Preparing for Life after Graduation

Esteban Rodriguez

Esteban Rodriguez,
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 7 February 2016

My four years at Ohio University have almost come to a close and I am now in my last semester. Even though these four years have been amazing, I have to prepare for what my life is going to be in 3 months.

After thinking about my plans for several months, I have decided to pursue a career in industry and not to apply for graduate school. The oil industry had always been my passion; however given the fact that the price of oil has declined to record levels, I started looking at other industries.

The industry that has caught most of my attention has been the software industry, especially business intelligence, analytics and big data. My current plan is to find a job in a company that works with the applications of this type of software.

In order to find a job in the industry that I want, I have been using several resources that are very effective. While being an international student, finding a job in the United States is not easy since it requires sponsorship. However, I do think that the resources that I have used have given me several opportunities to at least introduce myself to the company.

Among the resources that I have used, the one that has helped me the most is my network. Since I was a sophomore, I knew that I had to build a network and I did so through my student organizations. This network has benefited me in getting interviews, assisting me through the hiring process and on top of that provided me with an even larger network. I will keep working on my job search during the next couple of months hoping to have something lined up for after graduation!

Steve Toth

Steve Toth,
Senior, Engineering Technology and Management

Athens, OH 7 February 2016

As I’m sitting in my apartment trying not to think of the cold outside, my mind wanders to summers past and the prospects of summers future. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, in my free time, I enjoy restoring antique trucks and farm equipment. This past summer I restored a John Deere manure spreader for a client. Below is a before picture. At that point, most of the wood had significant rot and a significant amount of the metal had rust holes.

John Deere Manure Spreader Before Restoration

As the restoration process went on, replacement parts became a necessity and the search for 65 year old parts began. I was able to find a majority of the needed replacement parts from a salvage yard in South Dakota but one part eluded my search. The part was a sheet metal shield meant to prevent hands from being caught in the drive chains. These are often discarded to make maintenance easier. In the end, I was able to find a shield in a swamp in Illinois but it was in very poor shape:

Shield for Drive Chains

Through my experience in design, I was able draft a replacement in SolidWorks and send the file to a local fabricator to be CNC plasma cut and bent to shape.

Design of New Shield

In the end, this fabricated part brought the restoration together and was the crowning touch:

John Deere Manure Spreader After Restoration

Society of Women Engineers Conference

Caroline wilson

Caroline Wilson,
Junior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 7 February 2016

This weekend I had the privilege of attending the Region G Conference for the Society of Women Engineers at the University of Cincinnati. It was a weekend full of seminars, networking, and bonding with a group of amazing ladies.

SWE Conference

I joined SWE at the end of last semester—-pretty late in the game, considering I will be graduating next spring, but I am so glad that I finally took the plunge. This conference was the perfect way to kick start my involvement and passion for SWE, an organization which I am certain will remain a part of my life for many years to come.

SWE Conference

At my first SWE chapter meeting, we were asked to submit a statement on the prompt, “What SWE Means to Me.” I felt uncomfortable then because I hadn’t had any real experiences with the group, so the question bounced around, unanswered, in my head.

After this weekend, though, I am confident that I have an answer: for me, SWE is about empowering the women around me—-it is a platform from which we can shout our accomplishments and be recognized and celebrated for succeeding as a woman in a male-dominated field. It’s about telling little girls that yes, they too can become engineers, that they can see a problem in the world around them and imagine creative solutions to fix it. It’s not just for a select group of college women; it’s for women in the peak of their careers, girls in middle and high school that are discovering their passions, men who are supportive of women in engineering.

This weekend I attended seminars teaching me about LinkedIn and interviewing; had a professional headshot taken; asked questions about graduate school to women who were experiencing it; and had the opportunity to attend a career fair. For someone who was completely new to the organization, I realized very quickly exactly what SWE brings to the lives of thousands of women across the world, and I feel incredibly proud to be a part of it.

Student Organizations for Everyone

Robert Parker

Robert Parker,
Junior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 3 February 2016
Student Organizations for Everyone –

One thing that is clear here at Ohio University is that there is a student organization for everyone. I am involved in several organizations, most of them centered around engineering. The organization that keeps me the busiest and I’m most excited for is the American Society of Civil Engineers. I have recently taken on the role of president of the organization.

With the organization we are preparing for many activities this semester. The officers have a student conference in Pittsburgh, our chapter is hosting the regional conference in April and our largest event, the Ohio Valley Student Conference is coming up in March. The OVSC competition is by far what every member looks forward to all year.

This competition consists of about 350 civil engineering students from 14 schools from Ohio, Kentucky and Pittsburgh. There are several different competitions that each school can participate in: concrete canoe, steel bridge, surveying, concrete bat, environmental, geotechnical, and basal wood bridge competitions. Students have been preparing all year for these competitions and the projects are in their final stages of construction. It’s a great time and a good learning experience. Who would have thought that a bunch of engineers could be so fun?!

2015 Concrete Canoe

This is last year’s concrete canoe team. Unfortunately, even though I was involved in the construction of the canoe, I am not in the picture. I also compete in the surveying competition and that occurs at the same time as concrete canoe.

Crafting to Unwind

Leigh Ann Tumblin

Leigh Ann Tumblin,
Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular engineering

Athens, OH 24 January 2016

One of my favorite hobbies is crafting, and it is a creative way for me to relax and unwind when I am feeling stressed out. It is also the perfect winter time activity when you are stuck indoors. I love interior design, so most of my crafts are decorations for my apartment.

My most recent crafting adventure was making coasters.


I started with cheap tiles from Lowes. My mom and I repurposed her calendar from last year and cut out 4”x4” pictures of flowers. I mod-podged them onto the tiles, sprayed spar urethane on top to make them waterproof, and added felt to the bottom so they wouldn’t damage table tops. It was super fun and inexpensive, and I have received lots of compliments from guests!

Another craft I have completed recently was a snowman burlap wreath.

Snowman Burlap Wreath

This was a really fun craft to do for winter! I started with two wire wreath frames and white burlap. I twisted the burlap around both frames and then attached them together. The hat was constructed of cardboard and felt and was hot glued to the wreath. Finally, I tied flannel ribbon around the neck to make his scarf!

As the semester gets busier, it is important to take breaks to keep yourself sane. Crafting is a great way for me to get my mind out of the books to relax and unwind.

Winter’s Back

Drago Cvijetinovic

Drago Cvijetinovic,
Senior, Aviation

Athens, OH 24 January 2016

Spring semester officially started on the 11th of this month and, let me tell you something, it does not feel like spring. We’ve had temperatures at negative 14 degrees and phones have been buzzing with winter-weather-advisory warnings. Just a few months ago I was sitting in the sunshine sipping on frozen, fruit drink and enjoying the salty ocean waters with the soft sand in between my toes; there is nothing more that I want than to just go back and enjoy that for a few more days.


However, I know that once winter passes away for the year, I’m going to miss the magical, romantic feel of watching snow fall from the sky and the chance of spending that time with all my friends for one last semester. In fact, as I write this right now in my apartment that overlooks the University, the Summit, I’m watching fellow classmates sledding down the very hill that I live on.


With the start of the Spring semester, classes are taking off at full throttle, picking up everything academically from the previous semester. And since this is my senior year, I have conditioned myself to give 110% at the start of the semester. Now for some students, this may be difficult if this is their first time experiencing this–but with my experience–I have the perfect remedy for such a thing.

First things first, you have to work hard such that any free time earned is that much more enjoyable. The next step is to encourage your peers to do the same, because your friends also tend to be your best motivators. Likewise, once everyone is done with their work, you can all partake in the freedom of not having any work and have some real fun.

For example, as a freshmen, a leader board was set up in my dorm to tally wins against other students in different video games that everyone could see and participate. As a result, this competitive competition not only implemented the constructive nature of diligence through rank, but also begot and nourished what would be the foundations of stronger friendships and relationships. In fact, we played one of these video games so much, we burned out the disc and it became completely unusable. Despite this unfortunate event, it wasn’t long after that the sun finally broke through the winter clouds and dawned the initiation of outdoor activities.

Finding Time for Netflix

Katie Logue

Katie Logue,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 24 January 2016

With the start of my final semester here at OU, I’m finally finding some extra free time in my schedule. Since I’ve always taken a few more credits than required, my course load is a little lighter this time. Also, since many of my classes are project-based, and since I’m taking an online course as well, I’m spending a lot less time in an actual classroom. So, like many other college students, I like to keep warm and unwind by watching Netflix in my spare time.

Below is a list of my top three series on Netflix right now, so I would highly recommend any of these shows if you’re looking for a new obsession.

  • Dexter -– I finished this series a few months ago, but it is still probably one of my favorite shows on Netflix. I never caught wind of it when it was regularly shown on cable but started it on Netflix after a friend suggested it. The series is about a serial killer who works as a blood spatter analyst for the police department. His goal is to take out criminals who have eluded the justice system. Dexter is definitely different from any show I’d seen before. I really liked it because it was full of action and also extremely unpredictable. There’s a surprise in almost every episode. I wouldn’t recommend starting this series, though, if you have a weak stomach, as it contains fairly gory and graphic scenes.
  • Gilmore Girls -– This is a show I already owned on DVD, but it was added to Netflix not too long ago, making it that much easier to binge watch on a snowy day. This one centers around a witty mother-daughter duo in a charming town called Stars Hollow. It has a much lighter tone, so it’s the perfect show to have playing in the background while studying. I’m currently watching this entire season from start to finish for the third time, so it’s clearly a personal favorite.
  • Prison Break — My husband and I started this not too long ago and have made it to the final season. We watch a few episodes just about every weekend. This series is about an engineer who gets arrested on purpose in order to break his brother, who is on death row, out of prison. The two face an endless list of complications along the way. Prison Break is one of my top picks because it’s thought provoking, exciting, and action-packed. Cliffhangers at the end of every episode motivate you that much more to finish your homework so you can find out what happens next.
  • I’m not advocating for spending hours in front of a television screen, but sometimes, especially during winter months, it’s nice to unwind with a captivating TV series, and Netflix has tons to choose from. It’s been really nice this semester to have a little additional free time to watch the shows I enjoy and even read a novel or two in between my senior project work.