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Fun Times at the Fun Barn

Wilson Taylor

Wilson Taylor,
Junior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 8 March 2015

Finding things to do other than stay in your house or room when the weather gets cold often proves to be a challenge. I find this to hold true for myself on occasion, even as a self-proclaimed winter weather dresser professional, meaning I can get out and about whenever I please.

I found my first winter in Athens to be particularly challenging because I was unaware of many off-campus activities that were both affordable and more importantly reachable. While I have since learned of many local digs I have recently been playing favorites with the Fun Barn.

While the Fun Barn is not within walking distance of the university it is still within a fifteen minute drive. The Fun Barn has many of the newest releases at a reasonable price of $4, which is often the bait for myself and anyone else I am going with.

The real hook, though,is the environment. The Fun Barn reminds me of a Chuck-E-Cheese. Before entering the movies there is a food bar and arcade. The arcade has some of my most memorable childhood games: Skeeball and ticket roulette. There are also modern games such as a ticketed form of Deal or No Deal and Fruit Ninja.

While the Fun Barn has a lot to offer the best reason to go is to have the chance to ride one of their three coin operated kiddie rides. You can see me below riding with Dr. Seuss in his slick silver car.

Dr. Seuss's Car

On the Ice at Bird Arena

Wilson Taylor

Wilson Taylor,
Junior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 1 December 2014

Ohio University has a nearly year-round winter wonderland, Bird Arena. Bird Arena is Ohio University’s ice rink and it serves as a much needed getaway location. When the semester picks up and I find myself bogged down with work I often turn to physical activity to free myself. While at school ice skating is my go-to physical activity. When I first found out about Bird Arena I was hesitant; however, after going a couple of times and learning how to properly balance, I immediately felt at home in the rink.

My interest in Bird arena goes beyond my desire to free-skate. I’m also into cheering on the Bobcat’s ice hockey team. I’ll admit I am not an avid sports fan. That being said, I have grown to develop a deep passion for Bobcats ice hockey.

The first OU ice hockey game I went to was a complete accident–confusing the free-skate time for a game time. After sitting through the first period of the game I found myself immersed in the atmosphere. Waiting for the shrill siren that marks a Bobcat goal with the fans around me was like nothing I had ever experienced before. The Ohio University ice hockey team is a Division 1 team in the ACHA with 16 wins, 2 ties, and 2 losses currently recorded for the 2014-2015 year. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do the rest of the season.

Spending Time at the Dog Park

Justin Lumbard

Justin Lumbard,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 24 November 2014

As busy as engineering can be, it is important to make sure to enjoy the little parts about college that really make it the experience that it should be. At the end of last year, I adopted a puppy (Cookie) because I enjoy the company and attention a canine friend gives you at the end of the long days studying.


Recently, I discovered a really nice dog park right on campus that I often take Cookie to. She is the kind of dog that never actually gets tired and can outrun almost any other dog that she has ever come across. Fortunately for me, there are almost always several other dogs at the park that will attempt to wear her out, and when there are not, Cookie and I have been trying to learn the obstacle course as a sort of game for her.


It is always good to have a nice sunny day to remind engineers what the outside world is actually like this late in the semester. Having a dog while in college can be stressful, but the company is absolutely worth it in the end.


This time at the dog park, the dogs were in prime form. I hadn’t seen them run so much in such a small amount of time. Being the engineer that I am, one of these days I will rig up a GPS to Cookie’s collar to see how far they actually run while they are there.

Ultimate Frisbee

Gavin Whitehead

Gavin Whitehead,
Junior, Aviation

Athens, OH 18 November 2014

Having a break from classes and studying is necessary to keep my sanity. Of course classes are important, but having those moments when you forget about that exam coming up keeps me going.

One of my favorite things to do anytime of the week is ultimate Frisbee. I started playing at Adams Hall at the end of last summer and have been going almost every week since. I love competition, and ultimate is a way for me to take any stress that I have and channel that toward scoring touchdowns! Almost every week is a good turn out and I meet someone new. The atmosphere is relaxed and it is a great way to spend the evening.

Ultimate is not the only thing out there to partake in. There are plenty of other activities and other sports to play, have fun, meet people, and feed the competitive side. Last fall I was on a sand volleyball team that I enjoyed a lot. When I was out there, college soaked in a little more. Getting out of class, then casually playing some volleyball on south beach–it was great. Sign ups are pretty often for the different sessions and only takes a few clicks by going to the intramural sports website and creating an account on imleauges.

It is starting to get cold outside and snow is starting to fall. Ultimate Frisbee season is dying down–Wrong! The coordinator of Adams Hall was able to set up a designated time in the new Walter Field House for us to continue to play throughout the winter. Last Sunday was my first time using the facility and it was pretty cool. We had the whole field to ourselves and played for a few hours. They also have a track on the perimeter of the field and I think I am going to start using the Field house more often. I can’t wait to play next Sunday night!

Group Fitness Classes on Campus

Courtney Sterrick

Courtney Sterrick,
Senior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 8 November 2014

In addition to completing the homework assigned for classes, it is crucial to exercise and keep your body healthy. Over my time at OU, I have come to enjoy and participate in a number of the group fitness classes offered at Ping, our fitness center on campus. Group fitness classes are free to OU students and are offered Sunday-Saturday. Classes are led by OU students and include kickboxing, cardio dance, yoga, Zumba, cycling, hardcore (toning/strengthening abdominal and back muscles), and piloxing (a combination of pilates, kickboxing, and dance).

Of the classes offered, I most commonly attend kickboxing and cardio dance. Both are fun ways to burn calories and relieve stress. Kickboxing is a great workout where the instructor leads us through various series of motions throughout the 45-60 min class. In cardio dance, popular songs are choreographed to dance moves designed to make you sweat (similar to Zumba). Cardio dance is my favorite group fitness class offered. I really enjoy that while I am by no means a great dancer, no one cares; everyone is there to exercise—not to watch you make a fool of yourself!

Whether I attend by myself or with a group of my friends, group fitness classes are always a fun way to workout. I have also noticed that taking time to exercise helps clear my mind and makes
studying/completing homework assignments less overwhelming. Taking advantage of these offerings on campus lets you have fun and stay healthy at the same time.

Leading the Scuba Diving Class Trip

Julie Stenger

Julie Stenger,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 20 October 2014

This past weekend I traveled to Williston, Florida for the scuba diving class checkout trip. As the teaching assistant for the class, I spent a lot of hours planning and scheduling this trip and felt exhausted by the time 5:15 A.M. Thursday morning rolled around when it time to board the bus for the trip down. We got to Devil’s Den Spring in Florida at midnight Thursday and spent Friday morning diving in the spring, which is on a private farm and has crystal clear waters.

Scuba Trip

We had nothing planned for the rest of the day and instead of spending time hanging out by ourselves, a few of the students decided to ask our instructors if we could travel to Universal Studios theme park. Much to my surprise they said yes so we loaded up the van and traveled an hour and a half to Orlando. We got to spend 4 jam packed hours exploring The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, riding the Incredible Hulk multiple times, and eating a delicious, and expensive, meal at the Hard Rock Café.

Scuba Trip

We dived in the den again on Saturday morning and spent the afternoon snorkeling down Rainbow River. That night we had a bonfire and even wound up crashing a wedding next door!

This weekend was the perfect mid-semester break from classes despite how hectic it was. Scuba diving at Ohio University has opened me up to a lot of opportunities in the past two years that I will forever be grateful for. Not only have I been able to get good at an incredible activity that I will be able to participate in for the rest of my life, but I have met countless amazing people throughout my time and made memories to last forever.

Scuba Trip

I encourage everyone to take a class in something they love doing. It makes school a lot more fun and breaks up the regular routine. Ohio University has numerous programs available and scuba diving is just one potentially life changing class! Get involved!

Fishing at Stroud’s Run

Ali McCormick

Ali McCormick,
Junior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 14 October 2014

While Ohio University has an abundance of places to spend your free time, my favorite is Strouds Run State Park. Strouds is located approximately 5 miles away from campus. You have the ability to go camping for the weekend, hiking on nature trails, mountain biking through the woods, canoeing on Dow Lake, or my preferred choice, fishing.

Strouds run

If you knew me a few months ago, your jaw would have dropped in disbelief after hearing that. I’m generally not the outdoorsy type, but once I started fishing this summer, I haven’t been able to stop. At first I was borrowing a pole from my friend, but I made the step to purchase my first fishing pole.

Strouds run

Although it’s small in size, I swear it’s an adult pole (at one point I did consider purchasing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pole for children, though). This pole is meant for dock fishing, which is mainly what I do at Strouds. I have been successful with using no bait, just a lure.

My one confession, though, is that I won’t take the fish off the hook myself. I’m starting with baby steps first, then maybe I’ll graduate to actually touching the fish. After all my work is done for the day, my friends and I will head over to Strouds to fish and grill out until sundown. It’s a great way to relieve my stress and enjoy the company of my close friends.

Strouds run