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Homecoming and the Marching 110

Caroline wilson

Caroline Wilson,
Junior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 4 October 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Hundreds of alumni flock in from all corners of the United States to be a part of the Most Exciting Band in the Land one more time. Some band members affectionately refer to Homecoming as “Christmas,” and while the promise of seeing family and friends at the end of it all does add some enjoyment to the week, this is also the time of year where we work our absolute hardest to make sure that our show truly is better than the best ever.

When I was a senior in high school, I came to visit Ohio University on the same weekend that the Marching 110 was putting on their annual Varsity Show. My oldest sister, Rachel, is an alumna of OU and the 110, so I’m sure that it was no coincidence that she insisted that I come visit during one of the most exciting shows of the season. I was tired out from a long day of tours by the time the band was about to play, and to be honest, I would have preferred to have been curled up in bed. I was not prepared for what happened next: it changed my life. When the Marching 110 took the stage, I was absolutely floored. Never in my life had I seen that many people who were truly passionate about what they were doing at one time. They were completely alive, and I wanted to be a part of their group with every part of my being.

Flash-forward three years, and here I am–music section leader to the trombones, nervously preparing for what is sure to be yet another thrilling show in order to impress my sister, who will be coming back to cheer me on. Even with the stresses of school–midterms, group projects, research, and everything else–I wouldn’t trade being a member of the Marching 110 for anything.

So next time you see us shaking it on the field, I hope you will be able to see that there’s nowhere else we’d rather be.

Learning Leadership

Joe Cook

Joe Cook,
Senior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 15 October 2013 – This semester I was given the opportunity to participate in the Robe Leadership Institute. The course is not a traditional engineering course; instead of equations and diagrams, we are challenged to understand ourselves. I’m not one to keep a journal, and part of the course is weekly reflections. Aside from my blog posts, I think I’ve used the word “I” a total of zero times in my technical writing courses. It’s interesting to sit back and look at how I’ve grown as a student and leader, but more importantly, how I can refine who I am and teach myself to be a better leader.

If I had been challenged to define leadership as a freshman I would have said something like, “the ability to effect change”. Now as a senior my definition has changed dramatically. I would define leadership as “understanding”. To not only understand myself and my needs, but also those around me. To succeed, we must know ourselves. How can I be happy if I don’t know what motivates me? It’s a question I think we should all ask ourselves more often.

On a lighter note, homecoming was last weekend, and seeing the drumline uptown is probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. The marching 110 exemplifies the spirit of Ohio University in their non-traditional approach toward entertainment. That tradition, coupled with the artistic spirit that lives in the hills of Athens Country creates an atmosphere that cannot be matched anywhere. I met several alumni at the annual Russ College alumni tailgate and heard stories as far back as World War II. The fact that alumni older than my grandparents still come back every year really speaks volumes about what makes OU special.

Marching 110 at Homecoming

Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson,
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 15 October 2013 – The semester is really picking up speed now, but this week seems like a breeze compared to last. Last week was OU’s Homecoming week, and as a member of the marching band, this is an especially important time. It means that any and all alumni who have marched before us were invited back to Athens to reminisce, catch up with old friends, and, of course, march one more time in Peden Stadium. For the current members, excitement is in the air all week as we anticipate the arrival of our graduated members. We put in extra hours and work as we strive to make our performance the best it can be to honor those who have marched before us. It’s hard and adds a strain onto our already busy schedules, but it is all worth it when Saturday comes around and all day is one big family reunion.

Marching 110

At the morning parade and during the football game, the alumni band steals the show as they perform everything just as they did when they were here, whether that was only one year ago or 40. Any downtime is spent swapping stories of antics and past performances. The current members all hear about what it was like marching “back in the day” and hearing the differences, but more often, the similarities, between then and now. The best part is the enthusiasm the alumni have and the love and pride that they have for the band, Ohio University, and Athens. This is something they look forward to year-after-year with more than a few counting down the days and even hours until they step back on the bricks. I definitely take pride in being in the Marching 110 and more importantly, being a Bobcat, and I’m already counting down the days until my first Homecoming as an alum.

Why OU Rocks During the Fall

Steven Crane

Steven Crane,
Senior, Engineering Technology and Management

Athens, OH 08 October 2013 – I’m currently working through week 7 of my fall semester and it’s been a doozy! This coming week I’ll have several midterms and most people get stress about these things, and I’ll admit I do feel it too, but it’s important from time to time to stop and smell the roses, coffee, or in my case the leaf pile! Athens is absolutely gorgeous during the fall and I love fall because it’s football season and hoodie weather!


This coming weekend is Homecoming and everyone is getting excited. OUr football team is coming back from a great victory over the University of Akron (43-3 OU-Oh Yeah) and we are looking to come back and dominate Central Michigan. After we defeated Akron, I had to call my brother to taunt him because he is currently a senior there; he didn’t find it as amusing as I did of course.

Marching 110

Alumni from Ohio University will be coming down and it’s cool to see how big OU really is. I love Ohio University because it’s a b-e-a-utiful campus and Athens is the definition of a college town. The Marching 110 (OU’s Marching Band) has an annual tradition with alumni of the band. The day before homecoming is when they’re all invited back and they will rehearse with the current band members. On Saturday, alumni will be able to relive the glory days and march with their instruments again. I remember last year’s show vividly and it was flawless, our band takes pride in perfection and in excitement too! OSU may be the best damn band in the land, but OU is the most exciting band in the land!

So enjoy the fall, because it happens only once a year. And fun facts of the day: 1) you are never too old to play in a leaf pile and 2) leaf piles are more fun when raked by someone else–until they chase you away with the rake!