quality time with my dad is always fun, but getting to enjoy some OU classics with him made it even better. Hopefully he can come back down to explore more of OU before I graduate!