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My Pet Gecko

Maggie Allen

Maggie Allen,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 5 October 2019

It’s crazy to think that the semester is almost already half-way over! Senior year has been a whirlwind so far; from busy classes to enjoying every moment with my friends since this is the last year we’ll all be together.

I also just got a new pet which has been keeping me busy this semester as well! He’s a baby leopard gecko named Freddie (Queen is one of my favorite bands, so of course I had to name him after Freddie Mercury).

Freddie the Gecko

I’ve had him for about a month now and most leopard geckos live ten to twenty years. It’s crazy to think that I’ll have him until I’m 30-40 years old! Since I accepted a full-time position at the company I worked at last summer in Phoenix, I’ll have to take Freddie with me on the thirty-hour cross-country drive or find a new home for him once I graduate.

He’s still a little shy since I got him so young, but he’s starting to get really active in his cage; soon enough he’ll be comfortable with me and we’ll let him roam the apartment a little bit! It’s so much fun having a new pet and learning to take care of him and I’m excited to watch him grow.

Spring PLC Project

Andrew Noll

Andrew Noll,
Senior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 18 March 2019

PLC stands for programmable logic controller, which is a type of ladder logic code that is used in industry to control robotics, and other machines, mostly for manufacturing processes such as conveyors. I am taking the PLC class currently here at Ohio University, and am very interested in the application of this technology.

While I was at Toyota, I did some PLC modifications to the assembly line machines in order to decrease the WIP (work in progress) stock on the line. Now for my PLC project I will not be working with anything quite as advanced, but I am designing and building an automated ball launcher.

My requirements were that my dog can trigger it himself so while I am working full time he can still burn off some steam, and that it is enclosed and safe to him. The device includes a spring powered arm driven by an electric motor. It will have a sensor to determine if the ball is loaded, a limit switch to shut off the motor, as well as two relays.

The mechanical aspect of the ball launcher is as follows: the free swinging “launch” arm is pulled around by the motor. Once the arm gets parallel with the base of the device, the spring will bring the it around and hit the ball sitting in home position.

I currently am scrapping most parts from other projects or random materials I find laying around, so I know I will need to revisit this project and make a more robust and hopefully more efficient ball launcher this summer!

Caring for a New Puppy in College

Andrew Noll

Andrew Noll,
Senior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 26 October 2018

Over the summer while working at Toyota in Buffalo WV, I came across a puppy that wasn’t being taken care of very well. I had the opportunity to take him from that environment and make him my right hand man. It has been a lot of work, but he is now about 6 months old and not causing much trouble.

Late summer and early fall was great for a puppy. I got to take him hiking at Strouds Run State Park, he learned how to swim in the lake, and got to chase the ball or Frisbee on the beach. Strouds run is also a great place to rent a boat, kayak, or paddle board and also not a bad spot to fish.

As the weather has gotten cooler, I have been taking my dog to the dog park on West State Street just past the driving range. Every time I have gone, there have been plenty of other dogs there, and afterward I spend 30 minutes practicing my swing at the range.

If you haven’t played the OU golf course I highly recommend it! It’s a nice little 9 hole course with a variety of obstacles. When I am not golfing in my free time, I am usually training my dog. I wake up very early each morning (so there are no distractions) and I have been training to walk him off the leash, with the help of a remote collar and training treats.

Overall, for someone wanting a puppy in college, its doable, but it’s A LOT of work. Most all my free time goes toward him and researching how to care for him. If you are going to neglect care of your pet, don’t get one. However, if you do get one, you won’t be disappointed in the joy that it will bring you.

Adopting a New Best Friend

Sean Neff

Sean Neff,
Senior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 5 November 2017

When someone asks, “What’s the one thing you miss most about home?” My answer from freshman year all the way to senior year remained the same: “I miss my dog.” It’s a common answer from a lot of college students. Yet, because I lived in the dorms for Air Force ROTC for three years, I was never able to get the chance to adopt my own new best friend to remedy my home-dog-sickness.

Now in my senior year, I live in an apartment complex that is dog-friendly…so I was finally able look at adopting dogs from the local shelters.

It was a long process, looking at all the options available for adopting a new best friend. There were so many amazing dogs that were fun and had such great personalities. On a beautiful October weekend, I took a trip to a rescue shelter just south of Athens. They had over 50 dogs at the shelter, a lot of which were rescues from the southern part of the country due to the hurricanes earlier this fall.

The shelter workers took me to see all of the dogs, but right before we were going to leave, they showed me one more room. In that room was a happy and smiling black Labrador retriever named Molly. After we took her out of her pen, I knew immediately that this dog was the one. She was so full of life and energy. I had to take her home that day, and I did.


Her story is quite remarkable as well. She is a survivor of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, being pulled out of the flood waters by rescue workers. After her owners couldn’t be found, she traveled the 17-hour car ride to Athens to be put into the rescue shelter.

She has been such a bright spot in my life this semester. Even though ROTC and school have been incredibly busy, it’s such a good feeling to come home to a bright smiling face. She loves running around in our apartment greenspace and chasing birds from the bushes. She’s always down to go for a walk or a run to the dog park.

Her favorite thing to do is play fetch at Strouds Run State Park. I’ve never seen a creature happier than when someone throws a stick or ball across the lake at Strouds and she swims after it. It is unbelievable to me to think about how our two worlds collided, and I don’t think we both could be any luckier to have each other.

Becoming a Cat Owner

Becca Sedlak

Becca Sedlak,
Senior, Aviation Flight

Athens, OH 27 September 2017

I have always been a huge pet lover and ever since going to college I could not wait until I went back home to play with my neighbors dog. Being in the dorms for two years I was not able to have an animal. I had friends who had dogs when they moved into a house, so I would go over and play with their dogs. Once I moved off campus last year, I tried so hard to get a dog but I had a roommate who was terrified of dogs. Thankfully my neighbors had a dog that I would watch from time to time to help them out.

Since there are some days that I am not home because I am flying all day I accepted that I would not be able to care for a dog while in college. Earlier this month, though, things changed and I became a cat mom.

My roommate and I were walking home and we decided to stop into a thrift store that is apart of the Humane Society to play with the kittens to relieve some stress. When we walked into the store and asked about the kittens, the owner asked if we just wanted to play or willing to adopt. I said just play unless something changes.

The owner brought out a cat named Crackers and introduced him to me and I knew that I would be leaving the store with him. When the owner first brought him out I went to pet him and he just rolled over on his back and the rest was history.

I took him home and renamed him Leo and spent my 21st birthday playing with the cat I just got rather than going out. I stopped by the store a few days later to tell the owner that Leo had found his forever home. I found out that this poor cat was abused and abandoned before the owner got him and all adoption fees were waived because they just wanted him to have a good home. He is a goofball that likes to play fetch and watch all the birds from the sliding door in my apartment.

Graduation and What’s Next

Alyson Meister

Alyson Meister,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 26 April 2016

Yesterday I took my last final of my undergrad career and today I picked up my cap and gown. It’s starting to set in that my four years at OU is coming to an end and I will soon be starting the next chapter of my life.

I am excited for my family to come down this weekend for graduation. My paternal grandparents, father and brother are all graduates of OU as well and this will be the first we will all be on campus together, and likely the last. I am so thankful for my Bobcat family I have created during my time here, but even more so that I have a family of Bobcats to share my experiences with.

After graduation I will be spending May at home with family, going to a number of weddings and graduation parties and playing soccer with my dog, Jürgen.


At the first Engineering Ambassador meeting in the fall we had to introduce ourselves and share something from our bucket list. My bucket list item was that I wanted to backpack through Europe and so for the first two and a half weeks of June I will be doing just that. I am travelling with my cousin and her boyfriend and will be visiting Paris, Rome and Barcelona.

When I return I will have one week to get all of my things packed up and ready to move to Wisconsin. I will begin working full time for Epic Systems Corporation in Madison starting July 5th.

I’m excited to start anew, but nervous at the same time. I know no one in the area, I have only visited the area twice (once for my interview and once to go apartment hunting) and my hometown is a solid seven hour drive away. However, I am always up for a challenge and I am looking forward to using my skills to create for good.

Moving on to the Next Phase

Leigh Ann Tumblin

Leigh Ann Tumblin,
Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular engineering

Athens, OH 5 April 2016

April 2016 is the month I have been anticipating (and dreading) since I was a freshman; this month, I will graduate from undergrad with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.

If you would have asked me at the beginning of the school year if I was excited to graduate, I would have told you no and it might have brought a tear to my eye, but I have finally accepted this fate and am actually very eager to see what post-grad life has in store for me.

Upon graduating, I will begin my career as an engineer for General Mills at their Totino’s plant. I spent my last two summers as an intern at this plant and the company was a great fit for me.

My position is part of a rotational program. The first year, I will be a systems engineer where I will become the technical expert of a processing or packaging system. The next six months I will be a team leader where I will lead a group of operators, and the final six months of the program I will implement a capital project as a project engineer.

After completing the program, I will decide which role suits me best and I will continue my career in that position.

As if graduating, moving into my own apartment, and starting a new job weren’t enough changes for me in the next two months, I decided I would join the world of pet parenthood and get a puppy!


Poppy is an eight-week old Golden Retriever who will be coming home with me next week! Anyone who knows me knows that I adore dogs, and I can’t wait to have one of my own! The next few months will definitely be crazy, but I am ready to see what’s in store.