Sand Volleyball

Dillon Mahr

Dillon Mahr,
Junior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 13 October 2019

One thing that I really like about Ohio University is the recreational opportunities it provides. There is a lot of hiking trails, lakes, and other land open to the public very close to OU. Not only that, there are the sand volleyball courts, frisbee golf course, and basketball course.

In my sophomore year I found a group of fellow engineering students that really enjoyed playing volleyball together on the sand courts. We definitely are NOT pros by any means, but we just enjoyed playing and hanging out after class.

Sand Volleyball

The Russ College has its own volleyball tournament every year that is usually held in the spring. My friends and I decided to enter. Everyone was there to have fun, but the competition was actually pretty intense. We worked our way through the tournament to the championship game.

I was the only computer engineer on a team of mostly chemical engineers. We were facing the team Steel Bridge from the Civil Engineering Department. Each team was playing to win bragging right for their college. The game was super fun and came down to the wire in the last set. We somehow managed to win.

I am definitely glad I decided to first just go ask if I could join in on a game of sand volleyball. I ended up making some great friends and having a great time.

OU Homecoming

Brittany Hesson

Brittany Hesson,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 13 October 2019

My favorite part about fall in Athens is Homecoming. Homecoming brings lots of alumni back to campus to celebrate Ohio University. The town is packed with people who come back to connect with friends and enjoy all the things they left in Athens when they graduated.

During Homecoming Weekend, the university puts on a variety of events for the students, alumni, and locals. These events include the Homecoming Parade and pep rally. My favorite event that happens is the football game.

My parents and my sister come down and we tailgate before the game. I really enjoy this time with my family because we just sit around, eat food, and talk. It is the perfect time to celebrate the Bobcats while spending time with my family.

Another exciting part of Homecoming and having the alumni in town is watching the alumni 110 marching band. The band plays in the Homecoming Parade as well as at halftime during the football game. It is so exciting to see the alumni members on the field having a blast like they did when they were students.

Seeing the band happy to be back in Athens makes me think about when I will become an alumna and what I will do when I come back. I look forward to coming back to visit my friends, the beautiful campus, and enjoying the football game with my family.

Participating in Exoskeleton Research

Lydia Seiter

Lydia Seiter,
Senior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 11 October 2019

I’ve conducted research myself as an undergraduate, but recently had the unique chance to be a subject in a research study. The Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE) Department researches ergonomics and was in need of female test subjects. I participated in their study on Women and Exoskeletons, and how exoskeletons can be improved to better serve the women that wear them in occupational settings.

Exoskeletons are external, wearable systems that help to lift a load or to make a task easier.


I had never worn an exoskeleton before, so it was amazing to gain exposure to this workplace tool. It was also awesome that the ISE lab was specifically focused on how these tools affect and help women, based on our anatomy and biology.

My roommate and fellow Ambassador, Lydia, participated in the study with me. We did tasks like operating a drill and lifting a load progressively to different levels.

Workers who must complete very physical labor are in need of solutions that minimize their strain and injury, and I’m excited that Ohio University is invested in investigating these possibilities. This research study is truly Creating for Good!

Hiking Radar Hill

Haley Nau

Haley Nau,
Senior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 8 September 2019

It’s fall in Athens! One of my favorite things to do this time of year is hike one of OUs famous hiking trails: Radar Hill. It’s located on a hill behind The Ridges off a back road. There are no markers for it besides a gravel parking lot and an ajar gate that signals the trail head.

The trail takes you mostly through open grassy fields which is perfect in the fall because the bugs and heat have died down, but deer are always roaming about. The tall grasses also turn a golden color that catches the light any time of the day.

The best time to go though is in the evening when the sun is about to set. Due to the open grass fields, you can get a spectacular view of the open sky as it changes colors.

The hike ends at the top of a hill that overlooks the hilly countryside surrounding Athens. Typically, there are groups of people (and maybe a few dogs) scattered about the top sitting on logs or rocks waiting for the sun to set. It is a rewarding ending to a not too difficult hike. I can’t wait to hit the trail once again!

Activities I Found This Fall

Jason Wherry

Jason Wherry,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 7 October 2019

I am blown away by how quickly my Senior year has progressed so far. Ohio University’s annual Reading Day has come and gone (one of my favorite holidays to spend on campus) reminding me that the semester is almost halfway over, a catalyst to get my body moving outside before the weather gets too chilly.

The Fall is arguably the best season to spend time outdoors and recently I have been trying some new activities like Climbing and Slacklining. Bouldering at Witches Hill in Athens has been immeasurably fun and I highly recommend taking a hike there to get some fresh air.

Slacklining at various spots on campus has kept me close to the Bobcat family this semester as I have met a bunch of people and introduced some of them to this quirky hobby of mine.


For those of you that do not know what a slackline is, imagine a long and narrow trampoline made out of nylon/polyester that is suspended in the air by two anchors at each end. Traversing the slackline requires a combination of balance, core strength, and focus. Pictured above, I am taking some of my first confident steps on a 2-inch (width) slackline in the middle of College Green.

I took a camping trip down to New River Gorge in WV with some friends who convinced me (a novice climber at the time) to join them and experience a culture that is new to me.

Throughout the long-weekend that we stayed there I tried to climb many routes, but only climbed one of them successfully. The climb that I did is categorized as a ‘Deep-Water Solo’, meaning that you are not harnessed into a rope system and rely on the water below you as the only protection against injury from falling.

The next two images show myself climbing a route to a ledge where my friend patiently waits. What was my favorite part of this route you ask? Jumping off the 35 ft cliff into the refreshing water and realizing that the simplest things, like climbing natural structures, can make me the happiest.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Taking a leap into different activities so far this semester has diversified my physical activity and expanded my social circle in ways I did not imagine. After living in Athens for three school years I had subconsciously stopped reaching out to try new things and looked at life through the same lenses. As a Senior majoring in Computer Science, I believe in challenging yourself both in academics and personal growth to experience the most in your college years and prepare yourself for whatever opportunities life presents you with.

Fall in Athens

Lydia Shiffler

Lydia Shiffler,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 06 October 2019

Fall is by far my favorite season here in Athens and it being my last year, I am especially appreciative of all that it has to offer. After being insanely hot this whole semester, I know everyone is getting excited for the weather to start cooling down. It is the most beautiful time of the year here.

Fall in Athens

In Athens, the trees are so colorful and beautiful and there are so many fun activities to do. My favorite thing to do is go hiking up to Witch Hill where you can see the whole university. It is so fun to go up there and have a whole day with my friends of just enjoying the view. We always bring hammocks up and a picnic so we can stay up there for as long as we want.

Another fun thing to do is going to Libby’s pumpkin patch and get pumpkins to carve or paint. It’s such a beautiful place to go and yet another fun thing to do here in Athens.

Libby's Pumpkin Patch

One of my favorite weekends in fall is Homecoming, which is happening next weekend. I am so excited for friends to come back to the university and enjoy everything OU has to offer. Everyone comes together to watch the parade and the football game and celebrate all the students. It is so much fun for all the alumni to come and spend time with the current students and see the university again and I hope to come back and do the same next year when I am officially an alum.

My Pet Gecko

Maggie Allen

Maggie Allen,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 5 October 2019

It’s crazy to think that the semester is almost already half-way over! Senior year has been a whirlwind so far; from busy classes to enjoying every moment with my friends since this is the last year we’ll all be together.

I also just got a new pet which has been keeping me busy this semester as well! He’s a baby leopard gecko named Freddie (Queen is one of my favorite bands, so of course I had to name him after Freddie Mercury).

Freddie the Gecko

I’ve had him for about a month now and most leopard geckos live ten to twenty years. It’s crazy to think that I’ll have him until I’m 30-40 years old! Since I accepted a full-time position at the company I worked at last summer in Phoenix, I’ll have to take Freddie with me on the thirty-hour cross-country drive or find a new home for him once I graduate.

He’s still a little shy since I got him so young, but he’s starting to get really active in his cage; soon enough he’ll be comfortable with me and we’ll let him roam the apartment a little bit! It’s so much fun having a new pet and learning to take care of him and I’m excited to watch him grow.