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Travel Home for Winter Break

Jannat Al Barwani

Jannat Al Barwani,
Junior, Aviation Management

Athens, OH 16 January 2017

If you were far away from your family, believe me when I say: you will take the advantage of each long vacation to go back home.

Over winter break, I went back to my lovely country, Oman. It takes a whole day to reach there, but seeing my family is worth it. I really love Oman during the winter season because people can go to a lot of entertaining areas where they have an outdoor breakfast followed by having lunch. In contrast, summer is a very terrible season in Oman; no one can go outside because it is extremely hot. The weather does not matter to me as long as I get to see my family.

I was glad that I got the opportunity to visit the Royal Opera House in Muscat, Oman. I went there with my sister since she enjoys watching ballet shows as do I.

We watched the show Anna Karenina which was performed by the Eifman ballet of St. Petersburg. They play was based off of the novel of the same name that was written by the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. The novel basically talks about a married aristocrat and her affair with an affluent man. The show was emotional and breathtaking, it was a tragic story. I find the joy in trying to understand what those ballet movement meant and how they relate it to the novel.

The show was not the only thing that was breathtaking—so was the design of the Royal Opera House. The structure of the building resembled a western design and the indoor decor of the opera house had an Arabian theme. I found that was a really spectacular combination.

My winter break was not only in Oman, I also visited Britain and met up with my sister who currently works for BAE systems in the U.K. We both enjoyed the New Year`s Eve in London.

I made new friends there and we spent quality time together that will never be forgotten. I visited Manchester, Liverpool and Blackpool as well. It is my third time visiting Britain, but every time I visit, I get the same excitement as if it was my first time there.

Quiet Campus

Rob Parker

Rob Parker,
Senior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 15 December 2016

If you were to take a walk through campus during the winter break, the place would remind you of a ghost town from a movie. The buildings are empty, the courtyards are quiet and people are able to drive around without getting held up at a crosswalk.

Less than a week ago, though, the scene on campus was far different. There were large amounts of people wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts, coffee shops couldn’t keep enough coffee brewed and people had forgotten what a bed was. Don’t fret though, every year the students make it through to see another semester and this past week was another example of this.

So what am I doing over break? For the most part I’m working on campus for the Department of Housing and Residence Life and I’m also relaxing. But the thing that I’m looking most forward to is skiing! Through my multitude of years here on campus I have picked up some new hobbies and skiing is one of them.

I was introduced to the sport my freshman year by one of my friends and I’ve loved it ever since. I’ve been to Mad River and Snow Trails multiple times but I enjoy the longer trips that we get to take to Holiday Valley, Snow Shoe and Seven Springs. Liking to ski or snowboard comes with another perk–making winter bearable, because the more snow we get, the better the skiing gets!

Ready for Winter Break

Alyson Meister

Alyson Meister,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 13 December 2015

The end of fall semester comes with great anticipation for the holidays and time with family. My family has a tradition of driving around my hometown of Springfield, Ohio, to look at the Christmas lights. It began my senior year of high school and has continued to my senior year of college. The tradition started with my immediate family and some of my second cousins, and I was the youngest participant. Who says adults can’t have fun looking at Christmas lights?

Springfield Christmas Lights

Over the years, our group has expanded to include spouses, finances and babies, but we never fail to make a trip to the Christmas tree downtown to take a picture, see the lights at the Clifton Mill or stop for hot chocolate.

Springfield Christmas Lights

There is never a dull moment with my family and after the stress of finals it was just the refresher that I needed. I am looking forward to the rest of our holiday traditions, including a themed Christmas party with my mom’s family, a huge Christmas Eve get together and pork and sauerkraut on New Year’s.

In between all of that I will be heading to an interview in Wisconsin, working on completing graduate school applications, and working on my own projects.

I’m excited for this time off of school to spend time with my family and to prepare myself for my last semester of college and whatever is coming next.

Winter Break Ski Trip

Claire Hall

Claire Hall,
Senior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 14 January 2015

This Winter Break 10 other engineers and I were able to take a Ski trip to Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, New York. One of the my classmates was able to rent a small condo through a family friend and we all carpooled over to New York.

The weather was perfect for three full days of skiing and fun! The first day we got to the resort it was a demo day. All of the different brands of skis and snowboards had tents filled with gear that people could try out for a couple of hours. I learned how to snowboard from a friend in middle school and had never tried skiing. So this trip I was able to demo skis and have my friends teach me!

Ski Trip

It was very different and definitely more difficult for me to pick up. Everyone was a good sport about it and waited for me as I went slowly down the runs. The other people on the trip were much more experienced than me even when I was back on my snowboard but it was fun to hear about how everyone had picked up skiing or snowboarding. Back at the condo we all made meals together and had an awesome time relaxing and playing lots of euchre.

Ski Trip

Winter Break is Over

Steve Toth

Steve Toth,
Junior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 13 January 2015

“What!? Break is over already? What do you mean classes start Monday?” I’m sure this same thought was running through the minds of many students (and professors) this past weekend. For those that stayed in Athens that probably means they have to start fighting for parking spots again. For those that went home that means no more home-cooked meals. Regardless, for all, it means back to the grindstone.

Although it may not be welcomed at first, spring semester does have its perks. Athens will not be as barren and lonely (for those that stayed in or visited Athens over break, you know what I mean). Friends will be reunited. You no longer have to live in your parent’s NEW closet / workout room / sewing room. (If your parents haven’t converted your old bedroom into something for themselves, trust me they are planning).

And most importantly, spring semester offers a new course load with new professors and new classmates providing new experiences, new friends and the opportunity to explore new interests. Well it’s back to homework for me; bundle up ladies and gents, it’s time for winter…

Holiday Break in Athens, Ohio

Emily Blaha

Emily Blaha,
Senior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 8 January 2015

The City of Athens and Ohio University have strong ties that not many other schools have. The city and university work closely together throughout the year to make Athens the safe and beautiful place it is, for students and community members.

Athens is such a fun place to be. When I find some time in between classes, homework, and meetings, it’s great to go Uptown and enjoy the shops and restaurants Court St. has to offer.

Athens Uptown during Holidays

Life in Athens is kind of like seasons, and changes as the students come and go. Sometimes it’s easy for me to forget that Athens is still here when I leave on break, but it really becomes a quintessential small town again. The streets are less crowded and the pace of life feels like it slows down for a while. I spent some of this winter break in Athens. Around the holiday season, the city covers Court St. in lights and plays music in the street. It’s fun to see the entire city embrace the holiday season!