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Enjoying OU Homecoming 2019

Alvin Chaney

Alvin Chaney,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 16 October 2019

Ohio University Homecoming Week is a unique sight for students to see Bobcat Alumni, young and old, convene and reminisce on their times at OHIO. The weekend was filed with sunshine and few clouds, though a bit chilly, which did not prevent Bobcats from showing their school spirit.

This year’s theme, 1804 & So Much More, highlighted OHIO’s rich history, timeless traditions, and lifelong bonds. Some of these traditions include our annual Homecoming Parade. To students, this is a great way of building new relationships and visualize OHIO from the stories and memories of alumni. After hearing these stories, I felt bittersweet, because it was my last Homecoming as a student.

I worked the Homecoming Tailgate as an Engineering Ambassador. Our primary function was to meet and greet with Russ College alumni and their families.

OU Homecoming Tailgate

I enjoyed the conversations I had with everybody I talked to. It was truly a reunion—I conversed with former Engineering Ambassadors, members of the Ohio Alumni Association, staff, Dean Wei, President Nellis, and even Mayor Patterson!

OU Homecoming Tailgate

Even though I am a Senior, I plan to continue serving OHIO post-graduation in any of the alumni associations. I cannot wait to return to my next Homecoming as an alumnus! Go Bobcats!

OHIO Homecoming 2019

Reagan Richardson

Reagan Richardson,
Junior, Energy Engineering

Athens, OH 15 October 2019

This year’s Homecoming theme was “1804 & So Much More” to commemorate Ohio University’s 215th year.

OHIO Homecoming 2019

To celebrate, Russ College had a tailgate to welcome Engineering alumni, professors, and students alike. A few Ambassadors attended and we got to speak with so many alumni.

OHIO Homecoming 2019

My favorite part was asking “what is the biggest difference in campus now versus when you were a student?”. One of the answers I received included an alumnus who was on campus when the Hocking River was re-routed in 1968.

I received back many questions asking about if certain professors were still here or which residence halls are no longer standing. They were also quite interested in my major of Energy Engineering as it’s a relatively new program and they had never heard of it before.

OHIO Homecoming 2019

Overall, it was a great weekend with fun conversations and beautiful weather!

Homecoming 2019

Adam Kirby

Adam Kirby,
Senior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 14 October 2019

As many of you already know, last weekend was homecoming weekend here at Ohio University. Unfortunately we couldn’t pull of the victory against NIU, however it was an amazing weekend for many other reasons.

Homecoming in Athens is a great time to meet up with friends that have graduated, family that have come to visit or just a great time to get to know some alumni and participate all the festivities.

This isn’t the only reason why homecoming is my favorite weekend, it also marks the start of fall and my favorite season. During this time, the leaves start to change, people are putting on hoodies and flannels, you can smell coffee from about any point on campus, and don’t forget about pumpkin pie. I for one am all for the cooler weather, the outdoor adventures and the atmosphere that fall can bring with it.

I was fortunate enough to share this weekend with my parents, my older brother, and my little sister (out of this group four of us have/will have our degrees from OU, Dad being the odd one out). Because my family has a bit of a history with OU my parents and siblings brought with them plenty of friends and entertainment. We had a pumpkin carving contest, cornhole tournament, and perhaps the most important was a tailgate cookoff. Here’s the pumpkin I carved:


Naturally this was the winning pumpkin regardless of what my family and friends might say. If you ever get the chance to visit or be a part of Ohio University homecoming, I would recommend grabbing some close friends, having a great time, and to find me if you want some delicious tailgate food and pumpkin pie.

OU Homecoming

Brittany Hesson

Brittany Hesson,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 13 October 2019

My favorite part about fall in Athens is Homecoming. Homecoming brings lots of alumni back to campus to celebrate Ohio University. The town is packed with people who come back to connect with friends and enjoy all the things they left in Athens when they graduated.

During Homecoming Weekend, the university puts on a variety of events for the students, alumni, and locals. These events include the Homecoming Parade and pep rally. My favorite event that happens is the football game.

My parents and my sister come down and we tailgate before the game. I really enjoy this time with my family because we just sit around, eat food, and talk. It is the perfect time to celebrate the Bobcats while spending time with my family.

Another exciting part of Homecoming and having the alumni in town is watching the alumni 110 marching band. The band plays in the Homecoming Parade as well as at halftime during the football game. It is so exciting to see the alumni members on the field having a blast like they did when they were students.

Seeing the band happy to be back in Athens makes me think about when I will become an alumna and what I will do when I come back. I look forward to coming back to visit my friends, the beautiful campus, and enjoying the football game with my family.

Fall in Athens

Lydia Shiffler

Lydia Shiffler,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 06 October 2019

Fall is by far my favorite season here in Athens and it being my last year, I am especially appreciative of all that it has to offer. After being insanely hot this whole semester, I know everyone is getting excited for the weather to start cooling down. It is the most beautiful time of the year here.

Fall in Athens

In Athens, the trees are so colorful and beautiful and there are so many fun activities to do. My favorite thing to do is go hiking up to Witch Hill where you can see the whole university. It is so fun to go up there and have a whole day with my friends of just enjoying the view. We always bring hammocks up and a picnic so we can stay up there for as long as we want.

Another fun thing to do is going to Libby’s pumpkin patch and get pumpkins to carve or paint. It’s such a beautiful place to go and yet another fun thing to do here in Athens.

Libby's Pumpkin Patch

One of my favorite weekends in fall is Homecoming, which is happening next weekend. I am so excited for friends to come back to the university and enjoy everything OU has to offer. Everyone comes together to watch the parade and the football game and celebrate all the students. It is so much fun for all the alumni to come and spend time with the current students and see the university again and I hope to come back and do the same next year when I am officially an alum.