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Biking Around Athens

Lydia Seiter

Lydia Seiter,
Senior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 9 April 2020

As my time in Athens comes to a close, I find myself reminiscing on all the wonderful memories I’ve made here, and all the unique facets of Athens that make it such a special place. One of the best parts about Athens that I’ve enjoyed the most is its natural beauty. Athens is the perfect place for so many outdoor activities, like hiking, rock climbing, running, and cycling.


I started to cycle as a hobby at the beginning of my first semester of senior year and wish I had started exploring Athens by bike much sooner, for multiple reasons.

First of all, there is the bike path, named the “Hockhocking Adena Bikeway,” which stretches from near Ohio University’s campus, all the way to Nelsonville. This path is frequented by all sorts of athletes—from cyclists, to runners, to rollerbladers. On any given ride, you can glimpse toddlers taking their first spins on tricycles, couples on tandem bikes, and elderly folks on recumbent bicycles. Not only is the bike path a fun place to ride, but there are also a multitude of hills around Athens to get the legs pumping.

Second of all, Athens has a wonderful cycling community, and many independent bike shops, such as Athens Bicycle, Black Diamond Bicycles and Rental, and Cycle Path Bicycle. Starting out as a beginner, I was able to get all the equipment I needed, like pedals, shoes, and a proper fit, from these helpful folks.

Lastly, the scenery in Athens is truly beautiful in all seasons. Whether in fall, when the leaves are changing, disintegrating with a gentle crunch under the wheels, or in spring, when the beautiful scent of blossoming flowers travel on sweet winds, Athens’ natural beauty is perpetually on display. Riding a bike through Southeastern Ohio takes one past farms with horses and turkeys, past rushing rivers and streams, and alongside railroad tracks and trains. I can’t recommend exploring Athens enough, whether it’s by bicycle, hiking, or running. I will miss the one-of-a-kind charms of exploring outside in Athens when I move away!

Enjoying the Hocking Hills

Logan Veley

Logan Veley,
Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 18 February 2020

College is filled with stressful assignments and quizzes, and time management can become overwhelming for even the most proactive students. With all of this stress, it is important for everyone to have something that helps them unwind and de-stress throughout the weeks of the semester. My favorite way to decompress is to spend time outdoors.

The area surrounding Athens provides countless opportunities to spend time hiking, fishing, or hammocking. I love trekking through the trails surrounding Dow Lake to find views overlooking the water, but my favorite plans are to go fishing in the evenings after class.

On weekends when I have more time available, I am able to travel to Hocking Hills to explore the trails and caves. My favorite attraction is Ash Cave. I love the massive overhang and the cool air that sits under the rock shelf.

On my last trip to Hocking Hills, we were lucky to see the waterfall at Cedar Falls flowing in full fashion. With the mist churned up into the crisp air, the worries of classes and homework always fade away. I love how being outdoors helps to clear my mind and prepares me to tackle another week.

Cedar Falls Hocking Hills

Winter Break High Jinks

Jason Wherry

Jason Wherry,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 14 January 2020

This winter break I chose to spend a large portion of my free time outdoors, enjoying my favorite activities. With my last winter break at hand, I figured the month-long hiatus was a beacon for freedom before I spend the next chapter in my life tracking how many of my PTO days remain.

Whilst on my adventures, I met with various friends and made some new ones as I bounced between my hometown, Lansdale, PA, and the great city of Philadelphia. I began bouldering last September and fall provided ideal weather for climbing on real rock.

Now that it’s January and too cold to enjoy climbing outside, I traveled into the city to climb indoors at a gym. The establishment was actually termed a lounge. No surprise there as climbing folk are laid-back and open-minded. At this lounge it’s not all about relaxation, the boulder problems proved wicked difficult and I ended up going back for more.

After I waded through all my hometown has to offer (for an outdoorsman at least), I decided to pack up some gear, head to the airport to pick up a friend flying in from Tennessee, and embark North to Ithaca, NY. Skiing is my favorite seasonal sport and Ithaca is a magical place for anyone whom seeks our Earth’s natural beauty.

Hiking around Taughannock Falls (pictured below) was one of the many highlights of the trip. Skiing is radical and Greek Peak Mountain does it up right. If you are into winter sports and need a new area to bum-out a ski trip, I recommend the Ithaca-Courtland commute from town to the mountain.

Taughannock Falls

In years prior, Vermont was my choice to ski, however Ithaca exudes lively college-town vibes and reminds me of Athens in boundless ways. The hills are steep, the air is full of education, and hiking trails populate the dense woods. In a way, Ithaca is the Athens of New York.

Jumping into my last semester at Ohio University prepared and focused to finish my degree in Computer Science, I am glad for the time to freshen-up my perspective and experience outdoor pursuits one day after another. Thank you, Ohio University, for being located in Athens, OH because even though I am back, it feels as unreal as ever. The last picture is from the gorges of Ithaca.

Gorges of Ithaca

Favorite Spots in Athens

Allie Gabbard

Allie Gabbard,
Senior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 3 November 2019

Now that I fall has finally set in full swing, I have really been able to finally enjoy my favorite part of Athens once again. The cool, fall air has set in, the bright moon shines at night, and last but not least, the leaves have changed color!

Athens is full of trees all shapes and sizes. They look beautiful all times of the year, but the best is when fall hits. The landscape changes and makes the drives to and from Athens so mesmerizing. During this time of year, there are three places on and around campus that I love to go to.

The first place many students enjoy going to is on campus. A short walk from Stocker Center, Emereti Park is the perfect place to sit and do homework. This small park just North of Ping and Walter Fieldhouse, is a beautiful area. There is a small pond, gazebos, benches and plenty of wildlife to keep you company. If you enjoy hanging around in a hammock, this is a perfect spot. In addition, a Pokestop! During the fall, the pond fills with the different color leaves as the landscapes takes its shape and prepares for winter.

My second favorite spot is a just a short walk from campus. If you leave the ARC and head north on Depot Street, just a top the hill before the stairs is a small ledge. I love to sit on the ledge and watch as the sun sets into the hills. It is a very quiet spot on campus and therefore is a perfect area to mediate or reminisce on all the memories created on campus. Since this ledge is on hill, it becomes a very popular area for pictures. I often take many pictures as the sun sets on this side of campus.

My third favorite hangout is a little hike off of campus. Across the Hocking, just off of Rock Riffle Road, there is a small trail that leads up to an opening on a hillside. This is a very rewarding view as the hike is very much of an upwards hike and can be very exhausting. Once to the top, the clearing allows you to clearly look over all of campus. This is my favorite spot on campus to hike and just absorb all of campus life in one snapshot. This view is breathtaking but truly captures all of campus. During the fall, this hike is by far the best because campus becomes a beautiful collage of oranges, yellows and browns.

In conclusion, this campus is the prettiest campus by far. Perhaps a little bias, but in my opinion, the fall season is the prettiest here in Athens. These three areas best encompass the fall beauties and brings peace to mind while the semester is in full swing!

All the Activities Around Athens

Hope Bowden

Hope Bowden,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 20 October 2019

Athens, OH may be a small town, but we have so many things to do around campus as well as the surrounding area.

My favorite thing I have done during my time in Athens has been zip lining in Hocking Hills. My roommate worked there for several summers and was able to have me join her one day. I loved being able to see the beauty of the Hocking Hills while also trying something new.

Zip Lining

It was not easy for me to do at first, since I am very afraid of heights, but after I started flying through the trees, it was impossible not to love every second of it. It was so much fun to see the leaves changing colors around me.

Another favorite thing of mine is going hiking. OU is right next to Stroud’s Run State Park which is the perfect place for hiking or a picnic with friends or family. They have plenty of trails so you never can get bored when you go to visit. It is about a 5 minute drive from campus and is the perfect place to go on a sunny day.

Stroud's Run

Athens has plenty of other fun things to do when the weather is not so great. We have concerts as well as some musicals that come to town very often. This semester Jersey Boys will be performed on campus and I cannot wait to see it.

There is something to do here for every interest whether that is going bowling, hiking, kayaking, fishing, seeing interesting movies uptown, or anything else one could think of.