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Double Major: CS + VisCom

Rachel Fryan

Rachel Fryan,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 5 November 2014

This semester, most of the classes I’m taking are for my second major in the Scripps College. The actual university name is “Visual Communications: Interactive Multimedia” which is a mouthful so we refer to it as “VisCom” or “Interactive”. I started this major my junior year because I thought it would be a great complement for my computer science degree. Visual communications is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the study of how things are communicated visually and answers the questions like: Why do we look where we do? What makes us remember certain advertisements?


Most people don’t really understand what interactive is so I like to describe it as such: If you think of a website, software, or app, computer science gives me the knowledge to work on what is referred to as the back end. This includes all the coding, performance, and all the logical concerns of the piece. Interactive gives me the knowledge to work on the front end. This means all the design, aesthetics, where people are most likely to look and click, and user experience.

I love both of my majors so much and find both very interesting. It’s also interesting how there will always be a battle between the two in industry. For example, if a CS person creates software, the last concern on their mind is aesthetics, but you will have a completely opposite opinion if you talk to a designer. They want something to look cool and work no matter how long it takes to code. Either way, I hope to use the get the most out of my dual degree and have it help me land my dream job: a software designer developer.

Planning for My Last Year

Kelly McCoy

Kelly McCoy,
Senior, Aviation

Athens, OH 15 April 2013 – It’s almost May, and that means one thing: graduation! As a senior I have watched as my friends fuss over getting resumes in order, finding a job, and moving their things out. However, I have none of these worries; after much deliberation, I decided to stay a fifth year.

I was skeptical at first, thinking that I needed to stay on track and graduate in four years, but there were so many reasons to stay! The biggest factors in my decision were my desire to complete 2 minors–Spanish and Meteorology–along with taking advantage of work opportunities that the Aviation program offers.

I minored in Spanish because I like the language and the culture, and it gives me another career option should I ever not be able to fly. A minor in Meteorology is very helpful when paired with my flight training; as pilots we are constantly affected by the weather and always need to know current conditions and be able to analyze data to predict future conditions.

I also plan on flight instructing for the university next year. As a Certified Flight Instructor I will be giving students the necessary training they need to get their Private Pilot Certificate and Commercial License. While instructing, I plan on applying for the position as co-pilot of OU’s King Air 350. This plane is used by Ohio University’s Air Transportation Service and provides transportation for employees.

And I am also excited to continue as an Engineering Ambassador for another year!