The Wonders of League of Legends

Nolan Khounborin

Nolan Khounborin,
Junior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 22 November 2020

With the environment the way it is today, I had to find an activity to do that is fun and also safe. That’s why I started playing League of Legends. A fast-paced multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where you and 4 other friends team up and fight to destroy the enemy nexus on Summoner’s Rift. Whether for casual or competitive play, League of Legends is worth trying.

Why play?

Have fun

Looking for a competitive game to play? Play League of Legends. Looking for a game to casually play to pass the time? Play League of Legends. I play League to just mess around with my friends and see who can become MVP of the team. I’m not known to be heavily competitive when it comes to games, so I focus on the casual side where it’s okay to mess up and lose because there is no actual loss.

League of Legends

Build Relationships

A team-based game is the perfect way to build up the camaraderie between friends. When one member is in trouble, it’s up to the others to come together to make sure everyone has a good experience. When I started out, I was terrible at the game. I would finish doing no damage or had the most deaths, but my friends took the time to help me practice. No matter the playstyle, as long as you’re with friends, the experience is worth it.

It’s Free

I saved the best for last. This game is absolutely free! The only thing you can spend money on are skins for each champion, but even then, there are free ways to get skins (costumes). I have never spent money on the game and I still have many skins for the champions I play. This is a free-to-play game where money has no effect on who wins and who loses. The only thing this game costs is time.

Want to test your reflexes and play a fast-paced game? Play League of Legends. If you’re not great with games, it’s okay because I was there before and I still can’t say I’m “good” when my friends are practically holding my hand throughout the match. We play for a fun time, not a super-induced, high-pressured time. Start the download, and I’ll see you on Summoner’s Rift.

ME Senior Capstone

Halle Harris

Halle Harris,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 21 November 2020

As a senior in mechanical engineering, it has been very exciting to see how I can apply my engineering knowledge from the classroom to projects. One of my classes I am taking this semester is Senior Design Capstone I. In this class, teams work to design and manufacture a product to satisfy their customer’s needs.

Product design takes many factors into account; a few of these factors to consider include safety, cost, technical feasibility, and machinability. Through this class, it has been interesting to see everything that goes into everyday products you can buy at the store.

My team is currently working to design a heating unit to be used with a digital light processing 3D printer. I have been able to use my engineering knowledge from previous classes for this project, including Machine Design and Heat Transfer, as well as learn about new topics.

In Machine Design, I learned how to make design decisions by analyzing the purpose and needs of a product. This helps me to see product designs and understand why materials and dimensions were chosen. This has been helpful in Senior Design Capstone because I can use what I learn from calculations to make design decisions.

In Heat Transfer, I learned about the three main heat transfer modes. Based on knowledge and calculations of the three modes, design decisions can be made to find the best heat transfer solution.

I am also learning more about manufacturing processes this year, as well as cost analysis. These areas are important in product design, and it has been rewarding to learn more about these areas. This project has also helped me learn more about 3D printing processes; it has been interesting to learn more about 3D printing capabilities in design. Learning about new topics to better understand the product needs is interesting.

Through the semester, it has been exciting to see how my knowledge from my coursework applies to product design. It is exciting to see how my knowledge in Machine Design and Heat Transfer was used for the project. I have enjoyed learning more about manufacturing, cost, and 3D printing through this experience. Senior Design Capstone I has been an interesting and exciting experience this semester.

Taking a TV Break from Schoolwork

Liz BeHage

Liz BeHage,
Junior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 18 November 2020

My favorite thing to do outside of class work is watch TV shows. Right now, I’m rewatching Orange is the New Black, which is a show about women in prison and what goes on in their lives. Although it is a fake show, it is really interesting watching what prison life would be like.

I love how the story is full of drama and plot twists, while also flashing back to show how everyone ended up in prison and what their lives were like beforehand. My favorite characters after watching it a second time are probably Taystee and Frieda since they both have the biggest personalities.

Another show I love rewatching is The Office. It is hilarious and always puts me in a good mood. I’ve rewatched it multiple times already because I never get tired of it! The jokes are funny, but the funniest parts of the show are usually the reactions the other characters have to some of the dumb jokes. Michael Scott is definitely the best character, but Jim’s facial expressions make the show even more enjoyable!

Although school is my main priority, watching shows like these two takes my mind off of homework and tests and helps relieve some stress. If you haven’t seen them already, I definitely recommend you watch these two shows!

Finding my First Job

Lorraine Fitzgerald

Lorraine Fitzgerald,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 16 November 2020

Last month, I was offered and accepted a full-time position with Parker Hannifin—a fifteen-billion-dollar global manufacturing company that has over 3,000 product lines. These products range from valves to medical and dental equipment.

I was hired as a Lean Leadership Associate and will be working in their Motion Systems Group. During my first two years at Parker, I will be in a leadership development program that is intended to ensure that I am a well-rounded professional and am set up for success and ready to hold a management position after graduating from the program. While in this two-year program, I will move every six months.

All the companies I connected with and received job offers from were through Ohio University’s Russ College of Engineering and Technology Fall Career Fair. During all my interviews I was told that they could tell that I am passionate about my work and am eager to learn.

After hearing and thinking about what they had told me, the best advice I could give to any undergraduate student is to find and study something they are truly passionate about. I learned that if you really like something, it is a lot easier to talk about. I also learned that it is important to choose the right job position and company for you.

I chose to accept the offer from Parker Hannifin over the others because I knew that I wanted to be part of a team that cares about one another, has a positive atmosphere, provides me with the ability to move into a leadership role, and allows me to move between states and travel.

Advanced Aircraft and Powerplants

Jocelyn Evert

Jocelyn Evert,
Junior, Aviation

Athens, OH 15 November 2020

For many classes this semester, professors have decided that for our finals we will write papers and do projects instead of taking exams. I believe that this is a really good idea because it allows teachers to test how much you actually know about the subject you have spent the semester learning about. This will truly benefit everyone who is not good at taking tests.

Since I am an aviation major, I will talk about my final project for my Advanced Aircraft and Powerplants course. This project requires groupwork and trust me, I know that groupwork can be a little stressful at times. For those of you that are working in a group on a project right now, keep going! You’ve got this! However, despite the stigma against group work, my group is functioning extremely well.

The goal of this semester’s project is to create a presentation that will improve the course for upcoming years. This gives us a lot of leeway to decide what to do with our final project. Ultimately, we have decided to work on improving the part of our course that involves generators.

We are still working on the specifics of the project, but we still have time to get it done. We have divided up parts of the project and at the end of the semester, we will all come together to combine our parts to make an amazing final presentation! I am looking forward to seeing our completed project!