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Efficiency in Commencement

Casey Davis

Casey Davis,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 3 May 2015

As another year ends at Ohio University, there are many smiles along with long faces from departing seniors. One of the greatest moments of a young aspiring college student is walking across the podium hearing your name called as your family screams in your honor. Four (or five) years of hard work can be celebrated with you and thousands of other happy graduates.

Friends at Commencement

One of the greatest things about the graduation weekend was how well-organized the commencement ceremony was conducted. As an industrial engineer, efficiency is ingrained into your head after four years of classes preaching efficient processes and reduction of many kinds of waste. Many of us can attest that sitting through a 4-hour commencement is not the greatest reward for a graduate or their celebrating family. Many collegiate graduations have two portions, which can indeed cause extreme drowsiness.

Ohio University had the PhD and Master’s graduations on the first day of graduation weekend (Friday). There were two additional splits amongst the colleges for the undergraduate degrees on Saturday. Then, once the degrees were given to the graduates and their name was called, they were free to go as well as their families. This received much praise from my supporting cast as it reduced the traffic in the Convocation Center and allowed for easier exit. This reduces risk, increases happiness, and provides an efficient conferral of degrees. As this was the 200th commencement for Ohio University, I think they have achieved efficiency through experience.

OU Commencement 2015

End of Senior Year

Courtney Sterrick

Courtney Sterrick,
Senior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 27 April 2015

I cannot believe that after five years at Ohio University, I graduate on Saturday! Last week was my last week of classes ever, and on Friday, I will have my last final. Each picnic, dinner, and activity is very bittersweet. With that being said, I am very excited to begin the next chapter of my life.

On May 26th, I will begin working at DuPont in the Teflon® area as a process engineer and will be located at the Washington Works plant site in Parkersburg, WV. This is the same plant and area I co-oped in for a total of 16 months from 2012 to 2014. I am excited to begin tackling projects and making process improvements within the area. To add to the excitement, on July 1st, the Chemicals and Fluoroproducts business of DuPont (which includes Teflon®) will be spun-off and form the new company, Chemours. This is an exciting time for the business, and I’m looking forward to being part of it.

Even though I grew up in Parkersburg, I will also have new living arrangements. Today, I signed my lease for my new apartment! Unlike my past two apartments while at school, this will be the first time where I will living without roommates. Having no roommates will definitely be a shift from sharing an apartment with two roommates for the past three years.

There’s a lot about Athens that I will miss—-my friends, professors, the bike path, attending hockey games, and Casa Nueva (my favorite restaurant!). However, all in all, I look forward to the challenges and experiences that are ahead. I’m so grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had the last five years and look forward to representing Ohio University as an alumna.

Graduation and Post-Grad

Erin Tracy

Erin Tracy,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 12 April 2015

My first blog post as an engineering ambassador was written exactly seven months ago during the first week of my senior year, September 12, 2015. I was in the midst of “last firsts” and talked about my disbelief about being a senior and desire to make the most of my last year at OU. Now, as I write my final post, I’m in the late stages of wrapping up projects and presentations, attending end-of-the-year banquets, and preparing for graduation. It really does seem crazy how fast the last seven months have flown by.

After graduation, I will be spending ten months to two years in South Asia as a missionary and also working for a non-profit organization. I’m so excited to be a part of something bigger than myself and to keep the same mindset that has been drilled into my head by the Russ College to “create for good.” I plan to come back from my time overseas with a new outlook on people, which I think will also serve me well in a career in engineering. Attending graduate school, going straight into the workforce, or staying in full-time ministry is a decision I will have to make as my next step…but I won’t think too hard about that quite yet!

To end with some advice to incoming freshmen or underclassmen, get involved early and take advantage of every opportunity at OU. Join organizations to build both personal and professional skills, make lasting connections with people, and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. College is the time to try new things, fail, and ultimately grow.

Graduation Around the Corner

Rachel Fryan

Rachel Fryan,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 17 February 2015

With graduation right around the corner, the reality of the real world is starting to set in. I am finishing my victory lap with a double major in computer science and visual communications, and I am excited to get into the industry and use this dual skill set.

The technology world is in a high demand and I am finding the Bobcat alumni are equally willing to help fill these spots. Most of my contacts can be attributed to a very successful, distinguished California alumnus, Mr. David Pidwell. Mr. Pidwell graduated from the Russ College with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering, and has since become a CEO, earned his doctorate, become a successful investor, and has been a lecturer at Stanford University focusing on entrepreneurship. He is very determined on giving back, and well connected in the Silicon Valley area which is the hub of all technology.

It never ceases to amaze me how much Bobcat alumni are willing to help, in both my VisCom school, but especially within the Russ College. If you’re willing to put in the work, there will always be someone there to help you or connect you where you’re trying to get to. Once a bobcat, always a bobcat!

Saying Goodbye and New Beginnings

Talli Topp

Talli Topp,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 27 April 2014 – Graduation is upon my classmates and I, and as the day gets closer it is starting to settle in that we are all moving on. In this last year I have formed really close friendships with a number of people in my class. I have always been close to a small group of my classmates, but senior design has brought me closer with even more people! I have loved getting to know my classmates and we have had a great year doing so.

It is really interesting to see all of the different paths that everyone is taking. Some of my friends are going to grad school for engineering; others for their masters in business, and a lot have accepted job offers. Not only are the paths that everyone is on different, but people are moving all over the country as well. There are a lot of people staying in Ohio, but some are moving as far as Colorado and Arizona!

I am very sad to say goodbye to all of my new, and old, friends. It will be weird to go from seeing a group of people everyday for four years to saying goodbye to some of them forever. Luckily for me, I will be attending graduate school next year at OU, and so are a number of my classmates! I also hope to stay close with as many of the people moving away as possible, because I can see a number of them being my lifelong friends.

Senior Year Coming to a Close

Marissa Singley

Marissa Singley,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 24 March 2014 – As my senior year comes to a close, with only 5 weeks left in the semester, I realize that choosing Ohio University was the best decision I have ever made. I admit, it was one of the hardest, but it was definitely the right one. Leaving home is never as easy as we all pretend it will be, but this school has granted me with so many opportunities to shine and grow into the person I wanted to be; the person I have become. It is where I call home, and now we all are leaving home again.

Not only is it one of the most beautiful places (Just look at that engineering building!), but there is no doubt in my mind that I have met some of the most fantastic people here in Athens.

Stocker Center

This includes my roommates, my neighbors, my mechanical engineering friends, coworkers, and even my professors. I have been able to make lifelong friendships and connections here that have truly been astonishing.

As I look back on the memories I have made from freshman year until now, I really can’t believe that I am graduating. There is so much to be thankful for as I look forward to a new adventure in my life. Without the support of my OU family, I would not have been able to accomplish all that I have. I am grateful to all those who have come into my life in the past 4 years.

Crazy to think how such a small town can have such a large impact on an individual’s life. Believe me when I tell you, coming to OU was the best decision I have ever made and I have all the success stories in the world to prove it.

Preparing for P&G After Graduation

Nichole Lowe

Nichole Lowe,
Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 25 February 2014 – Ohio University, specifically Russ College, has allowed me to reach my goals. When I graduate, I will be working for Procter & Gamble Research and Development for their Beauty department. Since my freshman year, I have always known that P&G was my dream company. The education here at OU prepared me to be successful in two internships for P&G which led to my full-time job offer.

There is also a lot of assistance here beyond the academics. I had my resumé looked at by the Russ College co-op office and even did a mock interview to prepare myself. Another important resource on OU’s campus that I used sophomore year for my job interview was the quiet rooms provided at Baker for phone and Skype interviews. This was very useful because I did not have to worry about anyone interrupting my interview or having a lot of background noise.

Now that I have already accepted my full time job offer, I am currently in the process of preparing my new apartment. This has truly been an exciting time for me. Despite living in apartments here at OU for two years, getting an apartment for my job feels more official. This process has made me realize that I am truly entering into the real world. Furniture and apartment shopping has been the highlight of the post-graduation plans.

It’s exciting to already know what I will be doing when I graduate and to reflect on the four great years I’ve had as an Ohio university student. I look forward to graduation day and receiving my diploma so I can officially call myself an Ohio University Alum.