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ME Senior Capstone

Halle Harris

Halle Harris,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 21 November 2020

As a senior in mechanical engineering, it has been very exciting to see how I can apply my engineering knowledge from the classroom to projects. One of my classes I am taking this semester is Senior Design Capstone I. In this class, teams work to design and manufacture a product to satisfy their customer’s needs.

Product design takes many factors into account; a few of these factors to consider include safety, cost, technical feasibility, and machinability. Through this class, it has been interesting to see everything that goes into everyday products you can buy at the store.

My team is currently working to design a heating unit to be used with a digital light processing 3D printer. I have been able to use my engineering knowledge from previous classes for this project, including Machine Design and Heat Transfer, as well as learn about new topics.

In Machine Design, I learned how to make design decisions by analyzing the purpose and needs of a product. This helps me to see product designs and understand why materials and dimensions were chosen. This has been helpful in Senior Design Capstone because I can use what I learn from calculations to make design decisions.

In Heat Transfer, I learned about the three main heat transfer modes. Based on knowledge and calculations of the three modes, design decisions can be made to find the best heat transfer solution.

I am also learning more about manufacturing processes this year, as well as cost analysis. These areas are important in product design, and it has been rewarding to learn more about these areas. This project has also helped me learn more about 3D printing processes; it has been interesting to learn more about 3D printing capabilities in design. Learning about new topics to better understand the product needs is interesting.

Through the semester, it has been exciting to see how my knowledge from my coursework applies to product design. It is exciting to see how my knowledge in Machine Design and Heat Transfer was used for the project. I have enjoyed learning more about manufacturing, cost, and 3D printing through this experience. Senior Design Capstone I has been an interesting and exciting experience this semester.

ME Senior Capstone: Plastic Waste Recycling

Haley Myers

Haley Myers,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 1 November 2020

This semester I am in the first half of my senior design capstone class. My group is currently working to find a way to recycle plastic waste in Uganda and create a building material that can be used to build a boardwalk. The boards on the current boardwalk are made of wood and rotting due to the hot and humid climate of Uganda. The customer ideally would like a final product similar to a 2×4 that could be used in additional building applications outside of the boardwalk.

The teams that have worked on this project in the past purchased a plastic extruder (pictured) that continuously extrudes a stream of plastic. My team is proposing to design a die with the largest cross-section possible that can attach to the extruder while still creating a material with limited imperfections. This will prove the concept is feasible and will allow for next year’s team to make appropriate upgrades to the extruder to result in a larger plastic flow rate.

Plastic Extruder

Over the summer, I visited a landfill and was really moved from the experience. I have made it a point to start recycling everything I can, as well as to motivate others to recycle. I have been more conscious when using one-time use products, but most importantly am so excited to work on a project that involves recycling waste into something useful.

Taking Senior Design in an Online Format

Ndem Ndobegang

Ndem Ndobegang,
Senior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 16 September 2020

This semester I am taking my senior design course, Land Development, which is one of the three available senior design courses civil engineering seniors can take. In a nutshell, students learn to design a residential subdivision on a 20 to 25-acre piece of land from the ground up. This includes roadway design, sanitary sewer design and grading to name a few.

In this class, students work in teams of four or five with each person proficient in at least one element of the design. Due to the current health crisis, the class format changed and went fully online, so what was a team project became an individual project.

And before you raise your eyebrows and think “How will they get it done in time??, a lot of adjustments were made. The project was scaled down so it could be completed by one student in a period of three and half months. We were assigned into teams based on our strengths to assist one another if struggling with a specific component of the design or had questions.

On Mondays and Fridays, the course instructor meets with each team to answer questions, but we are also welcome to meet with the instructor privately for further questions. So far, my experience in the class has been going well as I have learned a lot when it comes to such design, and making it work for not only on paper but in reality.

Civil Engineering Senior Design

The picture shows a screenshot of my design in the AutoCAD software used to draw. The yellow outline contains my current subdivision layout design.

CS Senior Design Project

Lydia Shiffler

Lydia Shiffler,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 24 April 2020

For Computer Science, you are enrolled in a senior design class your senior year. You are put into a group of four students and are tasked with completing a yearlong project.

My group wanted to come up with a way for students to know if a study room was available or not in real time. We decided to put two thermal sensors in a study room and create a web and mobile application. Students would be able to to go on and pick any building and then they would see which rooms were available.

This was a very cool project for me because not only did it give me hands on experience with hardware and software, but it was an idea that I have thought about throughout my four years here. I wanted to give the students a convenient way to find places to study/focus in a quiet environment.

With the university classes changing to online and everyone in the group going their separate ways, it was difficult to stay on track and finish this project. We worked through Microsoft teams and luckily someone had the sensors so we could keep working.

We ended up completing this project and although we are not able to physically install them in study rooms, we have hopes that our professor will continue this project and help to have sensors in all the study rooms.

This project was a great way to take all my skills throughout my four years at this university and put them all together to create something great. I am looking forward to taking my group project skills to the real world when I start my job at Microsoft this upcoming September.

Helping to Combat Recidivism in Columbus

Hope Bowden

Hope Bowden,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 10 April 2020

As a senior in ISE, we must complete a senior capstone project to apply the skills we’ve been learning over the past 4 years to a real life scenario. We have a semester to work with a company to complete an ISE-related problem they have at their company.

My group is working with MCS T.O.U.C.H. in Columbus. They work with former inmates to help them more easily transition back into life outside of prison. Their program helps clients find jobs as well as provides mentoring sessions to help with emotional issues they may be going through.

My project focuses on taking the data they have about their clients, such as race, age, gender, employment status, etc., to find a way to predict their likelihood of returning to jail. It is not what I thought I would be doing for my project when I entered into ISE, but it has been an eye-opening project. It has been interesting finding trends with simple things to see how it impacts someone’s decisions in life after prison.

Some pieces of information we found made sense, such as job loss leading to a higher risk. Other factors, such as zip code, were not expected. Considering the area codes that had high levels of recidivism were marked as relatively crime free areas, it was an interesting trend the group found within the data.

My group also had the chance to sit in on a peer-to-peer mentoring session to better understand the program. It was uplifting to see participants trying to lift each other up and push each other to be better people.

I have loved getting to use my skills to truly Create For Good. This program we are creating will be used to allow for the company to personalize their program and prevent recidivism in Franklin County, where the company focuses their efforts. Overall this was an incredible project to get to work on and I am glad I had a chance to work with a company that wanted to give back to others and help them succeed.