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Preparing for Fall in Athens

Charlotte Kapral

Charlotte Kapral,
Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 20 September 2019

Since it’s starting to get colder, I’m excited to get into the Fall mindset with all the events around Athens.

Most Saturdays there are football games; sometimes they even have evening weekday games (those are the best). The Marching 110 makes every game exciting, no matter how the football goes.


Their half-time show is always my favorite part of the game. It’s especially exciting when the alumni come back for Homecoming to play and dance along with the current members.

Then, there’s the preparation for Halloween. Every year a few of us chemical engineers buy pumpkins and carve them as an AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) event. Seeing what other people decide to carve is the most entertaining part.


Around this time of year, I start to decide what my Halloween costume is. Ever since I moved to Athens, Halloween has become very important to me. Last year, a friend and I went as Tigger and Winnie the Pooh. The year before that, my group of friends dressed up as characters from Scooby-Doo.

Scooby Doo Halloween

I still have to decide on what to be this year! As a senior, I feel like it’s my last chance to experience all the amazing and beautiful parts of Athens. I know that I’ll miss it when I’m gone!

HallOUween 2016

Jacob Motts

Jacob Motts,
Senior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 31 October 2016

Every year when October rolls around there is always talk of the parties, music, and craziness of the block party held in Athens for Halloween. What is talked about much less are the amazing costumes and fantastic interactions between the participants that grace the bricks of Court Street on HallOUween.

After HallOUween 2015, I decided I was going to be the god of mischief himself, Loki. Over the course of a year I worked on my costume whenever I had available time. Being an engineering student, that time was few and far between, but was able to wrap things up the weekend before the block party.

Halloween 2016

My girlfriend, who was just as excited as I was to show off her costume, was accompanying me as Captain America. At that point, my only hope was that there would be a good reception of us on Court Street.

To my great pleasure, there was, and it surpassed my expectations. Almost immediately we ran into a Thor costume and had to take a picture. This continued as all sorts of Marvel characters wanted to snap a picture with us. At one point, we were even stopped by a reporter from The Athens News for a picture of us to be added to the online gallery from the event.

At the end of the night, I could not help but reflect on the amazing interactions and costumes I had experienced. I’ve always loved costumes, and HallOUween delivered yet again. Now all that is left is to figure out what costume to make next.

Family Halloween Tradition

Mia Wilson

Mia Wilson,
Junior, Electrical Engineeering

Athens, OH 27 October 2016

Well, it seems like the month of October has zoomed past me and now it’s the weekend of Halloween! All of the leaves, costume parties, and cooler weather combine to make October one of my favorite months of the year. One thing I really like about the end of October is the thought that I have made it more than halfway through the semester already.

A tradition that I have with my family is our trip to Halloweekends at King’s Island. We usually go the weekend of Halloween and go through all of the scary haunted mazes and houses they have set up throughout the amusement park. This weekend we are going up on Saturday. And to add to all the fun, we are staying at Great Wolf Lodge, known for its indoor waterpark! So, when I am not riding roller coasters and having my butt scared off, I’m going to be slipping and sliding through the waterpark.

A perk about going up on a Saturday and staying through Sunday on the last weekend they are open, is that no one is there the Sunday! That means shorter lines and even more rides. So my plan is to go to all of the haunted houses Saturday night and ride the rides until they close on Sunday!

I am really excited to get to spend some quality time with my family this weekend and have a fun and safe Halloween at King’s Island!

Fall and Halloween

Gavin Whitehead

Gavin Whitehead,
Senior, Aviation

Athens, OH 7 November 2015

Just past that halfway point of the semester, it’s starting to get a little cooler and I’m going to be wearing a jacket not too long from now. The temperature got up to 78 degrees last week which I feel never happens after Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, this past one was awesome. It stayed around 50 degrees throughout the night and it felt great. My last 2 Halloweens were in the low 40’s so I was pumped about the temperature this year.

My tip is always plan your costume for the weather. Let’s just say I was very prepared this year for low temps. I turned out being a banana along with my 3 roommates and people got a kick out of it. I saw some very creative costumes–seeing some people’s creativity makes me feel like I should have been more creative than just getting a banana costume. My favorite one I saw was Shia LaBeouf and he yelled at me saying, “Just Do It!”

My “Transition to Industry” class is still the most exciting class this semester. Yesterday, we went to Port Columbus International Airport to visit Lane Aviation and L-Brands. They were pretty awesome and both companies told us some cool inside things about how the company is run and how to get into similar businesses. We even had a chance to go in some of the private jets such as the Global 6000 which cost $60 million. The cabins of those planes are amazing and it was very cool to get that opportunity.

Another cool thing was the people that worked there. They told the story of how they got there and mentioned how they wish they had opportunities in college like we have here at OU to visit different corporate flight departments. Sometimes in the business world it comes down to who you know and we have a lot of alumni that are out there in the industry.

Project for Business in Aviation

Drago Cvijetinovic

Drago Cvijetinovic,
Senior, Aviation

Athens, OH 5 November 2015

With only about four weeks left in the semester, everyone on campus seems to be in the heart of all their classes–including myself, of course, particularly in my Business in Aviation class! For several weeks we have been analyzing the impact that aviation has on our economy and the driving business behind it. The class has been divided into small groups to expand on a more specific and personal basis in the realm of aviation.

Specifically, in my group’s project, we’ve been given the scenario of opening up a charter operation out of our airport here at Ohio University. For those of you new to aviation, a charter operation would be an on-demand service, which allow passengers to schedule their own personal flights. This is unlike a typical domestic airline, which has regular routes set to a particular schedule (that’s why you can book a flight well in advance).

The project is open ended and involves considering the countless possibilities and directions that a new business venture might take. This may seem a bit overwhelming, but the beauty of it all lies in the endless possibilities of creativity and a little bit of imagination.

Of course every project will have its obstacles–here are some that our team decided to tackle:

  • determining the need
  • selecting our destinations
  • selecting our aircraft (new or used)
  • deciding where we plan on storing our assets
  • determining the types of maintenance we’re able to perform or have to outsource.

Once we’ve collected all the pertinent information, then we will need to break down every cost associated with our operation. The project has become more analytical than I anticipated at the beginning, which is a good thing, because the whole objective of the class is to expose us to the real world scenarios that charter and airlines both face today.

Enough about the “technical stuff”, let’s talk about something more fun: HallOUween! So despite the great abyss of homework, there is always time for a little bit of fun and relaxation and Halloween weekend couldn’t be a better time. This year, the weather was beautiful – well above average for a late October’s day in Ohio – and quite inviting for the annual block party at O.U!

OU Campus

I dusted off the old dinosaur costume and headed out into the night with my fellow friends and classmates to celebrate our last Halloween together as Ohio University college undergraduates.

Cat and Dinosaur

Academically and socially, Ohio University has shaped me into a better student and pilot.

My Athens Bucket List

Nicole Sova

Nicole Sova,
Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular


Athens, OH 2 November 2015

Amidst the hustle of classes and conferences, it could be easy to forget to step back and enjoy the little things. In order to make sure we didn’t miss out on any of the fun Athens has to offer, my roommate and I made a bucket list for our last fall in Athens, with many of them complete (X).

  • Bike the Hocking Adena Bike Path (X)
  • Enjoy Breakfast at the Catalyst Café (X)
  • Experience the Pawpaw Festival (X)
  • Buy Apples at the Farmer’s Market (X)
  • Walk the Ridges Nature Trails (X)
  • Visit the Kennedy Art Museum (X)
  • Watch One of the Performing Art Series Concerts (X)
  • Cheer on the Hockey Team (X)
  • Watch the Sunset from Bong Hill
  • Hike Radar Hill
  • Sing along to the Marching 110 (X)
  • Go to a Football Game (X)
  • Watch the Homecoming Parade
  • Eat the Local Cuisine on Court Street (X)
  • Go Bowling at the Rollerbowl
  • Take a Sunday Drive through Town (X)
  • Enjoy the Colors of Fall on College Green (X)
  • Watch a Movie at the Fun Barn
  • Dress up with Friends and Enjoy the Halloween Block Party (X)

While I’m still working on crossing a few of these things off of the list, so many memories accompany each of these bullet points. One of my favorite memories on the list is singing and dancing along with the Marching 110 at the football game halftime shows. Their spirit and energy are infectious! This video is of one of the songs they played during this year’s parents’ weekend game, but nothing beats watching them live.

Being from New York, I had never heard of a pawpaw (a sweet, slightly mushy, but delicious fruit). My freshman year I was happy to discover this interesting fruit and the festival that celebrates it. This year I was more than excited to introduce my freshman sister to it all. We listened to local bands, ate pawpaw-flavored foods, browsed the local crafts, and sported some stylish balloon hats. Below is a picture of me (far left), my roommates, and my sister (far right) at the Pawpaw Festival.

Pawpaw Festival

Another Athens Fall favorite is the HallOUween Block Party. It is always so much fun to see all of the interesting costumes and this year I thought we might have had a chance at winning the costume contest. Unfortunately, we lost to the Sanderson sisters. Below is a picture of my friends and me (the Mad Hatter, second from the right) as the cast of Alice in Wonderland.


Athens has so much to offer and so many incredible people to experience it all with. I’m so glad I chose a school with so much character and friends to remind me to slow down and enjoy all that Athens has to offer.

Sightseeing at Halloween

Wilson  Taylor

Wilson Taylor,
Junior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 27 October 2014

This past weekend was Halloween in Athens. Prior to coming to Ohio University I had heard a lot about the event–both positive and negative. Being a junior, this was my third time experiencing the event. Quickly looking back, I can confidently say all three of my Halloween experiences have been positive.

In my first year, I was hesitant about heading uptown for Halloween. After being guilt-tripped by both my RA and roommate at the time, I ended up walking the stretch of the event, Court Street, with them. Once there, I immediately realized I had made the right decision–the atmosphere was simply amazing.

Now I don’t think twice about heading uptown. For me, Halloween is walking Court Street with a small group of friends while eating funnel cake, corn dogs, and being fascinated by all the costumes.

Each year I try to pick a favorite costume I’ve seen. This usually leads to conflict amongst friends, but I like to think I make the best choices. For my first Halloween, my favorite costume was a group of jellyfish. About fourteen people had on robes with bubble umbrellas. The umbrellas had streamers hanging down from the sides while flashing Christmas lights were on the insides. The group bounced up and down the street–-it was truly a sight to be seen!

Last year my favorite costume was a Toy Story army figure. The man who was dressed up as a soldier had his costume painted a uniform shade of dark jungle green. He lay down on the street perfectly motionless until a crowd had gathered; he would then leap two to three feet forward. He did such a great job I found myself questioning if it was even a costume.

This year, my favorite costume was a group dressed up as the Hogwarts castle from Harry Potter. My fascination with the scene was not only the detail put into the costumes but also the memories the scene brought back. I found myself remembering the wonderful times I had reading the Harry Potter series with my Dad in middle school.

Overall, Halloween in Athens is an amazing experience. If you approach the weekend with a positive attitude, a fun group of friends and respect for the community you’ll gain some awesome memories from the whole shebang every year!