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Making Cookies

Veronica Ammer

Veronica Ammer,
Senior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 14 December 2018

Finals week can be a stressful time. Luckily, the world of college comes complete with spectacular roommates who love to bake. The night before my last final exam of the semester, my roommate made some sugar cookies to decorate. It is a family tradition for her and one that all four of us roommates were happy to keep.

We had snowmen, stars, angels, and snowflake shapes to be adorned with red, green, and white icing and silvery sprinkles. Soon enough, our countertop was converted with an assortment of dainty white and silver snowflakes and stars in holiday colors with extra sprinkles.


There were so many cookies, so we had to get creative as we started to run out of ideas. One snowman become an abstract guitar and a few snowflakes were converted into spider webs.


I used the cookies as motivation for my studying. For every forty-five minutes of studying, I spent ten minutes decorating one or two cookies. This system made the otherwise monotonous study session almost fun and the intervals helped to keep me focused. Furthermore, the sugar from the cookies gave me the energy I needed to push through the practice problems and stay awake when I would have been nodding off otherwise.


Getting to celebrate Christmas traditions with my roommates before separating for winter break was a blast and a great way to detress during finals week. After all, the best study breaks also include a sugary treat.

Preparing for Finals

Natasha Norris

Natasha Norris,
Senior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 4 December 2015

The finals are coming! The finals are coming! This is a statement that stresses out any student. I have already noticed an increase in the number of students holding late night study sessions in the ARC.

So, how do you prepare for finals week? There is no exact answer–it depends on the student. But from my own personal experience, DO NOT CRAM! Many students wait until the day before to review for a final but this is extremely inefficient because your brain is incapable of retaining a whole semester’s worth of information in one day. It’s impossible! Do not try!

Instead, plan ahead two weeks before finals. Know what days your finals are and prioritize studying time for each class. At least start reviewing 4-5 days before your test for best retention and complete at many practice problems as possible.

If you have projects due finals week, try to complete them the week before or else they will just add to your finals week stress!

Sleep! Sleep! Sleep! It’s vital to a successful test! Do not go into a test without sleep as it will often lead to doing worse than if you hadn’t stayed up all night studying.

If all else fails and you are stuck with 24 hours to prepare for a test, know your weaknesses and focus on these areas. Obtain as much coffee as possible!

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Summer Aviation Plans

Gavin Whitehead

Gavin Whitehead,
Junior, Aviation

Athens, OH 2 May 2015

Summer is here! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I got all of my hard classes out of the way and next year is going to be a breeze.

Overall this semester wasn’t too difficult. I only had three finals and I have to admit they were challenging, but manageable. All I can think about now, though, is no finals, no midterms, no homework, and no more classes for 4 months. What am I going to do with all of this free time! Travel to every continent, see the world. Endless possibilities.

Actually, this summer I will be staying here in Athens flight instructing. I have to build those flight hours somehow! I am pretty excited, though, because I have 10 students. That’s like a full workload and I am going to enjoy every moment of it. I’m going to be out at the airport Monday through Saturday 8:30 am to 6:30 pm. It’s a lot of work, but this is what I signed up for and I’m really looking forward to it.

Another thing I’m really looking forward to this summer is I signed up to volunteer for OBAP’s (Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals) ACE Academy. The ACE Academy is a way for students from 14-18 to get a taste of aviation. During the time there, they learn leadership skills, the history of aviation, and even have a chance to fly an airplane for the first time. I love being part of people’s first experiences with airplanes. I love seeing how excited they get and it reminds me of my first time in a plane.

Preparing for Finals Week

Rachel Fryan

Rachel Fryan,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 8 December 2013 – I can’t believe it’s finally here but another semester has flown by. Although it’s good news that the semester is done, and we will be on break soon, finals week is standing in our way. I have three in-class finals and two projects, so my schedule shouldn’t be too bad. However, I would rather do five projects and zero in-class exams, but that’s just my preference.

My favorite study spot during finals week is the ARC. The only problem is it is everyone else’s favorite as well. The key to getting a study room is getting there early, which few people are there to do.

One of my finals is for my CS capstone class and we actually built an app. How it worked was everyone received a real life client and they then built an application that would help them. My group built an app to teach kids to learn and practice fractions. We built it using Lua code, which is a cross-platform language, which means you can build it in both iOS and Android. Even though it took many late nights and all semester, I’m pretty happy with our outcome!

Finals Week

Paul Barina

Paul Barina,
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 13 December 2012 – Being a student at Ohio University during finals week, or probably a student at any university means long nights, energy drinks, and a lot of stress. Being a student at Ohio University within the Russ College of Engineering and Technology can mean a few different things though.

A special bond exists among engineering students during the stressful days of finals, as I’m sure exists amongst other majors throughout Ohio University. This bond shows dedication and excitement for the future. This bond says “Yeah, we survived Calculus-based Physics”, without even talking about it. We secretly know it’s okay to nerd out and get excited about the quickest or best way to construct, a bridge, machine, or warehouse system.

Finals week although stressful, does not mean professors and other college mentors forget about us, just because classes are over. This is a time of continued guidance and instruction. Office doors remain open, as professors stay vigilant and ready to help.

Stocker Center and The Academic Research Center, home of Engineering and other straggling students, can be a beehive of activity. Study Rooms filled to the max, makeshift study cocoons spread throughout the entire building, with students trying to capture concepts and theories for the following day’s exam. This is the place to be during the dreaded week of finals.

Finally the students, who have been by your side all semester, or in some cases for the last 3 years, are available for support. Learning with other students can sometimes be a secret weapon. Explaining concepts and ideas amongst peers can help make the difference.

Ohio University Engineering Students hold a certain pride and set of standards known throughout the University. Integrity, honor and respect at the forefront help guide our creations into the future. We know regardless of that one stressful final, we are going to make a difference in the world.