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Activities with AIChE

Charlotte Kapral

Charlotte Kapral,
Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 5 April 2020

The first organization I became a member of at Ohio University was the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). At the end of my freshman year, I became the secretary for the organization. I held that position until the end of the junior year when I became President. As I start my last few weeks as a student, I have had to say goodbye to the student chapter. Elections have been held, and AIChE officially has a new President!

Through AIChE, I got to visit chemical plants and even the Jackie O’s brewery.

AIChE Plant Tour

Every Halloween we carved pumpkins. We had movie nights, sundae parties, bowling events, card night, and many other social events. I had the opportunity to learn more about the college when the organization sponsored university events such as the Career Fair and Ramen Fest. I got to know my professors better by planning a fall dinner at the Chemical Engineering assistant department head’s house, and a spring picnic at the department head’s house. I was able to network with alumni and professionals in industry when they would come to meetings.

My favorite aspect of being involved in a student organization was getting to know the other students within my program; they have made my time at Ohio University a fulling and memorable journey.

Engineering and Technology Day

Haley Nau

Haley Nau,
Junior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 27 February 2019

Last weekend, Renaissance Engineering held its second annual Russ College Engineering and Technology Day. Engineering and Technology Day is a day dedicated to educating Athens youth about STEM. This is done by gathering Russ College’s various clubs and having them each set up a booth and create a STEM activity relating to their clubs’ interests. The event is held in the ARC and Stocker and roughly 400 kids attend each year.

This was my first year participating, and I did it on a fluke. Some of my close friends are the heads of Renaissance Engineers and were putting the event together when they asked me for help to gather more clubs. Being roommates with active members of BSNorg (Bachelor’s in Science, Nursing Organization) I had the idea to bring in a club not founded through Russ College. I asked several professors and of course my roommates if this was possible. I was able to get the green light from both sides and that’s how I ended up as volunteering at Engineering and Technology day as a “Nurse”.


The day of the event, the nurses asked if I could specifically work at their booth with them even though I was a generic volunteer. This would mean I would have to wake up a couple hours earlier to help them set up their activity, but they persuaded me into it by telling me I could wear a white nursing coat.


Their booth consisted of making a set of lungs out of paper bags and straws. With the straws taped to the bags (that kids would color as the shape of lungs) the kids were able to see how their lungs expanded and collapsed by blowing in and out of the bags. We were also given permission from the college of nursing to use some of their stethoscopes and blood pressure monitors so the kids could hear their heart beat and learn how the equipment works.

The event lasted until three and by the end we were exhausted, but already talking about the activities that we can do next year. I can’t wait to come back and do it again!

Women in Aviation

Sarah Bailey

Sarah Bailey,
Junior, Aviation

Athens, OH 16 January 2019

One Russ College organization that I am involved with is Women in Aviation International (WAI). Fall semester was a wonderful time for our organization.

There are not many female pilots in our aviation program at OU, nor in the industry as a whole, so I think that it is incredibly important to have this organization as a way to support each other. While currently only five percent of airline pilots are female, the industry is quickly changing.

Last academic year, I was the only female student in a class of forty and this year we had six young women join our department. We had over fifteen new members become a part of our organization last fall, and I am really excited to see how enthusiastic the first year students are about being a part of WAI and beginning their careers in aviation.

One of the biggest events our organization hosted last semester was a Chili
Cook Off, an annual event that is hosted by WAI as an opportunity for us to increase awareness about the organization as well as fund raise for our chapter to attend the international conference in the spring.

The fundraiser went very well, we had about fifty people attend and raised almost four hundred dollars to help us get to conference! Many of the aviation students attended with their parents so it was a great opportunity for everyone to meet and allowed the students to show their parents the airport and our fleet, giving them a taste of what we are lucky enough to call school.

We had several games of cornhole in the hangar and the whole event had a wonderful atmosphere. It was a great day to enjoy some homemade chili and the beautiful fall weather.

This is one of my favorite organizations that I am a part of because it gives me the opportunity to form friendships with other students in the major and to help incoming students feel welcomed and supported.

Safecon 2018

Sarah Bailey

Sarah Bailey,
Junior, Aviation

Athens, OH 28 October 2018

Earlier this month, I went to the National Intercollegiate Flying Association Safecon 2018 regional competition in Columbus, Ohio, a regional flying competition that hosts schools from all over Ohio and Michigan.

Competitors face off in many different ground and flying events, including computer accuracy, aircraft recognition, ground trainer, simulated comprehensive aircraft navigation (SCAN), short field landings and power off landings.

I myself competed in a few events. There was the ground trainer event, where you are given a pattern with constantly changing altitudes, air speeds, and headings. You then fly the pattern in a simulator and are scored based on how precisely you are able to perform the pattern.

I also competed in SCAN and landings. The goal of landings is to land the plane as close as you can to a specific point on the runway, called the “Zero Line.” We do this two different ways, one being power off landings in which you pull the aircraft’s power to idle to simulate an engine failure, and the other being a normal short field landing, which is a standard power-on landing aiming for the zero line.

The Flying Bobcats, Ohio University’s flight team, had a great week and placed
fourth overall! Regional competition is a really great way to get to know aviators from schools all over Ohio. This is my second year attending competition and it has been a great way to get involved in aviation and get to know other students who share my passion for flying.

Renaissance Engineers

Alexis Lanier

Alexis Lanier,
Junior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 21 October 2018

Going into this school year one of my goals was to get more involved by joining more clubs and organizations. With this goal in mind, I went to the Ohio University annual involvement fair at the beginning of the semester and walked through the endless rows of student organization booths. While fighting through the crowd of students, one organization caught my eye—the Renaissance Engineers.

After going to the first meeting and learning about what the Renaissance Engineers do and their mission, I decided this was a group I was eager to be a part of. The Renaissance Engineers are a fairly new student organization that work under four pillars: technical projects, educational outreach, engineering professionalism, and infrastructure.

Each year the group comes up with various hands-on engineering projects for its members to be a part of, while also focusing on planning outreach events for students from local high schools and middle schools. Coming from a small-town school of 60 to 70 students per grade and having no engineering experience prior to college, I was extremely enthusiastic to become a member of an organization whose goal is to reach students who haven’t had much exposure to engineering.

The Renaissance Engineers hold events such as Engineering Day where students from local high schools come to the Russ College to learn more about engineering, and also go to local libraries to allow kids of all ages to take part in engineering projects.

Along with the educational outreach, the Renaissance Engineers also break into groups to work on engineering projects such as a designing and building a hovercraft, robotics projects, designing and building a bridge, and many more. This year, we are also planning on creating a website, reaching out to other colleges, and working with professionals in the field in order to grow the

After only a few meetings, I am so grateful I saw the Renaissance Engineers’ booth and became a member. If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved in, the Renaissance Engineers meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month @ 7pm in ARC 312.