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Cru Fall Retreat

JKay Dunlevy

Kay Dunlevy,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 27 October 2019

Outside of class, I am involved in a Christian organization on campus called Cru. Every year, Cru holds Fall Retreat at Scioto Hills. The whole weekend is packed full of fun (ultimate pumpkin tournament, ziplining, etc.), and a chance for students to deepen their relationships with God and each other.

This was my fourth Fall Retreat, and I look forward to it every year—it’s such a fun and refreshing way to spend time away from school! Since I’m a senior and this was my last Fall Retreat, it was especially meaningful to me, but there were three things that really stuck out:

  1. I spent lot of time with my roommates (below), who I met through Cru as a freshman and who have been some of my closest friends throughout college. We’re all in different majors and are really busy during the week, so it was great to catch up with them!
  2. Cru Retreat

  3. One of my favorite activities at Scioto Hills is the Goliath Swing (below). I hate heights, and I always freak out as I get strapped into a harness, pulled up way too high, and have to yank the release cord that sends me swinging out over a pond. It’s terrifying, but it’s also SO much fun!!!
  4. Cru Retreat

  5. Normally outside speakers are brought in, but this year many of us already knew the speakers since they had worked for Cru at OU in the past. It was great to see them again, and a lot of what they spoke about was really powerful. Their talks provoked a lot of good discussion throughout the weekend, and I felt continually challenged to grow in my faith.

Overall, it was a great weekend. Cru has provided me with some of the most fun and meaningful times I have had in college, and I’m glad that my last Fall Retreat was one to remember.

Cru Fall Retreat

Veronica Ammer

Veronica Ammer,
Senior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 16 October 2018

I love the vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges that make fall pop. Our campus has an abundance of these colors when the weather turns colder, and the trees tucked in between university buildings paint the perfect autumn scene.

While I always enjoy the fall foliage during walks to class, this year I got to take in the season at Scioto Hills Camp for a weekend retreat with Cru, a campus ministry. Some highlights of the weekend included bonding with the girls in
my Bible study, spectating Ohio’s largest ultimate pumpkin game, and learning from the event’s speaker.

From staying up late chatting in our cabin to drinking copious amount of coffee with breakfast the next morning, the girls in my Bible study really got to know each other and form close friendships at the retreat. During our free time, we participated in archery, ziplining, and even took the paddle boat for a spin around the pond.

The biggest event of the retreat was the always-rousing game of Ultimate Pumpkin. The rules are similar to ultimate frisbee, but with a twist; instead of a frisbee, a greased pumpkin is used. I watched from the hill as teams of twenty
college students swarmed the greased pumpkin as each team tried to move the pumpkin from one side of the field to the other. Even though the pumpkin broke into pieces, the game went on with seeds and pumpkin guts spewed over the field and players.

Finally, over four sessions, the speaker challenged us to understand the meanings of faith, works, and grace. He said, “Faith is something you can see.” When I returned to campus on Monday, I was sleep-deprived, but at the same time I felt rested and thankful for the time spent enjoying fall, fellowship, and time with God.

Bishop Visit: Liturgy & Lunch

Cami Jones

Cami Jones,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 7 November 2017

This past Sunday, the Ohio University Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) was blessed to celebrate the Divine Liturgy served by His Grace, Bishop Paul of the Orthodox Church in America, with the St. Ephraim’s chapel community in Athens, OH.

It was an unseasonably warm, bright, and colorful November morning as members of the community formally welcomed His Grace with traditional gifts. The parish community brought forth bread and salt, a symbol of hospitality in eastern Europe, while the youth of the church presented flowers. Although the OCF has not been around long enough to have a “traditional” gift of its own, we brought forth fresh fruit for His Grace as a symbol that the OCF is a fruit of the labors of the church community which also aims to be fruitful in growing the faith of college students.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship

As the Divine Liturgy was served, the chapel itself was filled with a special warmth and beauty as community members of all ages and backgrounds came together to joyfully worship our Lord. The incense was especially sweet, the clergy’s vestments shown as with the light of Christ, and the choir offered up beautifully embellished hymns of praise — all to remind us that the Lord is always in our midst.

As college students, it can be so difficult (yet is imperative) to look past the ever-present mountains of school work and social pressures. But it is by doing so that we may be reminded of the Kingdom of God. Only then will we regain our eternal perspective and be renewed in our pursuits to serve our God and our neighbors with love.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Thankfully, our community blessed us with an opportunity to do just that. At the conclusion of Divine Liturgy, everyone was invited to a luncheon served in honor of His Grace. This was a time of fellowship and relaxation that could not have been more timely — our second round of midterms just ended! We all left the event closer in friendship and renewed in spirit.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship

The OCF is a relatively new student organization on campus that my fiancé and I work closely with and are excited to see growing. The opportunity to celebrate the Divine Liturgy with one of the patriarchs of the Church (who came all the way from Chicago, IL) was a wonderful signal that though we may be a small community, we are always a part of something much larger.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Impact Movement Conference

Joshua Igwe

Joshua Igwe,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 12 April 2017

One of the student organizations I am involved with on campus outside of the Russ College of engineering is Cru. Cru is a Christian ministry that seeks to help college students grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Recently I traveled up to Kent State university with one of my friends who leads a bible study with me for a Cru conference. The purpose of this conference was to train future leaders who will lead with the Impact Movement.

Impact Movement at Kent State

The Impact Movement is a branch of Cru that seeks to reach African American students. This trip was both a time of equipping leaders with necessary tools for leadership and an opportunity to meet college students from different universities. There were students in attendance from Detroit Mercy, Toledo, Central Michigan, Miami Ohio, Ball State and Kent state (our host for the weekend) making a total of about 70 students. In between the training sessions we played games, danced, played cards, had a talent show and learned more about the other universities represented at the conference.

One thing that has been impactful for me since I’ve been in college has been student organizations that present opportunities to meet and network with students from other universities. I’ve learned so much over the past few years from students that I’ve met from other schools and this conference was no exception.

Cru Fall Retreat

Joshua Igwe

Joshua Igwe,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 18 October 2016

Last weekend I took a break from my industrial engineering studies and spent a few days at the Scioto Hills camp site with CRU. CRU is a college campus ministry that I have been involved with since my freshman year.

Each fall a group of about 200 students who are involved with CRU at Ohio University and a few other small schools in southeastern Ohio, travel about an hour from campus to spend time together learning more about Jesus, deepening our relationships with one another and playing fun games like ultimate pumpkin, shown below. (I’m in the red shirt on the far right.)

Ultimate Pumpkin

Ultimate pumpkin is an annual fall retreat event that is similar to ultimate Frisbee, but played with a greased-down pumpkin. There are three teams composed of students that live on the three main greens or sections of campus, South Green, East Green and West Green (which is also home of the engineering buildings).

Since I lived on South Green my freshman year, I played with the South Green team. In 2015 South Green suffered their first lost since the tournament began in 2009, but I am glad to report that I helped bring the trophy back to South where it rightly belongs.

Saturday night, there is a large bonfire. This is a time for students to reflect on what they have learned and experienced during the retreat. (In the picture below, I am on the far left side in the black T-shirt with the bear.)

Cru Bonfire

I really enjoy CRU and many other student organizations that I have had a chance to check out since I began my time at Ohio University. There is truly an organization tailored to fit every type of student on campus regardless of background and interest.