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How I Build up My Motivation

Patrick Hanlon

Patrick Hanlon,
Junior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 8 November 2013 – As fall comes to an end and the leaves begin falling off the trees at an exponential rate, students will be trying to get their last fair share of partying in…or are they? Second round of midterms are approaching, which means students are trying to get back into the groove they may have lost from the first strenuous round of midterms. I myself need the new round of motivation to get the job done. How do I build up the motivation to kick my learning gear back in? Well, it’s as simple of a matter as following this flow chart.

Motivation Flow Chart

As you can see, sometimes the results don’t always end in the result of getting “good” grades. I am the type of person who usually learns by getting a problem completely wrong and then fixing it. I call it “paying my dues”. Also, getting motivated for a rough patch of the semester doesn’t always mean becoming sucked into the black hole of studying. Stress can build up fast, so, personally, I like extinguishing the stress fire by rock climbing. There are plenty of activities around campus students can take part in, which is good for the mental health along with physical health. Having dealt with many stressful times, my advice to share with any student is to not let the stress to build up. Relieve it before the volcano of stress decides to suddenly erupt.