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ETM Senior Capstone

Andrew Noll

Andrew Noll,
Senior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 12 February 2019

As I start my senior year this spring, I also start the first semester of my senior capstone project. In engineering technology and management, our project is to create a usable product made up of a minimum of 12 parts, and at least one moving part. We have to make the design, CAD models, project documentation, and finances of the product this semester.

Next semester we will create tooling and actually perform a mock production run in which we must fully fabricate and assemble 21 of these products in under 6 hours. Our product is a video game console station. This station will fit a PS4 or XBOX as well as two controllers, a headset and up to 12 of the user’s favorite games.

Each team member must take on a real title such as production manager, engineering manager, quality manager, etc. I chose to take on the role of project manager so I am responsible for the project documentation, maintaining the timeline and managing the overall progress of the project. I am very interested in being a project manager when I enter the industry because I possess the qualities that make up a good manager such as people skills, organization, time management and I am passionate and focused on the projects I take on.

I hope this senior project will help me grow in those ways and give me valuable talking points and real experience with project management, so that I can become a valuable manager at whatever company I end up with.

Computer Science Senior Design

Wesley Book

Wesley Book,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 4 December 2018

As a computer science major, you will spend the last two semesters in a class titled Software Development I and II. In this class, you will get real hands on experience working with a client and designing and developing an application.

For my project, we selected a client based here in Athens. The client wanted a web-based application that could be used as a linking tool to connect professors and grad students with students in the local school district. This application was especially useful for me because of the technologies that we chose to use.

The technologies that we decided on are hot topics in the computer science industry. This application was more of a chat feature, where students could post the projects they were currently working on, and be linked with a expert in the field their project is associated with. Then, the student could ask questions, and gain valuable knowledge from the expert.

Of course this class is a load of fun to me, but has also gave me more hands-on experience, and has shown me exactly how the real-world will function. From working in a team, to contacting a real client, to the design, development, testing, and deployment phases, I really enjoyed this pair of classes.

ME Senior Capstone: Popping Amaranth Seeds

Tanner Wick

Tanner Wick,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 15 November 2018

For my mechanical engineering senior capstone project, our team is looking at ways to commercially pop amaranth seeds! This “pseudocereal” pops like popcorn but is much smaller in size. Amaranth is grown around the Athens region and throughout South America. The reasons why amaranth is exciting is because it has high nutritional content and a resistance to drought.

We are following the engineering design process throughout the project. Our team has met with a customer and developed a list of specifications the popper needs to meet.

Next, we have created “rapid prototypes” of design ideas. After many successful (and unsuccessful) tests, the team has now moved onto an advanced prototype. This prototype is a tall metal tube with a hot air stream blowing through it. Seeds are dropped into the tube, heated, popped, and then pushed out the top of the system by the air. We then collect the popped amaranth to weigh (and taste!).

Before determining the final project design, the team is testing all variables to determine the optimal pop settings. Variables include air temperature, air flow rate, amaranth input rate, and tube length.

Before winter break, the team is going to present a detailed design report and budget to the engineering faculty and our customer. Next semester will be spent manufacturing, testing, and delivering the product!

ME Senior Capstone

Quinn Mitchell

Quinn Mitchell,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 2 November 2018

This year, I am taking the Mechanical Engineering Capstone Design course, which is more commonly referred to as Senior Design. It is the finale of the mechanical engineering curriculum.

The class is centered around a project that is supposed to mimic a real-world engineering project. This means it goes through all stages of project development, including proposal, feasibility analysis, prototype design, and multiple design/budget reviews. This process culminates in Demo Day, where the final products are presented to the clients and professors.

I am a part of a five-person team tasked with developing a uninhabited aerial system (UAS) capable of taking temperature and pressure measurements in a pre-tornadic storm. This project is sponsored by Dr. Jana Houser, a meteorology professor at Ohio University.

The overarching goal is to further understand the development of tornadoes by studying the composition of the rear flank downdraft, a region within storms that have the potential to turn into tornadoes. If successful, this will help improve early warning systems.

From gaining a working meteorological knowledge to reading through countless FAA
regulations, this project has not been without challenge. However, this is not a complaint—this class is designed to be a fundamental part of the process of becoming a real engineer. I have high hopes that this lofty goal will become a reality. On top of this, I have had a great deal of fun working with my team through the first quarter of this project.

Starting the Senior Year

Nicholas Burton

Nicholas Burton,
Senior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 24 September 2018

Week 5 of my “official” senior year of college. So close, yet so far away where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel that is graduation, but there are still plenty of things that need to be done.

After spending yet another summer at home where there is full-time access to the beach, I can say it’s definitely a bittersweet feeling coming back to Athens. Nevertheless, it’s finally starting to feel like fall and this year will be the last time I get to spend on campus, so I am ready to make it count.

This semester, I am completing my senior design project, which I am already seeing is every bit of the time commitment that everyone before me has said it is. With that taking up so much time, it has been a little more difficult to stay focused and make sure every class gets appropriate attention, but so far I have been managing, even with the awful case of “senioritis” I have got going on. My goal is to keep in mind the fact that putting in these 15 weeks (plus 15 more after that) worth of hard work will pay off in the end.

The other big thing I have started to put focus towards is applying to full-time jobs. I believe my past few summers of interning have led me in the path of land development, so that has made it a little easier to focus my search for full-time employment. I can tell you that this process is almost like adding another 4 credit hour class, so I am doing all that I can to get ahead of the game and apply early.

ME Capstone: Recycling Collection

Matt McKenzie

Matt McKenzie,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 13 April 2018

Capstone design for mechanical engineering is a year-long course where a small group of seniors are assigned a client and work together through the engineering process from problem identification to delivering a prototype.

For my capstone project, I have been paired with a local non-profit called Rural Action Zero Waste Initiative, RA ZWI for short.RA ZWI works to divert waste from landfills by cleaning up after local festivals and sorting the trash to send it to its appropriate recycling or compost location.

The problem that my team is looking to solve is to collect a large majority of what they call bulk trash—plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and other waste—in a time period of around 30 minutes. They are having a problem cleaning around the stage area effectively in the short amount of time between the end of the show and when heavy equipment comes in to break down the stage. When this equipment comes in, it tears up the ground and compacts any remaining trash into making it much more difficult to collect.

The client has tried to use some off the shelf solutions before in ways that they were not designed to operate which proved somewhat effective, but nowhere near durable enough and constantly breaking. To solve the issue at hand, and continue the trend of recycling, my team has decided to use a leaf sweeper housing and hopper that RA ZWI has utilized in the past with some effectiveness, but we have designed in a number of improvements to solve the issues and make it more reliable.

After some initial rapid prototyping, we were able to pitch the design to our faculty mentor and our client and are currently rounding out the manufacturing of our prototype. Following the prototype being completed, we will have a number of tests to conduct and make any adjustments to the design to improve its collection efficiency before delivering it to the client and putting it through its paces with them in the coming weeks.

ME Senior Design

Emily Morello

Emily Morello,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 8 April 2018

The main class of senior year for mechanical engineers is senior design. Senior design is a year long class, which is very different from most other engineering disciplines. In the beginning of the fall semester, students were placed on teams based on their areas of interest in engineering. The teams were also made based on student’s strengths and weaknesses to make the teams balanced.

Each team is then assigned a customer with a problem that needs to be solved. The teams work with their customer for the entire year until they solve the problem. Every customer is very different and has a unique problem that needs solved.

My project for senior design is extremely different than most students’. Our customer is a lecturer at Ohio University, Dr. Burnette, and our project is to create a medical device that treats cervical dysplasia with a plasma.

The reason this device is so important is because the current procedure to treat cervical cancer is extremely invasive and can leave the woman infertile in some cases. The idea of using a plasma to treat cancerous cells is that it will kill the bad cells without causing harm to the healthy cells.

At first, it was hard to start our project because we had such a large scope. My team had to do extensive research to learn about the female reproductive system, and it took a lot of thinking to design a device that is safe for procedures. We ended up narrowing our scope from a procedure to an experiment so we can use the device we are designing as a learning tool to answer questions we have and improve the device in the future.

My team has come a long way this year. I can proudly say we have a working prototype that we are going to show at the Ohio University Expo this upcoming Thursday, April 12th . The week after the expo we have senior design demo day which wraps up our senior design experience.

I am very thankful for the project I was assigned because I learned a lot. Senior Design definitely made me use all of my engineering knowledge I learned from college in one class.