Reflections After Graduation

Gareth Bussa

Gareth Bussa,
Senior, Aviation

Athens, OH 16 December 2018

Ever since I started at Ohio University, I couldn’t wait to graduate college and begin my career as a pilot. When I started, I was welcomed by everyone at OU, and I can still say that today.

Being a Bobcat is something that I didn’t understand when I first arrived. Today, I know what that means. You’re more than just a student at Ohio University; you are a family of current and past students.

As a pilot, making radio calls on frequencies, you must say your callsign. If you are flying an Ohio University airplane, the aircraft tail number ends with “0U”, and it references to OU. As I was flying to New York last week, I said the callsign, and after I transmitted, I heard someone come on and say, “Go Bobcats!”

No matter where you go, people know who a Bobcat is and will respect you because they know you came from a great university. As I graduate this weekend, I know that I went to the right place.

I can’t thank enough to my friends and professors who have helped me become the person I am today. I am excited to start my journey as an airline pilot, but I will miss the time I had at Ohio University.

One More Semester

Nicholas Burton

Nicholas Burton,
Senior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 15 December 2018

I am writing this today as a senior with only one remaining semester of college. I’ve been waiting to get to this point pretty much since I started college and now that I am here, I kind of want these last 15 weeks of school to slow down a little bit. A couple of my close friends are graduating after this first semester, so it all is starting to feel more real.

As far as the job search goes, I have three interviews coming up over winter break in three different locations in the country, so I am excited to get out and see what all there is to offer.

Next semester, I have probably one of the most manageable semesters I’ve ever had in college. I only have 2 required civil engineering classes remaining, so this makes it so that I only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday. I have never had a day during the week that I don’t have class scheduled, let alone 3, so I am excited to have a lot of free time to enjoy Athens one last time. On top of this, all of the extra time will give me plenty of opportunity to study for the FE Exam in February.

Making Cookies

Veronica Ammer

Veronica Ammer,
Junior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 14 December 2018

Finals week can be a stressful time. Luckily, the world of college comes complete with spectacular roommates who love to bake. The night before my last final exam of the semester, my roommate made some sugar cookies to decorate. It is a family tradition for her and one that all four of us roommates were happy to keep.

We had snowmen, stars, angels, and snowflake shapes to be adorned with red, green, and white icing and silvery sprinkles. Soon enough, our countertop was converted with an assortment of dainty white and silver snowflakes and stars in holiday colors with extra sprinkles.


There were so many cookies, so we had to get creative as we started to run out of ideas. One snowman become an abstract guitar and a few snowflakes were converted into spider webs.


I used the cookies as motivation for my studying. For every forty-five minutes of studying, I spent ten minutes decorating one or two cookies. This system made the otherwise monotonous study session almost fun and the intervals helped to keep me focused. Furthermore, the sugar from the cookies gave me the energy I needed to push through the practice problems and stay awake when I would have been nodding off otherwise.


Getting to celebrate Christmas traditions with my roommates before separating for winter break was a blast and a great way to detress during finals week. After all, the best study breaks also include a sugary treat.

Annual Skiing Trip

Jason Wherry

Jason Wherry,
Junior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 11 December 2018

Next Tuesday, a week from today, I will be traveling to Jay, Vermont with a group of my friends where we will explore the trails of Jay Peak. This is our fourth skiing trip as a group, and personally, my third time visiting Jay Peak.

The anticipation has been immense during the last stretch of the fall semester at Ohio University. In other words, I have been waiting to reclaim the fresh air, gorgeous sights, and radical slopes after a long week of final exams.

I look forward to this trip exponentially due to the memories of previous trips up North, and my love for the snow-covered glades. This passion of mine took hold whilst skiing for the first time on a local mountain, Bear Creek, in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Once I starting attending college and had limited time for such activities, I realized how much I love the sport. The environment on the mountain is unique: laid-back, yet thrilling. This time of year is full of adventure and the inner-nomad in me is elated.

Catching up with old friends is necessary and there is no better time than during this six day excursion. The atmosphere is joy-filled and conversation never stops as we all played Ultimate Frisbee (another passion of mine) together in high school and have been good friends for some time.

If you do not ski or snowboard yet, I highly recommend trying it because gliding through the woods and shredding down the turns of a mountain transports me to cloud nine. If you did not already figure out that I am an adrenaline junkie, take a look at a few pictures I have taken with my GoPro camera.

Me at the summit of Jay Peak:

Summit of Jay Peak

An action shot of me traversing through some glades

Going Downhill

Experience Everything Athens

Julia Nebbia

Julia Nebbia,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 10 December 2018

As my fifth and final fall semester comes to a close, I’ve been making it a point to experience everything Athens. Taking walks through campus with an awareness and mindfulness of my surroundings, spending cold days in Donkey with a hot cup of coffee, and even trying out new restaurants.

In spirit of this, I treated my roommate to a holiday wine tasting at Athens Uncorked this past Friday for her graduation. It was our first time at the location, and as fifth year seniors, figured it would be a nice alternative to the chaos of Court Street or a night studying at Alden.

We were surprisingly the only college students there for the first few hours. The setting was a little surreal, but the unfamiliar feeling was almost comforting. After a little while, the place was full of people and holiday cheer! We indulged in a cheese plate and hummus, sipped on samples of wine, and enjoyed one another’s conversation.

Athens Uncorked

Altogether, we were extremely satisfied with the evening and went home smiling. It was bittersweet knowing it was our last weekend in Athens together, but it was well worth it.

If you are of age and looking to enjoy a hidden gem of Athens, I highly recommend checking out Athens Uncorked for a quiet evening and great service.

Preparing to Snowboard

Quinn Mitchell

Quinn Mitchell,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 8 December 2018

Next Friday, December 14th , the last day of finals week this semester, my friends and I will head to the airport to fly to Vancouver, British Colombia. From there, we will hop on a shuttle to Whistler where we will be skiing and snowboarding for four days.

This will be the fourth year that we take such a trip. It will also be the fourth year that I spent a great deal of fall semester impatiently waiting for the trip. However, this is not just a repeat of previous years; it will be our first time at Whistler. We have wanted to go to Whistler for years, so this is quite a big deal, at least to us.

Although it does make it a lot harder to concentrate on studying for finals, this snowboarding trip is a great way to end the semester. Since eighth grade, when I learned to snowboard, I have tried to spend as much time on the mountain as possible. This became even more important once I began college; spending some time where I’m only concerned about how much snow is falling each day is a great stress relief.

It also gives me the opportunity to spend quality time with some old friends. For these reasons, If I have not already convinced you that I’m a big fan of snowboarding, I suggest you ask any of my friends, roommates, classmates, or people I’ve met on the street if I have offered to teach them to snowboard. I doubt you’ll get many “no” responses.

Computer Science Senior Design

Wesley Book

Wesley Book,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 4 December 2018

As a computer science major, you will spend the last two semesters in a class titled Software Development I and II. In this class, you will get real hands on experience working with a client and designing and developing an application.

For my project, we selected a client based here in Athens. The client wanted a web-based application that could be used as a linking tool to connect professors and grad students with students in the local school district. This application was especially useful for me because of the technologies that we chose to use.

The technologies that we decided on are hot topics in the computer science industry. This application was more of a chat feature, where students could post the projects they were currently working on, and be linked with a expert in the field their project is associated with. Then, the student could ask questions, and gain valuable knowledge from the expert.

Of course this class is a load of fun to me, but has also gave me more hands-on experience, and has shown me exactly how the real-world will function. From working in a team, to contacting a real client, to the design, development, testing, and deployment phases, I really enjoyed this pair of classes.