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Griffin Braun

Griffin Braun,
Junior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 13 November 2020

As winter looms around the corner and the cold air sweeps through the midwest, I always tend to get a little excited. Winter brings the cold and the cold brings the snow and the snow opens up the ski slopes.

Over the winter I think it is very important to find a hobby you can do to get out of the house. The summer presents many opportunities for hobbies, many of which I enjoy, including golfing, swimming, and watching baseball games. However, there is one thing in the summer I am never able to do…and that is go skiing.

So, as the winter comes, I get excited for my yearly ski trip to the East coast. Vermont and northern New York has the best skiing on the East coast and receives well above the annual average snowfall every year. I only learned how to ski in high school, but I enjoy hitting the slopes to shred some pow whenever I can.

Once I got to OU, I have taken a yearly trip to Vermont to ski with some of my close friends. Each year we add a new person to the trip and are currently at 8 people. We drive through the night to arrive at the slopes first thing in the morning.

I am even more excited for this year, mainly due to the lack of trips with COVID. The picture is from our trip last year at Killington Mountain in Vermont.

Ski Trip

Job Interview in California

Alex Polacek

Alex Polacek,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 10 November 2020

Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed on-site in California. Having an interview where you are away from class for four days can be detrimental to a semester in some ways.

It is definitely doable if managed correctly, but finally it’s something where there’s a great advantage with having virtual classes. Back in my freshman year, I had no idea that I would be able to attend my Applied Thermodynamics course in an airport while waiting for a flight. This seemingly impossible event became a reality when I flew to California.

Flying to California

This entire experience allowed me to get out of my apartment for the first time in what seemed like forever. Driving from the airport reminded me of how fun it can be to do simple things like go for a drive and just walk from place to place.

After being in California for 4 days I was ready to get back to Athens and back to my current home. Every time I drive back into Athens, I feel a sense of belonging very few places provide. Seeing the bricks in the street and the insane amount of greenery in comparison to California reminds me that I am hOUme.

From this experience I am reminded of the importance of staying active. Since I have returned back, I have been trying to incorporate more trips out of the house such as walks and drives.

Spring Break Trip to the Great Smoky Mountains

Logan Veley

Logan Veley,
Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 17 March 2020

I really enjoy any chance to get can’t wait to get outdoors. Over spring break, I was lucky to spend my week exploring the Great Smoky Mountains. It was my first time being able to hike in the mountains, and I loved each and every view.

Great Smoky Mountains

My girlfriend and I trekked off to multiple waterfalls that cut into the remote mountainsides. Every time we hiked or drove past one of the rivers, the clarity of the water blew my mind. You could always see the bottom of the river even when it was around six feet deep. Someday, I would love to return to trout fish in the rivers and brooks.

Great Smoky Mountains

The pictures show two of the highlights of the trip. Our hike along the Appalachian Trail provided scenic mountain overlooks, and Spruce Flats Falls was at full effect from the recent rain. I had so much fun exploring a new part of the country, and I can’t wait for my next trip to mountains.

Spring Break Cruise Plans

Melissa Kuchta

Melissa Kuchta,
Senior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 28 February 2020

Senior year truly is flying by. I know I say it every blog post, but I can’t believe that it is almost March already!

With that being said, that means Spring Break (my last one ever!) is officially on the horizon. Only one more week of classes and then it is finally here! My friends and I wanted to do something bigger this year since it is our very last one.

We decided back in November that we were going to book a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas and Grand Cayman Islands! Our cruise leaves out of Miami on Monday, March 9th! It is a five-day cruise and there are 10 of us going together. I am rooming with two of my best friends, Lauren and Kelsey.

I can’t wait to spend some much needed time in the sun with my best friends. I am also excited for all the food that the cruise will offer! There is a buffet open 24/7 on every deck and we are also served a three course meal for dinner every night. There is also a casino, dance club, swimming pool and slide, as well as workout equipment on board!

It’s safe to say that we are going to go out with a bang. Spring Break can not get here soon enough!

Winter Break Ski Trip

Lydia Seiter

Lydia Seiter,
Senior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 18 January 2020

Over our winter break, I went on a ski trip to Colorado with my best friend Hannah! I met Hannah in our first-year engineering classes, and we became close, bonding over our shared love for live music, social and political issues, and traveling. Last spring break, we went to Mexico together, and discovered we have similar traveling styles—we are both laid-back, love eating local food, and staying active, like riding bikes and scuba diving.

I knew that when Hannah invited me on this ski trip, that it would be another enjoyable experience. We were going to meet up with Hannah’s best friend from high school, Liz, who goes to college in Colorado.

We flew to Denver on a Thursday night and spent Friday exploring the city, eating at several different places and walking around to get a feel for the neighborhoods and street art. Friday night, Liz, Liz’s boyfriend Nick, and Liz’s boyfriend’s brother Luke, came to pick us up. After eating Vietnamese pho for dinner, we headed out to Breckenridge in their car.

While we were driving, we encountered a huge blizzard which shut down the roads! We got stuck in a snowbank while driving to our Airbnb; luckily, two very capable tow truck men came to rescue us, and we were fortunate to snag one of the last hotel rooms in town at 1 am. It wasn’t what we had planned for, but it was definitely memorable and a bonding experience for us all.

On Saturday, we went skiing at Breckenridge! I had only been skiing once before, in Ohio, and it was Hannah’s first time skiing ever. Liz and Nick proved to be fantastic hosts and guides, and they helped us grasp the fundamentals of the sport. They were super encouraging and helpful! Hannah and I both improved so much from the beginning of the day to the end of the day.

Skiing at Breckenridge

Skiing in Colorado was incredible—the mountains were enormous, the snow was so fresh, and the views were stunning and breathtaking. We finished our day skiing at a restaurant, where we attempted to replenish all the calories we had expended that day.

On Sunday, we took a bus back to the airport and headed back to Ohio. It was a short trip, but it was absolutely worth it. I look forward to returning to Colorado to ski again in the future, and I look forward to more fun trips with my best friend Hannah!